Thursday, August 25, 2011

Eve Pearl Sale,Storage Video Part 4 & Travel Makeup Bag

Is another sale from Hautelook and this time is Eve Pearl Cosmetic, some of you may know Eve Pearl by her famous Salmon Concealer & HD Duo Cream Foundation. The sale price on Hautelook is around the price that you get at IMATS, $24.50 for the Salmon Concealer (original: $35). I will have the links down below if you are interested in this sale, once again you must be a member to purchase from Hautelook (don't worry is free to sign up). This sales ends on Sunday so hurry before you miss the chance & items do sell out quick :) You are allow to place the item on hold in your cart for 15 mins & if you do not check out the item will be back on display once more.

Storage Video Part 4 is up now & this is my beauty shelf that I just put up. The shelf is old but the organizational items & placement of items are all new. A lot of the items (or similar) you see in this video can be purchased at any of your local dollar stores.

Find out whats in my Travel Makeup Bag from my recent trip to Orlando, Florida. (I am actually still in Florida) Want to know tips on how to pack for vacation, I wrote a blog post just entirely on it. I will link the blog post & video down below for your information.


Saturday, August 20, 2011

August Luxe Box

Wow is time for another Luxe Box, this month has gone by so quick. This time around we are getting 4 deluxe size samples from Luxe Box & a little bonus something :)

First thing we have is a nail polish, I love receiving nail polishes cause I get to build up my polish collection with different brands :) This polish is from a brand that I never heard of "Cheeky Monkey" I got a dark rich brown color with a red undertone call Earth Momma. I love the packaging is fun and different having the name of the polish printed all over the bottle. This nail polish is not only high quality it is also free of 3 things that makes this polish the better choice; it is free of toxic, formaldehyde & DBP. This isn't a sample that we got it is a full size product (15ml) & it retails for $15 CAD. For more information on Cheeky Monkey visit their webpage:

We got a lip plumping treatment for our second product, honestly I am not a fan of plumping products. I don't like it and I don't use it so unfortunately I can't say if this really works or not. This City Lips plumping treatment formula is the best of the best, winning an award for it. This formula includes the Oligopeptide Technology that help to increase collagen production in your lips. Making your lips more voluminousness & decrease wrinkles, lines in and around the lips. This little bottle of treatment needs to find a good home where the owner will use it :) therefore I will be giving this away along with some other products in my upcoming giveaways. The full size of this product (5ml) retails for $35 CAD. For more information on City Lips visit their webpage:

Another Proclaim product, this time is for your body "Cocoa Butter Hand & Body Lotion" This lotions smells great it really reminds me of Hot Chocolate with the Marshmallows in it. The lotion is light not heavy at all so when you put it on it doesn't feel greasy. However because is so light the moisturizing factor wont linger on your skin for so long. The sample we got came in (3 fl oz) a very generous size like a regular hand cream size. The full size of this product (32 oz) retails for $8 CAD. For more information visit Sally Beauty Supply Webpage:

The last product is one of my favorite from this month Luxe Box. A Calvin Klein Roller Ball Perfume the "Forbidden Euphoria" The Younger version of the iconic Euphoria Fragrance, this perfume is sweet, has hints of floral in it. Is not too strong & I really do enjoy it, a very high chance of purchasing a full size. This Perfume is available in 2 size (50 ml) for $78 CAD & (100 ml) for $102 CAD.

Don't forget the little bonus something that Loose Button Slip into our August Luxe Box it is a pair of earrings from Sheyna. A very pretty pair of pearls earrings (not sure if is pearls but it does look like it). This pair of earrings require piercing for you to wear it and I don't have piercing :( so I will be giving this out to one of my subbies in one of my future giveaways as well. Check out their Webpage if you are interested in their handmade jewelry:

Watch My Video on the August Luxe Box Here:


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

BB Cream Video & Back to School Haul

After a long wait and tons of request, I am finally putting up my BB Cream video. In this video I explain about BB Cream & what I recommend for each skin type. I also did a very brief review on some of the BB Creams that I tried. If some of you like me to do a more in depth review on a specific BB Cream, feel free to leave a comment below. I am not sure if most of you know or not, recently I opened My Online Beauty store. Retailing BB Creams and much more, I know a lot of places sell BB Cream but I assure you we provide the best price at iCare Beauty
Back to School/Beauty Haul From Target, we thought we should show you what we got for Back To School. Of course we didn't forget about the Beauty Aisle we picked up a few things here and there. Watch the video down below:

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sparkle Your Way Into Our Life: Sister Tag

We are kicking it all off with a sister tag which hopefully will allow all of you to know us loads more. We are planning to do this every single week like I mentioned in my video. So feel free to ask us question and we will try to answer yours with our own perspective and maybe even give you advice. Who knows where this will take us, hope you all enjoy it and find it special and something interesting & new. If it goes really well we may even do BlogTV :) but for the main time we will just stick to this. So we will be missing a week of Sparkle into Our life Episode since we will be going on vacation. We are actually going to universal studio & Disney World so we will be filming a vlog for you all so that wont be up until the week of 29th.

Questions From The Sister Tag:
1. Whats Your Favorite Memory Together?
2. Describe Each Other With One Word?
3. Whats Your Dream Job?
4. Whats Your Favorite Makeup Brand?
5. What is Something That Annoys You About The Other Person?
6. If You Could Go any Where in the World Together Where & Why?
7. Favorite Inside Joke?
8. Who Takes Longer to Get Ready?
9. What's each other pet-peeves?
10. Whats Our Greatest Fear?

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Review: Physigoel AI Lotion

I been raving about this lotion in my July Favorites & it absolutely deserves the rave. This lotion is a must have from those that's experiencing with dry, itchy & or sensitive skin. This lotion is much more superior than other lotions, is the formulation that's behind it that makes this the best.

In each of our bodies it contains an active substance call the ENA and this substance is what naturally keeps our skin protected. It neutralizes free radicals, reduce itching and skin irritation; our skin is mostly damaged by free radicals which causes common problems like itching, redness & dryness. So our body naturally relies on the ENA to do it's job, however a lot of the times base on our environment & stress we do not produce enough ENA. That's where the formulation of AI Lotion comes in :) it contains an ingredient call DMS which contains very similar natural lipids that found in ENA. Which means it will regenerate the barrier that helps to protect our skin and also helps to reduce water loss.

That's why this lotion helped my very dry sensitive skin to heal back to normal condition. About a couple of months earlier I been getting these little bumps around my jaw line and it was very dry as well. My skin never felt like that before & I was very frustrated because it just got worse. I use to have combination skin but since I am aging the condition of my skin is changing as well. The first few weeks that I got it I put on an aloe mask hoping it will help, it did and it also faded. However within a couple weeks later it came back and this time it didn't go so well, it got worse and I really didn't know what to do. I tried moisturizing mask & acne mask but none of them made it fade completely, until I went back to Hong Kong that I found out I had very sensitive skin. The sales at Watson recommended that I try a water base cream that will hydrate my skin intensively, I listened I found that it worked but not completely satisfied. Until I remember the AI Lotion advertisement on TV and I asked my dad to pick it up for me. Tried it and it improved my skin within a few days, the bumps never came back & the condition of my skin is just a lot better.

The texture of this lotion is very light just a bit thicker than water but is so light that you will never predict it will moisturize your skin like anything else. It comes in 2 size 50ml or 100ml and is available online on ebay or if you live in HK or got a friend there Watsons will have it. I know that this is also available in Singapore, Philippines & Ireland but I haven't found a retailer in America yet. I will give this lotion 5/5 cherries and is Cheri Approved. Hope you all will give this a try and maybe you can recommend a life saving product to one of your friends that maybe experiencing dryness.

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Cheri XOXO

Monday, August 8, 2011


I am so excited about these 2 new series that I will be doing from now on. IT IS A VLOG SERIES and I just love watching vlogs. I don't know about you but when watch people's vlog I feel like I know them and I am like part of their life :) So i decided to do a vlog series, I have to be honest and say that this series wont be up frequently. Cause is really hard to vlog (still haven't got over the embarrassment of filming in front of people) & when you are almost doing the same thing every single day there isn't much to film. But I will be having tons of vlogs during the end of August since I will be heading to Orlando, Florida FOR DISNEY & UNIVERSAL STUDIO. I am so excited and thinking about it I have like a week left before I leave. I should film a whats in my luggage video or makeup bag, cause last time I never actually filmed one. Anyways back to the vlog, I decided to name it "Sparkle Your Way into My Life" I felt that this name was very fitting for my channel. My sister actually thought of that name so thumbs up to her. So my first Sparkle Your Way into My Life video is up and I will have the links down below, Oh keep in mind that these types of videos will be filmed on my iPhone or Camera (not on my camcorder) so the quality mite not be as great.

The second series is going to be featuring my sister, she was in a few of my videos before but she was very shy :) In this series we will speak freely about anything, so you will be able to really see my personality in this series. We haven't really decided how this series will be structure, so we probably will let this go in any direction that it may take us. This whole series was actually my sister idea, we both suggested that we should think of something to do together as sister bonding time. Some like to go yoga or running but we are not really the sporty type, so she came up the idea of doing videos. Therefore videos from this series will be uploaded once a week, we haven't decided which day of the week to film. BUT surely it will be up every single week unless we say is not going to be, with this series we decided to name it "Sparkle Your Way into Our Life" We thought it would be a lot easier to just change it to Our Life than figuring a whole new name, hope you like this name and be on a look out for a video coming up this week.

Sparkle Your Way Into My Life: Fireworks
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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

July Favorites & Storage/Collection Part 2

Yet again is time for Favorites of the month, we are hitting August and is the last month of summer. I am sad that summer is coming to an end cause we barely got any sun shine here in Vancouver. It got a lot better for the last couple of days, sunny all week :) but you really don't know how long it will last. Although we are hitting August and I am sad that summer is almost over but I am excited for my vacation to Orlando at the end of the month. I will be filming vlogs during my trip mostly, since I won't be bringing a lot of makeup with me. I will have tutorials and reviews filmed and uploaded before I leave and will publish them on my channel when I get there. I am planning to do blog tv or Ustream very soon and perhaps eve one when I get there. I am not sure how many would be interested to come join me on blog tv but i will announce a date for that. Hope some of you will come and join me anyways lets get back to topic. I just uploaded the second part of my Storage & Collection video. Which i will link below, if you haven't watched Part 1 you can also click the link below for that video.

This month most of my favorites are drug store products. I actually didn't realize that until now :) & one
product is a re discovery.

Sunscreen hunt, I don't even remember exactly when i have been on a hunt for a good sunscreen. I am picky about sunscreen, I don't like the smell of sunscreen at all. Last year I brought the Clinique City Block Sunscreen hoping it would be the one, but it wasn't. It was very oily and it smells funky too like fish oil and i hate the smell of fish oil. It claims to be a primer and base for your foundation, however i don't think it made much difference. So this year I decided to try my luck again to see if I could pick out the right sunscreen for
me. I think this is the one :) I tried Aveeno products before and I like how natural it is, so I took a chance on this Sunscreen Lotion. I was pleasantly surprise how smooth and moisturizing it was, best of all it didn't
leave a white cast which most sunscreen tends to do. It smells nice it got the texture of a moisturizer is not thick at all I just love it.

Physiogel AI Lotion is my must have product for skin care. I am not going to go into too much detail about this moisturizer, cause I will be doing a separate review on it. This stuff is a must have for people that got dry & sensitive skin MUST HAVE!!! I am not sure where you can pick this up in North America cause I couldn't find a place that has it. I
got mine in Asia at Watson it you were all wondering.

Maybelline Dream Matte Powder is an extremely close dupe to the MAC Studio Fix Powder. It is a lot more affordable, has a good selection of shades. Its pigmented enough and smooth I really like this for touch ups not for foundation or setting powder. I prefer to use loose powder to set my foundation that's just my personal preference.

ELF Studio Makeup & Set Spray this stuff is the bomb, I don't know what I will do with out it during the summer. It really sets your makeup and making it last a lot longer and less shiny during the day. Of course sooner or later it will fade away but it does make my makeup last longer with it than without it. It does have a funny scent to it but is not too bad so its not a big deal for me. Is 3 bucks it does the exact same thing as the Makeup Forever Mist & Set spray which retails for 40 bucks.
ELF Studio Blush in Candid Coral this gives me the prettiest glow ever. I wear it almost everyday, the settle gold shimmers and a peach pink blush is just the prettiest. I don't even know how to describe it all I can say is LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT.

Last of all is my new favorite blush brush from ELF, it has a nice shape to it and it fits perfectly on my cheeks (where blush is suppose to be) i find that a lot of blush brush is too big for my face. So is hard to control exactly how much blush should be blended out to a certain part of my face. This one is just perfect and again i have been using it for over a month now.

Hope you enjoy your week, cause I am with the fireworks going on and more. I will film a short snip of the fireworks and upload it very soon :)

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