Thursday, January 12, 2012

Naked2 Tutorial

As most of you know by now I GOT MY NAKED2 Palette :) So happy and I am loving it. I have to admit I did get the Naked2 Palette a bit later than everyone else since I do live up here in CANADA...but I hope I am still in the loop not too far away :) Anyways I had to play with my palette and what better way to than film a tutorial. I literally just randomly picked colors and throw it on my lids...didn't even plan ahead at all.
Is been awhile since I touch this camera and I have no idea what is wrong with it..keeps zooming in and out and makes this weird sound hopefully is not that bad. I sorta fixed it towards the end so it should be a bit better for the intro and the last part of the video...which sorta sucks cause is all about the start not the end!!!
Anyways this will be my video for the week so stay tune until next week for another video :) OH...and no Wed will probably not be my upload day as well as Thurs since these 2 days i will be busy starting in 2 weeks. I probably will pick Friday as the upload day since is the end of the week...which fits my schedule anyways i will figure that out later.

Hope you all enjoy the video and cya all :)
Have a good week!!


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A New Chapter in Life

Happy New Year everyone, I can't believe is 2012 already!!! I wish everyone will have a great year and lets jam pack it with wonderful memories making 2012 the year to remember. That being said I have been on and off with my blogs and videos so for my New Year Revolution, I am determined that each week I must have at least one video up on my channel. I haven't exactly figure out how on earth I want to do this, a specific day of the week to have a new video or a random day? I will have it figure out asap...not much in a thinking mode at the moment since I am sick with a fever :(

As for my blog, I am going to take a different approach on it since my main focus is on my beauty channel. I will still keep the beauty blog going, update on videos & extra

information on reviews and so on will still be on my blog. I do love to vlog & wish i could do a lot more, however
is very personal sometimes & I have to consider about the people around me. It is hard to include clips of what happens in my life so I have been thinking of using my blog to include all of you, is not going to be frequent post. I will only post occasionally on things that's interesting & maybe I will share my baking thoughts & recipe.
I will be heading back to school in Late Jan so everything will be busy for me once again and I will work extremely hard to keep to my NY Revolution. I got a couple of videos that I want to film already on my priority list which includes:
  • Products of 2011 (which will include my Nov & Dec favorites that I missed)
  • Comparison of Naked Palettes
  • Tutorial on Naked2
So stay in tune for all the videos & have a great day!!!
Here's a little picture sneak peak (well big Hint) on what my next video/blog will be on.