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Guess what goodies I have for you all today, yes 3 videos packed in one blog post. The videos were actually uploaded not too long ago but I never did a blog post on it. Cause it was just too short for me to write much on my blog, that's why I decided to present 3 videos together for you all :)

My first video is on IMATS, as most of you know the L.A show has officially ended. So I am no sure how much people will be interested in this video. However there's still a Vancouver Show coming up next on JULY 23 and 24, if you are attending the Vancouver Show you can definitely check it out. I answered a lot of the questions that some may have towards IMATS. I also
threw in some tips and most of all what everyone wishes to know, is how much discoun
t are you getting in there? Well that being said lets move on to my other video which is my Haul.

My short little haul from Walmart, yes I was wondering in Walmart again. I came out with a bunch of stuff that I didn't even intend to buy. From Hair Products to Lips, I will do a short little review on each product that I got separately or on this same post. So stay tune for the review if you are interested in some of the products that I got.

June Favorites remember my last Favorites blog post, I promise to give a short review on the products that I mentioned.
Watch my June Favorites Here:

Lets start with the hair product, Got2be Smooth Operator Smoothing Luster Lotion. To be honest when I first got it I really didn't think it would do much. Cause over the years I brought a lot of different de-frizz products but
they never lived up to expectations. That's why I gave up on buying hair products that claims to help my hair. But this
product never failed me, not only it works but oh my does it smell good :) Plus it adds a healthy shine back to my hair, how can I not fall in love with this product.

As for the BB Cream I am not going to do a review on here, since I will have a collective review on BB Cream soon.

Max Factor Weightless Foundation, is almost an exact dupe for the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation. Is the same concept and all that,
however this foundation is oil free and extremely suitable for sensitive skin. As far as color selection, Maybelline is better with that area. However keep in mind the color range would probably work better for Asian Skin Tone, since it has more of a yellow undertone. This Foundation does contain a little scent, is not too overwhelming but you can smell it. The texture is extremely light but is not as silky as the FIT ME
Foundation, coverage wise is sheer to light. Overall is a good foundation, great for everyday.

I did an open box review on the Naked Palette, my full review of the palette will be uploaded very soon. So I will link the video down below for those that want to know more about it.

Sally Girl Baked Eye shadow, one of the best baked eye shadows I tried so far. The pigmentation of these shadows are just unbelievable, you could wear it without a primer and it will still look good. You could of course use it wet or dry, I honestly prefer to use it dry. Since is already so pigmented, just imagine using it wet the color will be really intense.

Maybelline One By One Volume Express Mascara another good mascara from Maybelline. I really feel like Maybelline is the Queen of Mascara. I tell everyone don't waste your money on high end mascara, cause mascara dries out quick so unless
you use it every single day is just a waste of money. Drug Store Mascaras are just as good and some are even better, so save your money for other high end products. This mascara to me gives me both length and volume, now mascaras are different for everyone. I am specifically looking for a natural effect, so if you are look for dramatic lashes than I suggest the Colossal Mascara. I love the formula and the wand, especially the wand. I can feel and see how the wand separates each of my lashes and coats it with the mascara.

Soft lips Lip Balm and Tinted Lip Balm, they are both very good. I expected it to be good since I heard a lot about them and they are from the same company as my favorite lip balm. Now I think my favorite lip balm got some competition, cause quality wise the Soft Lips lip balm is very similar and may be better than the Mentholatum lip pure orange. The Soft Lips lip balm is just a bit more moisturizing than the Lip Pure Orange, lip pure orange is a bit more waxy and shiny. The tinted lip balm has good pigmentation and the color looks great. Another down fall is it doesn't have much color selection. I don't think is moisturizing enough to wear it on it's own, so I recommend applying a lip balm before hand.

Etude House Nail Polish, Etude House is a Korean Cosmetic Brand. A lot of products from Etude House are packaged very nicely. Recently I have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of Korean Nail Polishes. I really didn't expect much pigmentation to them at all, but they proved me wrong. I love how the texture of these nail polishes, they are creamy and pigmented enough for just 2 coats. The Etude House nail polish can be a bit streaky, I suggest picking up more product when applying. I find that this way, there's less streak marks.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Simple & Clean Nail Tutorial

It seems like every Sunday I will upload a new video but this week I am making a change. I got 2 videos up last week on my channel :) Yay for trying to make a difference.
I think 2 videos up per week is a good balance, anyhow I am kicking off Monday with a simple nail tutorial.
Is something different and I honestly have been really into painting my nails and just trying out different colors. So this week I decided to paint my nails with this beautiful Champagne color. I felt like the color was too plain and sheer, so I decided to add something to it. French White Tip is the way to go for this color. The difficulty of this is DIY is not bad. It was my first time creating this look if I can do it You Can!!!

Check out my Nail Tutorial Here: (UPDATED)

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Bold and Dramatic Game Day Makeup

This week I was occupied with work and hockey games, so I barely had time to film. Pretty much everyone in Vancouver was watching the games, and I sure did. We were all cheering for the Canucks, everyone was in their full Canucks gear. I don't own a Jeresy but I also wanted to get into the spirit of it all. So i ended up using a bunch of makeup to create this Game Day Look. I was sporting this look in the last game of the NHL Season. I know this is late and should have been up like ages ago however I never done any bold looks like this before. Thought maybe some of you may want to check it out. You can defiantly wear this to a night club, I used a couple of greens and blues and a white shimmering shadow to create this look. These colors are the Canucks colors, you can use any colors you want just follow my steps and you can achieve the same effect.

I did film this tutorial so I will link it all down below and I will also do a run through of the tutorial here.

I did film this tutorial so I will link it all down below and I will also do a run through of the tutorial here.

Canucks Inspired Game Day Tutorial:
Facebook Page For Swatches:

First always prime your lids before starting, this way it creates a better canvas for the shadows. It will also help the shadow to show up and prevent creasing.
Next I used NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, I am using this as a white base if you got a white cream shadow you can use that. I am using this to help the colors grab on a bit better and make the colors look a lot bolder.
Using my 88 Matte Palette if you have a shimmer palette you can also use that. Taking
the green on the bottom fourth row, apply that to the center of your lids and blend it to the inner corners and to the crease. After take a blending brush and blend out the harsh lines, you want to take your time and fade the color to your brow bone.
Using the blue in the palette this is a light blue with shimmers, is going to act as my transitioning color. I am applying that to my outer corner and blending into my crease and inner corner. I also used a piece of tape to secure a define shape, if you don't like that you can skip it.
Now taking Naked Cosmetics Pigment in EB-02, you can go ahead and use a darker blue in the palette but like to use pigments to build the color intensity. Using a pencil
brush I am taking the color on the tip and applying it to the outer V. Blend it to the crease and inner corner as well, make sure the color is fading into the inner corner. Depending on how dark you want it to be you can continue to build it up.

Using ELF Cosmetics Beauty Encyclopedia Sparkle Eye Edition, taking the moss green and applying that to your inner corners. Again you can use a light green in the palette, I also used the white shimmering shade to attract more light to the inner corner.

Before applying another white shimmering shade (Naked Cosmetics Pigment in CC-01) on the inner corner. Retouch the green if necessary, blend out the lines once again.
Line your eyes with the liner of your choice, I am using Gel Liner. Line as close to your lash line, we want to keep the line thin.
Optional: Apply your favorite Mascara and under eye concealer than you are done :)

Hope you enjoy the tutorial and I will talk to you all soon :)


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Naked Palette Tutorial

Yay another tutorial is up on my beauty channel, this time is all about Urban Decay Naked Palette. This is what I would usually pull together on days where I am in a rush, or when I am heading to work. Is simple and it can be done within 5 minutes, often times when we get ready for work we always use browns cause is on the save zone. But we get bored of browns sometimes and is hard to use colors and still keeping it appropriate. Here I am using a lot of bronze and champagne color, these colors complement each other. Using these colors right can replace your old boring brown shadow look into something with more sparkle and life. You don't need to use the products that I used, whatever you have that has a bronze tone to it will work. Make sure is not copper tone, copper tone is too intense unless that's what you are looking for. Anyhow enjoy the tutorial and like I mentioned in my videos, I got a huge product review coming up so stay in tune for that.
I feel like every time I mention that a lot of tutorials and videos are coming up, but they never get up for a long time. I do actually have a lot of things plan out, new series that I am doing and filming. But I only have one body and 24 hours a day, sometimes is just really hard to catch up with work, family and friends while trying to edit videos, film and upload. For those that don't know me, I got standards if the footage didn't turn out nice, I am not using it. So I go back to square one and try to re film, than the last thing you know I used up the whole day to re film.
Anyhow enough of me talking lets just enjoy the video and i will see you all very soon.

Check out my other tutorial (NYC Individual Eye Palette):


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge Review/Product Comparison

This post is exclusive to my blog no video what so ever on this topic. Originally this topic was meant for a video and I actually did film. However I decided to make this exclusive to my blog (since I have been neglecting it pretty bad)

Not too long ago I did a haul showing the stuff I got from my one day trip to the states. Some of you may have saw this little blue thing, that I got from target. This little blue thing is the Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge. I know tons of people done review on this sponge but I thought I will put in my 2 cent, cause everyone is different. To make it different from others, I am also going to compare this sponge here with 3 other commonly used foundation application tools.

Lets start off the review with some general information. As most of you have seen on blogs or YouTube, this sponge is probably compared mostly to the pink egg shaped sponge "the Beauty Blender." The Sonia Kashuk Sponge is a more affordable alternative to the Beauty Blender. The concept of both the sponges is the same, they are both design and created for smooth application of foundation. Have you ever came across the problem of getting streak marks when applying foundation? Well with this sponge you wont get that problem, because of the way is shaped. The design is the secret weapon, the sponge is round which doesn't give off any edges and thats what makes streak marks. No Edges=No Streak Marks :)
SK Blending Sponge doesn't exactly resemble an egg shape but is very similar. I
prefer the design of the SK Sponge more. You get a pointy tip which is better for
areas that's harder to reach (like around your nose and under the eye area) Than going to the bottom is round and has a larger area to work with, which is great for your forehead and the cheek area. What you don't get with the beauty blender is the curve in the middle, and is what makes SK Special. The curve in the middle is why I prefer SK than to Beauty Blender. This curve allows a better hold and control of the sponge, when working in areas around the nose.

The concept like I mentioned earlier is the same, they both created for multiple uses to create flawless application of foundation. You can use it wet or dry for powder, cream or liquid products. Let me save you some money by saying this: if you are going to use this sponge dry for liquid products just don't get it. Yes it does work but what you are going to find is, it uses way too much of your foundation. Waste of money and the true potential of the sponge. Another tip is use it Wet instead of Dam the material is unlike regular sponges is more durable. When is only Dam it doesn't absorb enough liquid to prevent absorption of your foundation. After every uses you must wash the sponge, bacteria harvest faster on sponge like material especially if is wet. You don't need any special type of cleanser to clean it, baby shampoo will do the trick. By this point some of you may be thinking how long will this sponge last?
Well that depends on how frequently you use the sponge for application of foundation. The more frequent you use it (like everyday basis) you probably find your sponge breaking down at 2 months time.
Fact: This sponge takes ridiculous amount of time to dry, no matter what I try to cut down the time. The result is the same, it will take a minimum of 1 and a half day to dry. Yep I know thats long, so if are going to use this sponge everyday I suggesting getting 2.

Time for comparison, first on the list "sponge wedges" as far as material and texture is probably the most similar to the SK Sponge. Although the material is very similar, when it comes to application is very different. The Wedges will give out streak marks when blending since there's edges. However the streak marks are very minimal which is acceptable for me. One thing I noticed was with the wedges it is a lot easier to tell how much product you are applying on unlike the SK Sponge. I like it personally to see and know how much product you are applying on to your face. You are less likely to apply too much foundation, which prevents you from looking cakey. Thats one of the biggest issue I have with the SK Sponge, everything else is good to me. Choosing one over the other is extremely easy for this product, I will go with the wedges. Cause I can see how much product is going on my FACE!!!

Second on the list is a brush and is the "classic foundation brush" We are talking about application tools for foundation and this brush right here is specifically made for applying foundation so lets see how it turns out. First thing you notice when using the brush is STREAK MARKS, is way too obvious to ignore it. One thing you can do to try preventing streak marks is to apply foundation in a criss crossing motion. But half the time that is ineffective just saying, so you will definitely need more time to blend out the foundation to give it a flawless texture. When comparing this to SK Sponge, I think I prefer the Sponge over the brush just because the amount of time you need to spend on blending.

Third but not least is another brush and this one is "the skunk brush or the duo fiber brush or the stippling brush" whatever you want to call it :) The application of this brush compared to the SK Sponge is the most similar and I probably would say is identical. The coverage it gives off and the texture is identical. The coverage that you get from both product is light but not sheer, the effect you get is like airbrush. Both product is hard to tell how much product you are putting on your face, but I have to say the brush is just a tag easier to tell. Overall these 2 are very similar and I wouldn't know which to favor over.

After 3 comparison which one do I favor the most? Is it the SK Sponge or the Wedges or the Classic Foundation Brush or the Skunk Brush. Hmmm I have to go with the wedges is a hard one because I do like the skunk brush but I prefer the coverage that the wedges gives. Also I consider the fact that wedges can be found in any drug store in a huge pack of 30. As for the SK is only available in Target so if you don't have a Target around your area you pretty much cant get it.

*Price: SK Sponge $10 CAD / Wedges(pack of 30-32) $2-3 CAD
Just looking at the price the wedges is actually more affordable than the SK Sponge. A pack of wedges usually comes with 30-32, you are only paying max 3 bucks for wedges each month. Costing $36 year round, for SK Sponge usually start breaking down in 2 months. Costing $60 year round and that doesn't even include your backup sponge. So which means you are saving a total of $24 yearly if you decided to go with wedges.

Is harder to compare the prices with brushes, since you can get brushes at different price range from $16-$34. But if you take good care of your brushes, your most likely going to end up using the same brush for up to 2 years or more. So at the end you are saving more on brushes than to the sponge.

Would I get this again? Probably not is not like is a bad product but I can definitely find products that can do the same if not better. Hope this review/comparison helps :)
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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May Favorites & Review/Tutorial

Super late on updating this blog, I apologize. Lately YouTube has been taking over most of my time, filming & editing and getting it to upload (which takes for ages). Usually I update my blog right after my video is uploaded, and lately my videos are up like at mid night or 2 in the morning. So I just head to bed and the next day I just forget and thats horrible. But anyways to make up for my absence, here is 2 videos all in one post. They were actually uploaded very close to each other, i think it was a day apart only.

Anyways one is a review/ tutorial on the NYC Individual Eye Palette For Brown Eyes, I got requested to do a tutorial on this palette in April by one of my viewers. However when that happened, I was in Hong Kong which I didn't have the Palette with me so nothing could be done at that point. Therefore after a long wait of coming back home and settling down and figuring how my new camera works. I finally have this tutorial up, and I decided to throw in a review (is short but is to the point)

My latest video is of course my monthly favorites, this month is actually my first video monthly favorites. All along I have done my monthly favorites on my blog right here. Sometimes I actually like doing my monthly favorites on my blog cause I can give a little review on the product. More in depth than what I can do on YouTube since there is a time frame. So I decided from next month on I will also do a specific post for my favorites describing why I love the product. That way I don't have to try rushing all the information into one video and usually that doesn't turn out too good.

Here's the links to my videos

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