Friday, July 29, 2011


IMATS Vancouver 2011 has officially ended and I had a great time. Although I was disappointed for the lack of brands that showed up but all together I did have a great time. This year I arrived at IMATS a little later than last year, I got there at 10am. Already there were line up everywhere especially the MAKEUP FOREVER booth. It makes sense why people lined up for MUFE since they don't restock and it was probably the most interesting/popular brad there. So everyone went to line to hopefully to pick out the products that they want before it runs out. My friend and I actually went to the MUFE booth last, which was very smart of us NOT. By the time we actually reached the booth, which was 1.5 hours later most product like (foundation wise) were all gone. I actually didn't pick up much from them since I went crazy over them last year. I still got stuff left over from last year :) so I only got myself a backup of the HD primer and I couldn't resist to pick up one of their Aqua Creams. While we were waiting in line, we came up with a great idea that we take turns lining up. So I went to look at all the booths on my own, so I hit Crown Brush since I am in need of more brushes. You seriously cant get enough of brushes if you are serious with makeup, so I got a whole bunch from them. After Crown I went to look at the Z palette from Namie and Fred. NYX you cant miss that booth is probably the largest booth in the show, they had their full collection there which was nice. So you got to swatch everything :) sometimes is hard to buy something when you cant swatch it, so it was nice to swatch some of these products. I left IMATS at around 3:30pm and we went to grab McDonald, were didn't even have time to sneak out for lunch. So we were starving at that point, that's why we chose to get McDonald. I really wanted to go to some of these classes this year at IMATS but because of all the lines at pretty much all the booths. I couldn't go at all but whats great is that all the classes were at the same location. So when you were lining up you could hear what they were teaching, I guess sorta listened on it.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

My Collection/Storage Part 1

As I mentioned earlier in my Elf haul video to be on a look out for my collection/storage video. Well here it is after a long time of debating to film it or not. The reason being is I feel like I do not have a huge collection and most storage items are very similar to other gurus. But I guess I have my own twist to things, so I decided to show you all :) This will be split in two parts as I realize when I was filming that the footage was extremely long. So it had to be done and I am sure not all of you would like to see a 20 minute long video. Aside from the vanity and the drawer system that I will be showing you. I will also do a quick run through on the shelf that I keep some of my beauty products.

Enjoy the fist part of my collection/storage Video:
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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Full Review: NYX Beauty To Go Palette

Time for another product review and this time is only featuring on my blog. No videos made what so ever and in fact I believe there's very few reviews on this particular product. This is the NYX Beauty To Go Palette or Box, this is a huge huge palette it has everything imaginable that you may need to get ready. Therefore this box is ultimately marketed as the 1 box does it all product. So the question really comes down to, is this product good enough to become your only makeup you ever need?

Lets start off with introducing to you what you are getting in this box. On the back of the packaging, it comes with a diagram that shows you exactly what you get and
what the product is. I say don't trust this diagram at all, and you will see why exactly. NYX marked this box to come with 47 shadows, 2 bronzer, 2 Face Powder, 6 blushes, 6 Lip color, 6 lip gloss pots, 5 Face Colors, 2 eye base, 4 concealers, Mascara, Liquid liner, Pencil liner, 2 lip pencils and applicators & Mirror. If you were to go through the box counting the shadows without looking at the diagram, you will wonder where on earth did they get only 47 counts. Than you will wonder where on earth will you find the 5 face colors that it comes with. Well look no further cause is in your shadow counts, a grey, purple, green, peach and dark grey purple. Yes these are your face colors, I still have no clue what they mean by face color and why would they put these as your face color. So therefore I decided myself to count these 5 colors as shadows which means you now have 52 count of shadows. Visit my Facebook Page for the Diagram.

The 2 bronzer and 2 face powders is located on the first layer. The pigmentation of these are okay, the bronzer I would say is not the best choice of colors for a bronzer. Both the bronzer contains more of a pink undertone which transfer to be more peachy. To me bronzer should appear a lot deeper and warmer than these bronzer (that's just my opinion). These looks as if is a high light rather than bronzer,
these wouldn't show up on darker skin tone at all. As for the face powders they are not particularly great, however I do have to give credit to them for the texture of
it. Is very creamy and is very blend able, it is a very light coverage. So if you are looking into using it as a powder foundation, I suggest you look into something else cause it can become very chalky and cakey for that purpose since layering is required.

As for the shadows you will find them on both the first and second layer in the box. When I first did the initial review on this palette, I said that this palette did provide a pretty good variety of colors. But now looking carefully at the palette, swatching and using it. I really don't think they did a good job in providing variety and the reason being is that a lot of these shades are very similar. They actually threw in a lot of neutral tones like copper, bronze and browns which takes up a good half of the palette. Is not bad to have neutral tones however the problem is these colors when swatched they turn out to be very similar. The only thing that's different about it is the finishing, I wished they could have removed some colors and put in more vibrant ones.

In the third layer you will find the lip gloss pots and the liners and mascara. The lip pots was what caught my eye for this palette, they seem very interesting. These lip gloss pots comes in a sample size jar. They don't have a particular smell, however they are pretty sticky. The texture of these are little bit harder than I expected, I was thinking of it to be more creamy. These lip gloss pots is not going to give you a lot of color, however there's a few shades that stands out and is pretty pigmented. A cherry red which gives a healthy red glow to your lips and a light pink that's flattering to most people's lips. The pencil liners, lip liners and mascara, I really don't care for at all. Is not the worst is not the best, however the liquid eyeliner is horrible. The brush is weak and the tip of it splits, therefore you will never be able to get a fine line.

On to the bottom layer which is under the palette, a slide out compartment. This compartment contains your blushes, lip colors and concealers as well as eye primer. The blushes is probably my favorite out of this palette, I really enjoyed it and I was defiantly convinced to purchase any full size of the NYX Powder blushes. The lip colors are great they are like lip stick that's melted into a pan. I really have nothing bad to say about the blushes and lip colors. However when it comes to the eye primer and concealers that's a different story. The eye base or primer is not the best it feels creamy, however it gives a very shiny oily finish to the lids. It makes your eye looks as if is very oily but I cant deny that it does make the shadows pop after use. The fact is it does have a very sticky feel to it, so the shadows grabs on but this may not be the best for people that have oily lids. The concealers is probably the worse out of the palette, they are very soft to the point that it seems mushy. Although is mushy but they have a glossy texture to it like lip gloss, it has a sheen to it and I never seen concealers that has a sheen to them.

So after testing it for over a month I was really disappointed with this palette and I felt like I wasted money. The only thing that's worth something in this palette is the blushes and the lip products, the rest was just okay to me. I really think that NYX is better off not making palettes, I would suggest buying their products individually. I would give this palette a 2.5 out of 5 cherries, I will not recommend this product and will never repurchase it. If you are starting out and planning to buy this product, I suggest saving your money for something else.

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Peak Through my Haul

As most of you know Elf is extremely affordable and if you haven't heard of Elf than you are missing out. Sometimes when we say affordable, we may mean 10 bucks or so which to some of you out there may consider it to be expensive. But this time when I mean affordable it means HELL CHEAP, starting from 1 buck. Yep you heard me 1 buck from eye makeup to face makeup and tools all for a buck. You really can't go wrong with a buck worth of stuff. Elf also came up with a studio line where most products retail for 3-5 bucks. In this haul all the products are from the studio line since there was a 50% off on the studio line. The quality of the products from the studio line is a tag better than the regular line. I defiantly prefer the studio line more so than the regular line, however I still highly encourage all to try the regular line as well. The down side for us the "Canadians" is that there isn't a place that carries ELF Products. So we are stuck to buying it off online from their webpage. If you really dislike buying online, you can always head to a target to pick up your favorite ElF products for those that lives in the States. So here's my haul hope you all enjoy oh and remember to follow me on my Twitter and blog.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Get To know Me :)

Hello all my beautiful, I think is about time that you all got to know me a bit more. So I did a Get To know Me Tag. I know is super hard to get to know someone just by watching their videos. You really don't know someone unless you talk or meet them in person. But hopefully this tag will allow some of you to know me a bit better, I tag everyone that wants to do this tag. I like watching tag videos, is there any tag some of you may want me to do? If there's a good tag going around, comment below and I love to check it out. Oh by the way I am using a new editing software program for my newer videos, so if the editing is off for now sorry about that still testing. But as for the audio, I think is a lot better since I did something to it in the editing program.

So just recently I finally got a Twitter account, "SUPER SLOW ON THAT". I am really bad at updating it, so that's why for the longest time I didn't get one. But I will try my best to update it :) It will mean a lot to me if you all could check me out on twitter and follow me :)

So not only that I got twitter, I also signed up for BlogTV and UStream. Well I did those a while back but I didn't feel it was the right time to announce it. They are both very similar, so leave your comment down below which one you all prefer. If you are not familiar with BlogTV or UStream, they are an online program that allows you to do live show. Therefore is more of an instant interaction, the one cool thing about Ustream is I can do on the go live show using my iPhone. I will link my account down below, if you are interested check me out there as well :)

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Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer Romance Tutorial

IS JULY 1 2011, HAPPY CANADA DAY to everyone. After all the celebration and the shopping that I did today, is time to get down to business TUTORIAL TIME!!! Is the month of July and we are entering into the middle of the summer :) Here in Vancouver the weather hasn't been so warm, we barely got any sun :( But is alright hopefully this tutorial will cheer some of you up. Something I love to do in the Summer is to watch the sunset, summer's sunset are the best. This tutorial, I am using some of the colors that's most commonly seen during a sun set; Pinks, Purples and Golden yellow. This romantic summer look is great to wear out for dinner or on a date. This tutorial I am only using one palette, "the Sleek Original Palette." I am going to do a lot more tutorials with this palette, so far I am really liking it. Stay tune for the review soon. Anyways enjoy the tutorial and Whats your favorite thing to do in the summer?

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