Wednesday, March 30, 2011

HauteLook, Deal Find & IMATS 2011

Today I am going to kill 3 topics in one post, since they are all very short and they all relate to one thing DISCOUNT!!!! Who doesn't love discount, thinking about it now all 3 of these places offer discount on department store products. Which means DOUBLE The LOVE, because we all know department store products can be very pricey.

Let's start with HauteLook, in my previous post I mention all about HauteLook and how it works. So I will be brief with the explanation in this post, if you wish to find out more I will link their website down below. The Basic is that you need to subscribe to HauteLook in order to view their discount and purchase from them. Don't worry it doesn't cost you a cent to subscribe, they offer discount from pretty much anything fashion, beauty, getaway and home decor. These are not like your typical 10-20% discount, HauteLook offers up to 50-75% off on the regular priced products. Almost everyday of the week HauteLook will host various sale events up to 48 hours.
This time is for Urban Decay the sale event starts on Thursday March 31 at 8am Pacific Time which is tomorrow. I got a sneak peak earlier this morning on the products they will be selling, unfortunately the sneak peak has expired so I wont be able to link it down below. But if I am not mistaken all these products that they are selling, is part of Urban Decay 2011 Spring Collection which is fairly new. The price tag on these are extremely exciting, Single Pan Eyeshadow $17(0.05 oz) now for $5-8. If you are serious about buying a product, I suggest you wake up early and eye it, because Urban Decay is one of the brands where the products gets sold out very quickly.

Deal Find is different from HauteLook, but they both offer great deals. Deal Find specializes more in services such as salons and restaurants. What you buy is a voucher and this voucher offers you a discounted price on a restaurant or service, which usually save you up to 50% off. Which is a great way to explore your city again, with these great deals. This is specifically why I fell in love with Deal Find and why I wanted to share with you all. Oh and you get to choose which city in Canada or USA thats currently having a deal, which is great to get gifts for your friends that lives in other parts of the country. The voucher for Today is for Poised a nail and spa lounge located on W.Pender Street Vancouver, BC. This Voucher is $39 and the service includes a hair cut, wash, blow dry, style, a 30 mins manicure and 45 mins pedicure. Really can you go wrong with that, I don't think so!!! The great thing about this voucher is, it doesn't have an expiration date on it so you can use it anytime. The reason why I wanted to share this voucher with you all is that, promo is coming soon. When it comes to prom we all want to look pretty and dazzle up, so this is a great voucher to give as a gift to your daughter, siblings or friends. I will link the website of the lounge and the voucher all down below.

Last thing on the list which is IMATS, which I am extremely excited about. I have no idea if I ever mention IMATS on my blog before, but IMATS stands for International Make Up Artist Trade Show. I have been to IMATS before and I made the mistake of not purchasing a ticket in advance and I don't want any of you to make that mistake too. Last year IMATS was at the Marriott Pinnacle in Downtown Vancouver, it was actually very small and the classes were in 2 different buildings. That was probably the only inconvenience because it was raining cats and dogs that afternoon. But overall I did enjoy my experience at IMATS. So IMATS is an event that gathers cosmetic companies together, offering discounted cosmetics to makeup artists and to people like me thats super obsessed with makeup. This Year IMATS will be held at the Vancouver Convention Centre on JULY 23 & 24. Early Bird Tickets is from now till July 20, $30 for one day ticket, $50 for two days ticket. Tickets at the door is $40 for a one day ticket, I strongly encourage any of you who have the intention of going to purchase an early bird ticket.Please contact me if you would like to purchase a ticket for July 23 as you can save 10% off on the regular price ticket, however I will need at least 10 people to do so and please contact me before July 15. The Show opens at 8:30am to 5:00pm on Saturday and 10:00am to 5:00pm on Sunday. I will be attending IMATS Vancouver this Year on JULY 23 which is a Saturday. To be honest 1 day ticket is enough for IMATS Vancouver because of the limited exhibitors compare to LA & NY IMATS. I will provide the link of the full list of exhibitors below, but to name a few we have M.A.C, Makeup Forever, NARS, Eve Pearl and Crown Brushes this year. If any of you are interested in the price discount for the products offered at IMATS and what I got last year. I will post pictures and list the information on my Facebook Page. If you would like to know more about IMATS, you can leave me a comment here or on my Facebook Page.

Deal Find Voucher
Poised Nail Lounge & Spa Website
IMATS Exhibitors List
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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Review

Hello to all my lovely blog followers & readers, I cant stress enough how much I appreciate all of your support. I really do enjoy doing blog post & video reviews to share my knowledge with you. I hope you are liking the new appearance of my blog, I feel like this matches more to a beauty blog now. Anyhow so for those of you who still don't know at this point, I do have a YouTube Channel. Let me just make that official, I will be doing most of my product reviews in video format from now on. As well as tutorial which is still to come, I know I don't do enough of that and there is a reason why. I do not currently own a camcorder which can zoom in and auto focus to be able to record a tutorial. Therefore I am holding back on that at the moment, the good news is I will be receiving my camcorder very soon to start recording tutorials. So you can expect to see better quality videos very soon, good for you bad for me. Please Please Please subscribe to my channel, you will make my day by doing so.

Anyhow lets get to the real point of this blog post, a product review. You seen me talk about this foundation in my videos and blog posts. But I never gave you a full product review on the Maybelline FIT ME Foundation. So here it is I will link the video down below, so ENJOY.

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Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Product Review

Oh I did promise in my video that I will list the products I used for my face.

FOTD (Face of the Day)
Make Up Forever HD Primer in 0
Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in 120
Maybelline Mineral Power Concealer in Sand
Maybelline Fit Me Press Powder in 120
NYC Bronzer in Sunny
Smash Box Blush in Flush

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Original
NYX Runway Collection in Jazz Night (Purple Pink as my lid color, Plummy Color as my outer corner color)
Naked Cosmetic Pigment in Naturally Nude (NN-03 as my crease color)
Cover Girl Eye Enhancers Quad in Pure Romance (Cream Color as my highlight)
B&G Water Strong Eyeliner in Deep Black

Rosebud Salve Lip Balm
Loreal Infallible Never Fail Resistance Lip Color in Thistle

Thursday, March 24, 2011

How To: Pack Your Travel Makeup Bag

Whenever it comes to packing for a trip my head always hurts especially when it comes to makeup. Since is Spring Break some of us may be travelling, so I thought I will give it a world on how to pack for your travel makeup bag. I go travelling a lot and I made tons of mistakes by bringing too much, so I can say I know a few do and don'ts when it comes to packing for makeup. Follow my tips and you will be finish with your makeup bag within minutes.

Tip 1: Pack Light
Well thats sorta a given everyone wants to pack light is just how you do it. When it comes to makeup we are extremely tempted to bring everything we have, because we want variety. But like I said earlier with my travelling experiences and the mistakes I made, at the end of the day we only come to using a few products. Usually these products are your daily routine items, so bring whatever you use for your daily routine. When I say your Daily Routine items these are the products that you reach for every single day. Say if you use mascara only 2-3 times a week that does not consider as your daily routine. Therefore you will most likely not be using it, if you threw it in your bag. Beside when you pack light you are leaving some room for your new goodies, that you may buy when you are on vacation. So you wont have the problem when it comes to finding a space for the goodies when you are flying back home.

Tip 2: Research the Weather
Before you start packing for anything whether is makeup or your clothes, you always should research the weather where you will be at during your trip. This will affect everything you choose to pack, for example if you are going somewhere humid you want to pack short sleeve instead of long. With makeup there is no difference, you may want to consider bringing a waterproof foundation for the humid weather. Or you may consider bringing an extra moisturizer if you are travelling somewhere cold, to protect your skin from getting dry. So make sure to know what the weather would be like, before packing for your makeup.

Tip 3: Bring Products that Multi Task
This is the real deal to packing light, is by bringing products thats 2 in 1. Whether is a Duo Compact where it contains a blush & a bronzer or a mosaic powder that can be used for blush, bronzer, highlight & eyeshadow or a foundation with a good amount of SPF. These types of 2 in 1 products will really save you space, therefore you are accomplishing on packing light.

Tip 4: Bring Palettes vs single shadows
When it comes to eyeshadow thats when we waste most of the space by packing too much. No matter how tempting it gets to throw in every color you own, refrain from it because you will most likely use a maximum of 4 colors and mostly be the same ones every single day. Therefore I suggest Palettes over Single shadows if we want variety, with Palettes you get more colors in one sleek compact. Single Shadows take too much room in a bag bringing 5 shadows may equal up to bringing 2 palettes. When I refer to palettes, I do not mean the big ones there are tiny palettes like NYX Runway Collection Palettes offering 10 colors. These palettes are great quality, easy to work with and inexpensive so if they shattered you wont be too heart broken. There are other palettes like quads offering 4 colors from different brands: from drugstore you have Maybelline, Cover Girl & NYC. To High end brands like: Bobbi Brown, Stila, Dior & even MAC. The reason why I didn't suggest duos or trios is that, we usually take 4 different colors to complete a look. A color for highlight, all over lid, 2 for crease/contour, therefore I prefer a palette with 4 or more colors.

Tip 5: Choose a more Neutral Palette
Although we love our colors we usually want to stay safe when on vacation. We want to use more neutral colors, the ideal situation is to have a variety of bright colors and soft colors. However we may not find a palette that contains both bright and soft neutral tones. So pick a palette that will have more of a neutral tone colors, the reason is these colors are most likely to work with every single color outfit you may have. You cant go wrong with neutral tone colors, and they are extremely easy to create and blend. Which is something we look for when we travel to speed up the routine and get out of the door to enjoy the location. Neutral tone colors usually involve light browns, dark browns, grey, taupe, plum and a black. Having a few browns in your palette you will be good to go.

Tip 6: Familiarize Yourself with the Products
Pick Products that you are familiar working with, because this will speed up your process with applying makeup. We do not want to spend hours and hours to apply makeup and we usually do not have that luxury when travelling. Therefore be sure you are familiar with the product, if you are not make sure to practice and be familiar with the product that you may be bringing.

Tip 7: Substitution
The technique of substitution can be used for both tools and makeup. Try to substitute your foundation brush for sponge, this may seem to take a bit more room than just taking a brush. But remember you have to wash the brush every single day because bacterial will grow on it. So is one extra thing you need to bring and take care of, if you are using makeup wedges/sponge they are disposable so you are getting rid of them everyday. With makeup instead of using a brow pencil or liquid eyeliner, you can substitute your eyeshadow as your liner or brow filler.

Follow these 7 tips and I will ensure you packing for makeup will be less frustrating and can easily be done within a few minutes. Until next time I will talk to you very soon, look forward to a Whats in My Travel Bag soon to see what I will bring for travelling. These will be legit products that I bring, since I will be travelling for 1 month in 2 weeks.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Haul Monday :)

Spring Break Shopping Fever has arrived, so we decided to head out of our tiny town house and do a little shopping here and there. First stop Costco, yes I know it doesn't sound too interesting but I did pick up a few thing.

My sister & I got a cardigan from Nicole Miller Original line, it was only $10 cant go wrong with that. It was surprisingly pretty warm and the material of it was not bad, it wasn't cotton it was made from a mixture of Rayon & Spandex. So it was stretchy and silky smooth, it was one of those plain long cardigans. It looks very similar to the cardigan I own but it just looks a bit more polish and can easily dress it up. It came in 2 different shades a charcoal & black, offering 3 different sizes S,M,L.

Than we wanted to go a bit more intellectual, so we headed over to the books section and picked up a book. Now I can tell you straight off that I don't really like to read, I never spend my spare time relaxing on the bed and reading a book. Whenever I read a book it either has to do with academic or for beauty tips and tricks. Other than that I barely read, is not like I never read but for me to be able to stick to a book and complete it. It must be EXTREMELY interesting, it needs to capture me from the start to end. Since I will be travelling, I like to read when I am on the plane and at the airport so I picked up "The Lincoln Lawyer."

So those were the only 2 things I actually got that was interesting enough for me to blog about. I actually wanted to pick up another item, but it was huge and we didn't have a lot of room in the car. So I will head back with my car on WED to pick up that drawer which I wanted a long time to organize my makeup with.

After Costco we stopped by Metrotown to do some real shopping & went for tea break. So we went to Forever 21, TNA, American Apparel & Lush. I didn't pick up anything at Forever 21 today, however I have a few things in mind that I wanted to get. My sis & I will definitely head back on Wed for our "Sister Bonding Time."

The only thing we actually brought was from Lush: we both wanted to go there for a reason, I wanted to pick up the color supplement and she wanted the massage bars. I waited so long to get my hands on these color supplements, its pretty much a multi purpose color base. You can use it for concealer or foundation or what you can do is mix it in with your moisturizer. It comes with 4 colors: Light Yellow, Dark Yellow, Light Pink, Dark Pink. I ended up picking the Light Pink over Light Yellow, it just seems to match a bit more, the yellow has too much of an orange tint to it. This was about $14 CAD for a 20g worth of product, too expensive? Off the bat it does seems to be pretty expensive but I really need to try it and test it out to see if is worth
$14. My sister ended up sucking me into buying a massage bar as well, so I got the Soft Coeur (the honeymooner).This smells exactly like the Ma Bar is has this sweet chocolate smell and is also shaped in a heart how cute is that. Use the massage bar after you shower as a moisturizer, it melts on body temperature so make sure to store it in a cool and dry place.

So the last place we hit before heading home was Wal Mart, we went there to pick up a few skin care products for my auntie's birthday. Than I got 2 things for myself a mini must have kit from Hard Candy and St. Ives Apricot Scrub for Blemish and Blackheads. Hard Candy is only available at Wal Mart and they are fairly new to the Market. This mini must have is a great way for those of you who want to try out their line but don't want to purchase a full size product. These mini must have kits come in 4 different ones, 2 of the kits offers face products and the other 2 offers eyes products. I chose the face product kit because it had a few products that I really wanted to try out but wasn't sure about the quality. Like the Sheer Envy Face Primer and the Baked Blush from their line. The other product I got was from St. Ives, I don't know why I was so late into buying this scrub. I should had got it 2 years ago but I never did until now.

All the products I brought I will be doing a review, so you can expect a lot of reviews coming your way. There will be a mixture of blog post review and video reviews so I will have something up for both my blog and YouTube Channel. Hope all of you are enjoying your spring break, have fun and stay save.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Initial Review: NEW NYC Individual Eye Palette for Brown Eyes

Is never a good idea to let me wonder off in the cosmetic aisle because I always end up getting something. Lately a lot of drugstore and department store brands have been busy launching new products for the spring. So I got pulled into looking at these products, I was a good girl so I only brought one thing that really caught my eye. So I brought this Palette from NYC: This is one of they new palettes. I never tried NYC Eye shadows before, but they cant get that bad. One thing that drew me into buying this palette was the colors, you can create multiple looks with this. If you work with these colors right, you can definitely use it for a day time look.
Anyhow I filmed a quick Initial Review on this Palette so if you would like to know what I think of this Palette so far visit my YouTube Channel. For swatches please visit my Facebook page and don't forget to like it. If you would like to see a tutorial on this palette please comment below or on my video.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

How to Clean Your Brushes

Hello to everyone I have been getting super busy and pre-filming a lot of videos that I totally ignored the blog. So I decided to do a quick video on how to clean your brushes, I will post it on my YouTube Channel it should be up by tonight. I have to admit is really fun filming however it takes forever to edit, and this time for some reason it didn't save right so there will be some glitches with the transitioning.
Anyhow enjoy the video and hope you learn something out of it is very basic and I am sure some of you seen video or know how to wash brushes. I promise i will have new stuff up and i will try to get another tutorial up before the end of the month. I have a lot planned for this blog in April and May so stay tune.

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How To: Clean your brushes:
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Monday, March 14, 2011

Donate To Help Japan

As all of you have heard and seen devastating clips and news update of the recent 8.9 Magnitude Earthquake that hit Japan;listed as one of the worst in Japan's History. As if an 8.9 Magnitude Earthquake wasn't bad enough it trigged a 4 meter tsunami in Japan and sending out tsunami warnings through out 20 countries across the Pacific Rim. The earthquake & tsunami has caused more than a million homes destroyed, leaving hundreds of thousand of people homeless without water, food & electricity. As we are enjoying our day or deep asleep in various parts of the world, citizens of Japan watches their once perfect home destroyed by the earthquake and watching the last remaining pieces sweep away by the tsunami. Currently Japan is expecting a 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake as an aftershock in the coming days, Japan rescue team is struggling to reach thousand more still trap. Japan is racing to prevent Humanitarian disaster and is requiring help from various countries & organizations as much as possible. Although some of us may be across the world, where we are not able to physically help in Japan. There are multiple ways which you can still help and make a difference.
I ask of all of my blog followers & readers to spread the word to join forces with me, to help Japan and countries that's affected from this Earthquake & Tsunami. By donating to Canadian Red Cross and/Or Salvation Army.
The Canadian Red Cross is currently monitoring the situation closely and has emergency supplies & trained emergency response personnel ready to be deployed any minute. With your donation towards Canadian Red Cross it will help to support relief efforts. You will help their rescue team search for survivors and provide first aid when necessary. You will also be helping volunteers from Japan to help citizens restore their family links as they long to reunite.
Although rescuing is extremely important, lets remember food and water is equally as important as they are the necessity to surviving. Salvation Army focuses on providing the basic needs during a Disaster Relief. Japan not only suffers from damages of homes and roads but they also lack supply of clean water and food. When donating to Salvation Army you are helping to supply hot drinks and packed meals to thousand of survivors, which will be a comfort to their hearts during the crisis.
Here are the links to Canadian Red Cross & Salvation Army where you can help and make a difference.
Please Specify where your donation goes to for Salvation Army: tohoku earthquake
Remember doesnt matter how much you give out, every dollar will make a difference. "Your Help Cant Wait"


Monday, March 7, 2011

Update On FIT Me Foundation

Hey everyone I am back and this time is in a video format!!! Yay, I think I finally found the perfect spot with the perfect lighting to film. Well to me is the best it can get at this point, I will be making a lot more videos. I am still testing around with the camera and stuff like that on what sort of videos I can make. Hopefully is good enough for a tutorial because I really want to do one. Anyways so I filmed today on an updated review on the FIT ME Foundation from Maybelline, so enjoy.

Update On FIT ME Foundation video:
FIT ME Foundation Experimental video:

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Request: How to "Get Rid of Black Heads"

Ever noticed that every now and then you see little black dots appearing around your nose area. You wonder what is that and you start picking at it but it wont go away instead you just made it worse. Well those little black dots are called Black Heads and have you ever wonder how it got there? Black Heads form very similarly to acne they all start with excess oil built up which then clog your pores. However Black Heads pores opening is slightly larger than an acne opening, when the oil is than release from the sebum. It goes through oxidization and as a result it ends up darker which is how a Black Head Forms.

Getting Rid of Black Head:
Taking good care of your skin is the best way to get rid and prevent black heads from forming. Since we know oil is the key to why black heads form we want to stay away from anything oily. Eat less greasy foods, drink lots of water, use oil free makeup/creams & blot your face frequently. These are just some of the basic things you can do to take care of your skin well to prevent black heads.

Getting rid of black head is a lot easier than getting rid of an acne. One of the simplest & most effective ways is to actually gently squeezing it out. YES you heard me right SQUEEZING IT. Yes I know thats the first thing your mom teaches you not to do is by squeezing anything off your face. However with Black Heads one of the best way to get rid of it is to actually squeeze it out. Follow these 3 simple steps to get rid of your black heads.

Step 1: Ex foliate your skin to remove any dead skin cell and to expose the black head.
Step 2: Steam your face for 10-15 mins to soften up the black heads, this will make the Black Heads be a lot easier to squeeze out.
Step 3: Pat dry your face than carefully use your fingers to push down on the black head and slowly push up all around the black head. The trick is to push down to apply pressure underneath to force out the black head.
You should only try squeezing the black head out once, otherwise you may damage your skin and leave scaring. If it doesn't come out you can use a pore strip to help, by pulling the black head to the surface for easier extraction. However I do not recommend to use pore strips too often to remove black head as it can damage your skin.

Hope this will help some of you who always wanted to get rid of those black dots for good. Sorry for the long delay with my posting, I am currently working on a big project which has been taking over a lot of my time. I am also going to be traveling around next month, which means I wont be able to make any videos or post as much as I want to. Hopefully I can pre-film some videos and maybe write some blog post before hand. Any who I will talk to you all soon xoxo