Thursday, January 12, 2012

Naked2 Tutorial

As most of you know by now I GOT MY NAKED2 Palette :) So happy and I am loving it. I have to admit I did get the Naked2 Palette a bit later than everyone else since I do live up here in CANADA...but I hope I am still in the loop not too far away :) Anyways I had to play with my palette and what better way to than film a tutorial. I literally just randomly picked colors and throw it on my lids...didn't even plan ahead at all.
Is been awhile since I touch this camera and I have no idea what is wrong with it..keeps zooming in and out and makes this weird sound hopefully is not that bad. I sorta fixed it towards the end so it should be a bit better for the intro and the last part of the video...which sorta sucks cause is all about the start not the end!!!
Anyways this will be my video for the week so stay tune until next week for another video :) OH...and no Wed will probably not be my upload day as well as Thurs since these 2 days i will be busy starting in 2 weeks. I probably will pick Friday as the upload day since is the end of the week...which fits my schedule anyways i will figure that out later.

Hope you all enjoy the video and cya all :)
Have a good week!!


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A New Chapter in Life

Happy New Year everyone, I can't believe is 2012 already!!! I wish everyone will have a great year and lets jam pack it with wonderful memories making 2012 the year to remember. That being said I have been on and off with my blogs and videos so for my New Year Revolution, I am determined that each week I must have at least one video up on my channel. I haven't exactly figure out how on earth I want to do this, a specific day of the week to have a new video or a random day? I will have it figure out asap...not much in a thinking mode at the moment since I am sick with a fever :(

As for my blog, I am going to take a different approach on it since my main focus is on my beauty channel. I will still keep the beauty blog going, update on videos & extra

information on reviews and so on will still be on my blog. I do love to vlog & wish i could do a lot more, however
is very personal sometimes & I have to consider about the people around me. It is hard to include clips of what happens in my life so I have been thinking of using my blog to include all of you, is not going to be frequent post. I will only post occasionally on things that's interesting & maybe I will share my baking thoughts & recipe.
I will be heading back to school in Late Jan so everything will be busy for me once again and I will work extremely hard to keep to my NY Revolution. I got a couple of videos that I want to film already on my priority list which includes:
  • Products of 2011 (which will include my Nov & Dec favorites that I missed)
  • Comparison of Naked Palettes
  • Tutorial on Naked2
So stay in tune for all the videos & have a great day!!!
Here's a little picture sneak peak (well big Hint) on what my next video/blog will be on.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Oct Glymm Box

Yay is Glymm Box time :) For those that don't know what Glymm box a monthly subscription box like
"Luxe Box" You receive 4-5 deluxe sample size products from anything beauty, so this way you get to try out different brands & products. Is a really good way to explore in the beauty world in an affordable way, is around $10 CAD to receive a box every month. So enough of an intro here lets jump right into what I got this
month, Oh i forgot to mention. Each and everyone receive a different variation of the boxes, they select products or colors that's according to your liking when you do your survey. So that way you won't get totally out of the world products that you will never ever use.

So this month is my favorite month, I love most of items that came in the box. However this will also be the last month that I will get a Glymm Box & the reason is I am doing a little project on comparing the Glymm Box & Luxe Box. I want to see which one I prefer more before I committee to one of them. I will be filming this comparison video right after I get better, hopefully this project will help some of you decide which brand you like to go with.

If you got the Glymm box this month, this is the box that's worth the money. This month you are getting 4 products & 2 full size ones, yay for full size. Yes if I didn't mention earlier you do occasionally receive full size products in your boxes. I will link the video that I did down below for those that want a first impress of the box, in this blog post I will give a little review on what I thought of the products that I tried so far. Keep in my when I filmed the video, it was my first time trying the products after a while my thoughts on the products might have changed.

Lets start off with the full size products :)
Lise Watier-Lip Kiss Crayon Gloss in Melon Twist
This lip crayon gloss definitely have the pigmentation of a lipstick, so I don't see this as a gloss at all. It reminds me of the Jumbo Lip Pencil from NYX, if some are looking for a more affordable alternative. Since this baby right here retails for $18 CAD, which is a little pricey for a lip pencil that's just my opinion. Is a very pretty coral red, great color for fall & winter everyone loves to wear a little red when the Holiday is coming around the corner. I am glad that I got a coral red instead of a pure red, I always preferred an off red cause it just seems more fitting on me. This Crayon does claim to be an ultra shine & hydrating lip pencil, after I used it several more times I still stand my ground to what I said in the video. I don't feel the moisturizing factor in fact it dried up my lips even more, it defiantly helps to apply loads of lip balm before applying this crayon. Oh and remember if you want shine add some gloss, cause this won't give you much of a glowing effect. Overall I really like it and is something that I gravitate towards when I am picking out what to wear on my lips this month. The chances that I will purchase this will be 4 out of 5, a pretty high chance for a lip product since I am not really a lippy girl. You can purchase this online or if you live in Canada, London Drug & Shopper Drug Mart carries this brand.

Principessa-Bacio Lip Balm
This is another full size product, 2 full size lip products for this month. A yummy smelling lip balm this is, got a warm vanilla scent to it. Makes you want to lick your lips & eat it up cause it just smells that yummy, but we all know that's a bad idea. It moisturize your lips and makes it shiny too, which can double as your lip gloss you don't have to carry too much. It does make your lips silky and it feels very light, I say is a great lip balm to invest in. One of my favorite balm this month and I will purchase this balm once I am out of it, you can snatch this baby up online at (they do ship to the states) this retails for $11 CAD.

Principessa-Pretty Piede Foot Balm
Another product from Principessa, I never use foot balm but I know I should. My foot is dry but is not to the point of cracking, so I don't know how moisturizing it can be to help the cracks. What I like about this is it doesn't have a funky smell, when I think of foot creams I always imagine it to smell funny. I am sure some foot balm have a funny smell, it does contain vitamin E. Which for a fact I know that helps to really moisturize your skin, you can get a jar of just Vitamin E cream but it doesn't smell so nice. I used this foot balm on and off for a couple of times & all I can say is it does help, but other than that I don't know what to say. I will need to try it more to see the full effect, these things need time to work. Tip: if you do have really dry & crack feet, a way to speed up the healing is to apply the cream and wear a pair of socks to sleep. The heat of it will help with healing the cracks, it works for my mom since she has really dry skin around the back of her foot. Will I purchase this, to be honest I don't know since I never tried other foot balm before. I don't particularly favor this balm & I don't have anything else to base it off of. So I will have to hold on to that answer until I tried another foot cream. This product retails for $18CAD & the full size amount is 125ml.

That's is it for this box, there's actually one more product but I didn't try it yet so I can't give a review on it. Here's the Oct Glymm Box Video:

Saturday, October 22, 2011

I am a Gypsy Princess :)

Sorry for the late blog post for this tutorial but it was my mom's birthday & we went down to the states to celebrate :)
Anyways this is my second Halloween Tutorial & still have one more to come :) In this tutorial i used like billions of shadows just joking but i did use a few different ones. So let me tell you exactly what I used & for pictures of the colors check my Facebook Page:

Primer-Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
Base-NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil (Milk)
Lids-Coastal Scent 88 Shimmer Palette
-Sleek Palette (Storm)
-Crown Brush Shadow (97911)
Crease-NYX Palette (Jazz Night)
-Sleek Palette (Storm)
Outer Corner- NYX Palette (Jazz Night)
- Naked Cosmetic (Ebony EB-06)
Middle- Crown Brush Shadow (8311)
Glitter- Splash (Ocean Lime)
- Naked Cosmetic (Cotton Candy CC-05)
Liner- Cyber Color Liquid Liner
Mascara- Maybelline One by One

Monday, October 17, 2011

Halloween is Creeping Up

Halloween is almost here & this is my first year to do Halloween Tutorials :) I am so excited cause this is the time to go a bit crazy with makeup!!! This year I am aiming to do one Halloween Tutorial for each week starting from the week of Oct 14-Oct 28. Therefore in total i will have 3 Halloween Tutorial...that's what i am aiming for if i can do more i will love to :) My first Halloween Tutorial is a Masquerade look...I always wanted a Masquerade party but i never got one, so this sorta makes up for it in a way :) This tutorial is a little off...cause i was trying to play with the voice over function but it didn't turn out too well. So the voice is on and off and i swear i will never do voice over again until i figure out the problem with it.
The link for the video will be located down below, check it out and enjoy :)

Halloween Tutorial #1

My second Halloween Tutorial is on a Gypsy Princess...this is what i will be for this Halloween :) I am in the process of editing this video but here's a sneak peak

Monday, October 3, 2011

Sept Favorites & Fall Love Tag

September is filled with goodies..which barely happens, I usually only have max 5 products. In fact this month I have so much goodies, in each category from Face to Tools I got a favorite. Watch my video to find out what products I am in love with for the month of September.

So here's a more in depth reason on why I love them so much for some products that I didn't have a chance to elaborate on.

Rimmel London Long Lasting Foundation: Seriously this is by far the best drug store long lasting finish foundation. Sorry Revlon Color stay but this stuff feels better, easier to blend and much cheaper as well. Although it doesn't have as big of a shade range as Revlon but still beats Revlon. It doesn't hug your skin so tight that makes you feel like your skin will suffocate & break out. This foundation is easy to blend it doesn't dry fast like Revlon so you can take your time. Is oil free so don't worry about clogging you pores and making you look super shinny, just touch it up with a bit of powder and your shine is gone.

Maybelline Mineral Power Concealer: Best thing ever...this concealer is probably the second concealer that I brought ever since i started wearing makeup. This stuff never leaves
my routine, if I don't put it on as a blemish concealer I will use it for under eye. The color is pretty much good for blemish & under eye cause it got that yellow undertone & is extremely hard to find a concealer that has both orange & yellow tone.

Physicians Formula Mineral
Face Powder: If you got extremely nice skin & only need a little bit of coverage or skin tone correction. Just use this powder & you will be all good, it will literally make your skin look like you got air brush makeup done :) This powder is so pigmented yet so light I really don't have any words to describe is one of the best pressed powder I tried so far.

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strip Gel/Cream Liner: Yes, this gel or cream liner isn't the most pigmented. Is very creamy which is something that I like & hate at the same time, weird but yes. The black liner by far is the best one in the whole stack, it gives the most color pay off & I like how it doesn't look too harsh. The other colors are pretty but because is too creamy, the color pay off isn't that great.

Elf Palette: First of all great price range, 5 bucks for a palette
that's unbeatable. The quality of these shadows are no joke, they have good color pay off however most of the shadows are shimmery. This palette is a must have, you are covered from basic browns to fun but still workable colors like cranberry & plums. Pretty much screams fall to you when you see this palette, if you see it pick it up cause you will use it often.

Here's the full video of my Favorites :)

Is October & we can all say fall is starting to really creep up on us, the weather is getting cold. Great for staying home & filming for me :) I decided to hop on and do the Fall Loves Tag by Macbarbie07, thought it would be a little more interesting & fun to do a tag than a regular video.

So here's the video & check it out :) talk to you all soon

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ready For Fall Or Not & Glymm Box

Whether you are ready or not for fall, is here & lets welcome it with this look that I put together. I personally love the color of fall, the red and orange that the leaves transition to. I took the inspiration and put together a plum and bronze look to represent the transitioning colors. This is such a simple look & neutral look that can be worn to anywhere, a simple lunch or a dinner with a date.

I am going to be doing a lot more Fall videos, like my essential for the fall & more tutorials as well. So stay tune don't miss out by subscribing to my channel.

Glymm Box, I am doing a little project on trying out different monthly subscription for beauty related products. Glymm is one of them, I will be comparing Glymm to Luxe Box to give a general thought on the 2 brands. There's going to be advantages & disadvantages to both brands but lets see which stands out more & which I prefer. Glymm is exactly the same as Luxe Box, a monthly subscription receiving 4-5 deluxe size products to try out. Watch my Sept Glymm Box Video to find out what i got this month. A more in depth review on the products i received will be posted later on.