Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A New Chapter in Life

Happy New Year everyone, I can't believe is 2012 already!!! I wish everyone will have a great year and lets jam pack it with wonderful memories making 2012 the year to remember. That being said I have been on and off with my blogs and videos so for my New Year Revolution, I am determined that each week I must have at least one video up on my channel. I haven't exactly figure out how on earth I want to do this, a specific day of the week to have a new video or a random day? I will have it figure out asap...not much in a thinking mode at the moment since I am sick with a fever :(

As for my blog, I am going to take a different approach on it since my main focus is on my beauty channel. I will still keep the beauty blog going, update on videos & extra

information on reviews and so on will still be on my blog. I do love to vlog & wish i could do a lot more, however
is very personal sometimes & I have to consider about the people around me. It is hard to include clips of what happens in my life so I have been thinking of using my blog to include all of you, is not going to be frequent post. I will only post occasionally on things that's interesting & maybe I will share my baking thoughts & recipe.
I will be heading back to school in Late Jan so everything will be busy for me once again and I will work extremely hard to keep to my NY Revolution. I got a couple of videos that I want to film already on my priority list which includes:
  • Products of 2011 (which will include my Nov & Dec favorites that I missed)
  • Comparison of Naked Palettes
  • Tutorial on Naked2
So stay in tune for all the videos & have a great day!!!
Here's a little picture sneak peak (well big Hint) on what my next video/blog will be on.

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