Monday, October 31, 2011

Oct Glymm Box

Yay is Glymm Box time :) For those that don't know what Glymm box a monthly subscription box like
"Luxe Box" You receive 4-5 deluxe sample size products from anything beauty, so this way you get to try out different brands & products. Is a really good way to explore in the beauty world in an affordable way, is around $10 CAD to receive a box every month. So enough of an intro here lets jump right into what I got this
month, Oh i forgot to mention. Each and everyone receive a different variation of the boxes, they select products or colors that's according to your liking when you do your survey. So that way you won't get totally out of the world products that you will never ever use.

So this month is my favorite month, I love most of items that came in the box. However this will also be the last month that I will get a Glymm Box & the reason is I am doing a little project on comparing the Glymm Box & Luxe Box. I want to see which one I prefer more before I committee to one of them. I will be filming this comparison video right after I get better, hopefully this project will help some of you decide which brand you like to go with.

If you got the Glymm box this month, this is the box that's worth the money. This month you are getting 4 products & 2 full size ones, yay for full size. Yes if I didn't mention earlier you do occasionally receive full size products in your boxes. I will link the video that I did down below for those that want a first impress of the box, in this blog post I will give a little review on what I thought of the products that I tried so far. Keep in my when I filmed the video, it was my first time trying the products after a while my thoughts on the products might have changed.

Lets start off with the full size products :)
Lise Watier-Lip Kiss Crayon Gloss in Melon Twist
This lip crayon gloss definitely have the pigmentation of a lipstick, so I don't see this as a gloss at all. It reminds me of the Jumbo Lip Pencil from NYX, if some are looking for a more affordable alternative. Since this baby right here retails for $18 CAD, which is a little pricey for a lip pencil that's just my opinion. Is a very pretty coral red, great color for fall & winter everyone loves to wear a little red when the Holiday is coming around the corner. I am glad that I got a coral red instead of a pure red, I always preferred an off red cause it just seems more fitting on me. This Crayon does claim to be an ultra shine & hydrating lip pencil, after I used it several more times I still stand my ground to what I said in the video. I don't feel the moisturizing factor in fact it dried up my lips even more, it defiantly helps to apply loads of lip balm before applying this crayon. Oh and remember if you want shine add some gloss, cause this won't give you much of a glowing effect. Overall I really like it and is something that I gravitate towards when I am picking out what to wear on my lips this month. The chances that I will purchase this will be 4 out of 5, a pretty high chance for a lip product since I am not really a lippy girl. You can purchase this online or if you live in Canada, London Drug & Shopper Drug Mart carries this brand.

Principessa-Bacio Lip Balm
This is another full size product, 2 full size lip products for this month. A yummy smelling lip balm this is, got a warm vanilla scent to it. Makes you want to lick your lips & eat it up cause it just smells that yummy, but we all know that's a bad idea. It moisturize your lips and makes it shiny too, which can double as your lip gloss you don't have to carry too much. It does make your lips silky and it feels very light, I say is a great lip balm to invest in. One of my favorite balm this month and I will purchase this balm once I am out of it, you can snatch this baby up online at (they do ship to the states) this retails for $11 CAD.

Principessa-Pretty Piede Foot Balm
Another product from Principessa, I never use foot balm but I know I should. My foot is dry but is not to the point of cracking, so I don't know how moisturizing it can be to help the cracks. What I like about this is it doesn't have a funky smell, when I think of foot creams I always imagine it to smell funny. I am sure some foot balm have a funny smell, it does contain vitamin E. Which for a fact I know that helps to really moisturize your skin, you can get a jar of just Vitamin E cream but it doesn't smell so nice. I used this foot balm on and off for a couple of times & all I can say is it does help, but other than that I don't know what to say. I will need to try it more to see the full effect, these things need time to work. Tip: if you do have really dry & crack feet, a way to speed up the healing is to apply the cream and wear a pair of socks to sleep. The heat of it will help with healing the cracks, it works for my mom since she has really dry skin around the back of her foot. Will I purchase this, to be honest I don't know since I never tried other foot balm before. I don't particularly favor this balm & I don't have anything else to base it off of. So I will have to hold on to that answer until I tried another foot cream. This product retails for $18CAD & the full size amount is 125ml.

That's is it for this box, there's actually one more product but I didn't try it yet so I can't give a review on it. Here's the Oct Glymm Box Video:

Saturday, October 22, 2011

I am a Gypsy Princess :)

Sorry for the late blog post for this tutorial but it was my mom's birthday & we went down to the states to celebrate :)
Anyways this is my second Halloween Tutorial & still have one more to come :) In this tutorial i used like billions of shadows just joking but i did use a few different ones. So let me tell you exactly what I used & for pictures of the colors check my Facebook Page:

Primer-Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
Base-NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil (Milk)
Lids-Coastal Scent 88 Shimmer Palette
-Sleek Palette (Storm)
-Crown Brush Shadow (97911)
Crease-NYX Palette (Jazz Night)
-Sleek Palette (Storm)
Outer Corner- NYX Palette (Jazz Night)
- Naked Cosmetic (Ebony EB-06)
Middle- Crown Brush Shadow (8311)
Glitter- Splash (Ocean Lime)
- Naked Cosmetic (Cotton Candy CC-05)
Liner- Cyber Color Liquid Liner
Mascara- Maybelline One by One

Monday, October 17, 2011

Halloween is Creeping Up

Halloween is almost here & this is my first year to do Halloween Tutorials :) I am so excited cause this is the time to go a bit crazy with makeup!!! This year I am aiming to do one Halloween Tutorial for each week starting from the week of Oct 14-Oct 28. Therefore in total i will have 3 Halloween Tutorial...that's what i am aiming for if i can do more i will love to :) My first Halloween Tutorial is a Masquerade look...I always wanted a Masquerade party but i never got one, so this sorta makes up for it in a way :) This tutorial is a little off...cause i was trying to play with the voice over function but it didn't turn out too well. So the voice is on and off and i swear i will never do voice over again until i figure out the problem with it.
The link for the video will be located down below, check it out and enjoy :)

Halloween Tutorial #1

My second Halloween Tutorial is on a Gypsy Princess...this is what i will be for this Halloween :) I am in the process of editing this video but here's a sneak peak

Monday, October 3, 2011

Sept Favorites & Fall Love Tag

September is filled with goodies..which barely happens, I usually only have max 5 products. In fact this month I have so much goodies, in each category from Face to Tools I got a favorite. Watch my video to find out what products I am in love with for the month of September.

So here's a more in depth reason on why I love them so much for some products that I didn't have a chance to elaborate on.

Rimmel London Long Lasting Foundation: Seriously this is by far the best drug store long lasting finish foundation. Sorry Revlon Color stay but this stuff feels better, easier to blend and much cheaper as well. Although it doesn't have as big of a shade range as Revlon but still beats Revlon. It doesn't hug your skin so tight that makes you feel like your skin will suffocate & break out. This foundation is easy to blend it doesn't dry fast like Revlon so you can take your time. Is oil free so don't worry about clogging you pores and making you look super shinny, just touch it up with a bit of powder and your shine is gone.

Maybelline Mineral Power Concealer: Best thing ever...this concealer is probably the second concealer that I brought ever since i started wearing makeup. This stuff never leaves
my routine, if I don't put it on as a blemish concealer I will use it for under eye. The color is pretty much good for blemish & under eye cause it got that yellow undertone & is extremely hard to find a concealer that has both orange & yellow tone.

Physicians Formula Mineral
Face Powder: If you got extremely nice skin & only need a little bit of coverage or skin tone correction. Just use this powder & you will be all good, it will literally make your skin look like you got air brush makeup done :) This powder is so pigmented yet so light I really don't have any words to describe is one of the best pressed powder I tried so far.

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strip Gel/Cream Liner: Yes, this gel or cream liner isn't the most pigmented. Is very creamy which is something that I like & hate at the same time, weird but yes. The black liner by far is the best one in the whole stack, it gives the most color pay off & I like how it doesn't look too harsh. The other colors are pretty but because is too creamy, the color pay off isn't that great.

Elf Palette: First of all great price range, 5 bucks for a palette
that's unbeatable. The quality of these shadows are no joke, they have good color pay off however most of the shadows are shimmery. This palette is a must have, you are covered from basic browns to fun but still workable colors like cranberry & plums. Pretty much screams fall to you when you see this palette, if you see it pick it up cause you will use it often.

Here's the full video of my Favorites :)

Is October & we can all say fall is starting to really creep up on us, the weather is getting cold. Great for staying home & filming for me :) I decided to hop on and do the Fall Loves Tag by Macbarbie07, thought it would be a little more interesting & fun to do a tag than a regular video.

So here's the video & check it out :) talk to you all soon

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ready For Fall Or Not & Glymm Box

Whether you are ready or not for fall, is here & lets welcome it with this look that I put together. I personally love the color of fall, the red and orange that the leaves transition to. I took the inspiration and put together a plum and bronze look to represent the transitioning colors. This is such a simple look & neutral look that can be worn to anywhere, a simple lunch or a dinner with a date.

I am going to be doing a lot more Fall videos, like my essential for the fall & more tutorials as well. So stay tune don't miss out by subscribing to my channel.

Glymm Box, I am doing a little project on trying out different monthly subscription for beauty related products. Glymm is one of them, I will be comparing Glymm to Luxe Box to give a general thought on the 2 brands. There's going to be advantages & disadvantages to both brands but lets see which stands out more & which I prefer. Glymm is exactly the same as Luxe Box, a monthly subscription receiving 4-5 deluxe size products to try out. Watch my Sept Glymm Box Video to find out what i got this month. A more in depth review on the products i received will be posted later on.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Review: Ciracle Pore Control Tightening Toner & Skin Care Routine Video

Let's get straight to the point here, I LOVE this toner & is one of the best I ever tried. This brand Ciracle is from Korea & it specialist on Asian skin. There's a couple lines from this brand & I picked their pore care line to try, specifically cause I got huge pores. This toner also helps with breakouts, it got green tea extract & witch hazel extremely safe to use on sensitive skin. It does what toners should do, take away dead skin cells, debris & better it helps to lightens dark spots (like your acne scars-got tons of those)

Packaging: It comes with a pump & I like it!!! For toners is rare to see that it comes with a pump, great design it makes it a lot easier to use. The bottle itself is glass and again different from other toners packaging, which makes it look more luxury. For those that like to display their skin care products in their bathroom beside the sink or on your vanity, it will look better than plastic bottle toners.

Functionality: As most of you that follow me by now knows that whenever I do a review on a product, I at least give it a month. I find that is fair to the product & to my viewers, to see that I paid close attention to & gave it a chance. I've been using this product ever since I came back from Hong Kong, is been over 4 months. I have to admit that this review is past due but I got my reasons. For something that claims to tighten your pores, it won't happen within a day or a month. Something like this is a long term fix, so it would be impossible to tell if it really did the job or not so I waited. After months of using this I am happy to say that this toner did tighten up my pores around my nose area. I got huge HUGE pores around my nose area & I can noticeably tell the difference from now and before. It didn't completely take my pores away but it is a lot smaller than before. Over time it actually made my skin condition a bit better & it did help with lightening my scars (but I have to give credits to other products too for doing that, so is a helping contributor)

Availability: To be honest I actually have very limited information on the availability, I looked at multiple places & very minimal information popped up. I got my Ciracle Products from Bonjour HK in Hong Kong is like SASA (a very popular retailer on cosmetics in Hong Kong) That's the only place that I actually know where to pick up their products in person or online. I am sure you can find it in Korea too but it doesn't seem to be a very popular brand (correct me if I am wrong) Another place which you can try is online selling sites, like eBay or other site that's popular in your country; there may be a chance that you will come across their products.

Price & Quantity: I am going to give you the price of the currency that I actually paid for, that way you can use it to convert it to your own currency; which will be a lot more accurate. Usually Ciracle products are on sale at Bonjour HK to around 30%, I got mine when it was discounted so I will give you 2 price. The Original Price for the product is $210 HKD and the Sale Price is $147 HKD remember HK there's no sale tax (don't know if that's relevant at all) As far as the quantity of the product is 105.5ml around 4 fl oz, so I say is not bad at all. Of course compare to a lot of drug store brands is significantly lower. However to me this brand market placement does not belong to drug store. I would compare this brand to the Body Shop, I believe this brand is around that level base on the packaging, the concept which reminds me of their Tea Tree Oil line.

My end conclusion is that this toner does the job that it claims to do, give it some time for it to work it didn't take one day to build Rome so GIVE IT TIME. Yes is a bit pricey but in my opinion is worth it for the long term base, sometimes you have to look at it that way. It is trickier to get your hands on this brand but if you do live in Asia, I am sure is much more convenient. So overall I will give this product a 4 out of 5 points, docking one whole point cause of the availability.

Well that's all for this review here but since we are talking about skin care, I made a video a while back on my Skin Care Routine. I thought some of you may want to know what I do to keep my skin clear, so I will post that video down below :)


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Physicians Formula & Maybelline Haul

Hello everyone first off announcement for those who lives in Canada there's an awesome sale going on at London Drugs at the moment. 40% off on Physicians Formula Products when I saw it I had to pick something up and tell you all, those that love their product go check it out. Their sale ends on Wed Sept 14 2011 so hop on it quick if you are interested, I actually love their products so much that I went back to grab more :) London Drugs actually got a few sales going on for Maybelline, Revlon & some nails stuff; also once in a while you will see little buckets or bins that will have products that's reduce a whole lot is a great time to try products and add to your collection.

If you want to take a closer look at the products that I got & swatches visit my Facebook Page right here:

Visit My online Beauty Store for Asian Beauty Products like "BB Creams":

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So find out what I hauled from Physicians Formula & Maybelline in these videos :) like I said I did go twice so I did do 2 hauls. Don't Forget to Subscribe :)

Part 1

Part 2


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back To School Tutorial

Here's my back to school tutorial, hoped everyone had a great day at school today :) So lets see exactly what I used in this tutorial, oh and I forgot to mentioned no brushes needed. Great If you in a rush all you need to do is throw all the makeup in your bag & do it in the car. Of course you don't need to use all the products I did, skip the ones that doesn't seem important to you. So let me tell you why I picked these products out for my Back to School Tutorial, lets start with the face.

Foundation: I am using my all time favorite foundation. Is affordable comes in varies of shades & is available at most drugstores. It blends easily doesn't dry quick (which tends to do with most long lasting foundation) This is a full coverage foundation a little covers a lot. That's why I picked this foundation for school, it last a long time which means no or little touch up.

Concealer: Since our foundation is already full coverage, we don't really need to cover up much blemishes but if you do the Sonia Kashuk Concealer Palette is a great pick. Best drugstore creamy concealer I ever tried, gone through so many these. There's 2 shades of concealer and one corrector shade, so if you got a big red pimple this palette will do the job of covering it. I also use this palette to cover up my dark circles, both concealers comes with a bit of orange tone. So is great for canceling the blue and purple underneath our eyes, than set it with a bit of powder that comes with the palette.

Powder: This Step you can skin if you got really dry skin, this is just to set our foundation. Usually I go with loose powder to set my makeup; but loose powder isn't the right pick for this tutorial. Loose powder is way too messy to work with especially if you are in a rush, therefore I picked this powder foundation from Palladio. Another reason why I picked this powder over the Maybelline Dream Matte Powder, is the rice powder. The rice powder acts as an oil absorbing agent, it really helps with eliminating shine through out the day. This Powder foundation contains a lot of different ingredients that benefits the skin, so that's why I had to pick this over Maybelline.

Contour: I didn't mention this in my video because is optional. Not everyone likes to contour & is not necessary for first day of school. But if you do want to this is a great bronzer to work with. Is not your typical brown or orange bronzer. With the pinks and golden color it makes this bronzer a multipurpose product. It just gives off the most natural glow.

Blush: As for blush I used a cream and a powder. You don't need to use both but for the long lasting effect, that's why I did. Cream blushes always gives off the prettiest glow, like you are glowing from with in. With a little bit of product you can get a very strong color payoff. The only down side to cream blushes is that it melts and fades. That's where the powder blush comes in, is just to set the blush and it will last you all day. If you don't want to bring an extra product with you. You can set it with a bit of face powder but just be very light handed with it.

For our eyes I forgot to include my primer in this picture. We want to start out with our primer and I believe by this time I think everyone knows why we need to use a primer.

Base Color: I used a Paint Pot, cream shadows would work as well just make sure not to put too much on. We are using a base color to enhance the colors of the shadows. So we actually don't need to pack on too much shadows.

Eye Shadow: We are using a mineral based shadow, since they are usually shimmery. We want some shimmer to draw light to our eyes. The color that I picked is a light shimmering pink with gold shimmers. A copper color to add depth in the whole look around the crease & outer corner. Than to top it all off lets apply liner but we are going to use a shadow to draw the line instead. This will be a lot easier to manage in the car & it will look more natural.

To finish the look lets apply mascara, using MAC Zoom Lash. This mascara adds length to my lashes but still keeping it very natural. Of course this step is optional but I suggest keep this step and skip liner cause lashes can bring more drama to the look.

So this is the complete look for back to school quick and easy hope you all enjoy this and I will come back with more videos on back to school.


Monday, September 5, 2011

August Favorites

Wow I took forever to get this post up...well just in case for those that missed the video for my August Favorites I will insert the video below.

For those that don't have YouTube Access (or don't Like Watching YouTube) don't worry I am going to tell you all Why I love These Products.

I Decided to do something a little different with the picture kinda making it look a bit like a magazine of course not totally like it.
Lets start with the Palette (Kate Diamond Cut Palette) I got tons of Kate Diamond Cut Palettes & this palette is probably my second favorite from the collection. I love every color in this palette, you can go from light day wear to more put together evening wear. This Palette is pretty shimmery so it does makes some fall out. My favorite color out of the palette is the dark brown, is a great color for adding depth also great for lining your eyes. I am sure you can pick this palette up anywhere online such as eBay.

Makeup Forever Aqua Cream is highly pigmented rich in color is just the best. I am so glad I picked it up at IMATS for a really good price. This is actually a multi-functional product you can use it on your eyes, cheeks & or lips. There's a few shades that's formulated for the lips & cheeks and the others for your eyes & cheeks, so most of the shades you can use it on your cheeks. The shade I got is in #15 a taupe shade (Grey & Brown) this color pretty much just match with most neutral shades. That's why I love this color so much & if you are lazy just put this on your lids, throw on some liner & Mascara and you will be ready to go. This shade is good for your cheeks as well although I love the multipurpose concept, I don't think I will be using this on my cheeks :)

Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle Roller everyone's favorite I am sure. A roller with properties to help brighten dark circles & provide a sheer tint. Is not exactly like a concealer, is a lot lighter and more runny which I like. I usually like to wear this on days that put on a sheer amount of makeup, it just looks better than concealer since is not too heavy.

SexyLook Aloe Vera & Q10 Sheet Mask, to me is a better alternative to My Beauty Diary Aloe Vera sheet mask. Don't get me wrong still love My Beauty Diary but this mask is better in every way, the design of the mask to the quality. The design of the mask is the one thing that caught my attention, the slits helps to secure the mask so it wont slide anywhere. The chin design just perfect sometimes we forget those areas & yep we do need to moisturize there. This mask just feels a lot better, I am not exactly sure what is making it do that possibly the formulation. I noticed that this mask feels more moist than My Beauty Diary and the effect last longer as well. I am sure there's tons of other brands out there that will probably beat SexyLook; but I haven't tried it so I can't say.

So for those that missed the video here it is:


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Eve Pearl Sale,Storage Video Part 4 & Travel Makeup Bag

Is another sale from Hautelook and this time is Eve Pearl Cosmetic, some of you may know Eve Pearl by her famous Salmon Concealer & HD Duo Cream Foundation. The sale price on Hautelook is around the price that you get at IMATS, $24.50 for the Salmon Concealer (original: $35). I will have the links down below if you are interested in this sale, once again you must be a member to purchase from Hautelook (don't worry is free to sign up). This sales ends on Sunday so hurry before you miss the chance & items do sell out quick :) You are allow to place the item on hold in your cart for 15 mins & if you do not check out the item will be back on display once more.

Storage Video Part 4 is up now & this is my beauty shelf that I just put up. The shelf is old but the organizational items & placement of items are all new. A lot of the items (or similar) you see in this video can be purchased at any of your local dollar stores.

Find out whats in my Travel Makeup Bag from my recent trip to Orlando, Florida. (I am actually still in Florida) Want to know tips on how to pack for vacation, I wrote a blog post just entirely on it. I will link the blog post & video down below for your information.


Saturday, August 20, 2011

August Luxe Box

Wow is time for another Luxe Box, this month has gone by so quick. This time around we are getting 4 deluxe size samples from Luxe Box & a little bonus something :)

First thing we have is a nail polish, I love receiving nail polishes cause I get to build up my polish collection with different brands :) This polish is from a brand that I never heard of "Cheeky Monkey" I got a dark rich brown color with a red undertone call Earth Momma. I love the packaging is fun and different having the name of the polish printed all over the bottle. This nail polish is not only high quality it is also free of 3 things that makes this polish the better choice; it is free of toxic, formaldehyde & DBP. This isn't a sample that we got it is a full size product (15ml) & it retails for $15 CAD. For more information on Cheeky Monkey visit their webpage:

We got a lip plumping treatment for our second product, honestly I am not a fan of plumping products. I don't like it and I don't use it so unfortunately I can't say if this really works or not. This City Lips plumping treatment formula is the best of the best, winning an award for it. This formula includes the Oligopeptide Technology that help to increase collagen production in your lips. Making your lips more voluminousness & decrease wrinkles, lines in and around the lips. This little bottle of treatment needs to find a good home where the owner will use it :) therefore I will be giving this away along with some other products in my upcoming giveaways. The full size of this product (5ml) retails for $35 CAD. For more information on City Lips visit their webpage:

Another Proclaim product, this time is for your body "Cocoa Butter Hand & Body Lotion" This lotions smells great it really reminds me of Hot Chocolate with the Marshmallows in it. The lotion is light not heavy at all so when you put it on it doesn't feel greasy. However because is so light the moisturizing factor wont linger on your skin for so long. The sample we got came in (3 fl oz) a very generous size like a regular hand cream size. The full size of this product (32 oz) retails for $8 CAD. For more information visit Sally Beauty Supply Webpage:

The last product is one of my favorite from this month Luxe Box. A Calvin Klein Roller Ball Perfume the "Forbidden Euphoria" The Younger version of the iconic Euphoria Fragrance, this perfume is sweet, has hints of floral in it. Is not too strong & I really do enjoy it, a very high chance of purchasing a full size. This Perfume is available in 2 size (50 ml) for $78 CAD & (100 ml) for $102 CAD.

Don't forget the little bonus something that Loose Button Slip into our August Luxe Box it is a pair of earrings from Sheyna. A very pretty pair of pearls earrings (not sure if is pearls but it does look like it). This pair of earrings require piercing for you to wear it and I don't have piercing :( so I will be giving this out to one of my subbies in one of my future giveaways as well. Check out their Webpage if you are interested in their handmade jewelry:

Watch My Video on the August Luxe Box Here:


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

BB Cream Video & Back to School Haul

After a long wait and tons of request, I am finally putting up my BB Cream video. In this video I explain about BB Cream & what I recommend for each skin type. I also did a very brief review on some of the BB Creams that I tried. If some of you like me to do a more in depth review on a specific BB Cream, feel free to leave a comment below. I am not sure if most of you know or not, recently I opened My Online Beauty store. Retailing BB Creams and much more, I know a lot of places sell BB Cream but I assure you we provide the best price at iCare Beauty
Back to School/Beauty Haul From Target, we thought we should show you what we got for Back To School. Of course we didn't forget about the Beauty Aisle we picked up a few things here and there. Watch the video down below:

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sparkle Your Way Into Our Life: Sister Tag

We are kicking it all off with a sister tag which hopefully will allow all of you to know us loads more. We are planning to do this every single week like I mentioned in my video. So feel free to ask us question and we will try to answer yours with our own perspective and maybe even give you advice. Who knows where this will take us, hope you all enjoy it and find it special and something interesting & new. If it goes really well we may even do BlogTV :) but for the main time we will just stick to this. So we will be missing a week of Sparkle into Our life Episode since we will be going on vacation. We are actually going to universal studio & Disney World so we will be filming a vlog for you all so that wont be up until the week of 29th.

Questions From The Sister Tag:
1. Whats Your Favorite Memory Together?
2. Describe Each Other With One Word?
3. Whats Your Dream Job?
4. Whats Your Favorite Makeup Brand?
5. What is Something That Annoys You About The Other Person?
6. If You Could Go any Where in the World Together Where & Why?
7. Favorite Inside Joke?
8. Who Takes Longer to Get Ready?
9. What's each other pet-peeves?
10. Whats Our Greatest Fear?

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Review: Physigoel AI Lotion

I been raving about this lotion in my July Favorites & it absolutely deserves the rave. This lotion is a must have from those that's experiencing with dry, itchy & or sensitive skin. This lotion is much more superior than other lotions, is the formulation that's behind it that makes this the best.

In each of our bodies it contains an active substance call the ENA and this substance is what naturally keeps our skin protected. It neutralizes free radicals, reduce itching and skin irritation; our skin is mostly damaged by free radicals which causes common problems like itching, redness & dryness. So our body naturally relies on the ENA to do it's job, however a lot of the times base on our environment & stress we do not produce enough ENA. That's where the formulation of AI Lotion comes in :) it contains an ingredient call DMS which contains very similar natural lipids that found in ENA. Which means it will regenerate the barrier that helps to protect our skin and also helps to reduce water loss.

That's why this lotion helped my very dry sensitive skin to heal back to normal condition. About a couple of months earlier I been getting these little bumps around my jaw line and it was very dry as well. My skin never felt like that before & I was very frustrated because it just got worse. I use to have combination skin but since I am aging the condition of my skin is changing as well. The first few weeks that I got it I put on an aloe mask hoping it will help, it did and it also faded. However within a couple weeks later it came back and this time it didn't go so well, it got worse and I really didn't know what to do. I tried moisturizing mask & acne mask but none of them made it fade completely, until I went back to Hong Kong that I found out I had very sensitive skin. The sales at Watson recommended that I try a water base cream that will hydrate my skin intensively, I listened I found that it worked but not completely satisfied. Until I remember the AI Lotion advertisement on TV and I asked my dad to pick it up for me. Tried it and it improved my skin within a few days, the bumps never came back & the condition of my skin is just a lot better.

The texture of this lotion is very light just a bit thicker than water but is so light that you will never predict it will moisturize your skin like anything else. It comes in 2 size 50ml or 100ml and is available online on ebay or if you live in HK or got a friend there Watsons will have it. I know that this is also available in Singapore, Philippines & Ireland but I haven't found a retailer in America yet. I will give this lotion 5/5 cherries and is Cheri Approved. Hope you all will give this a try and maybe you can recommend a life saving product to one of your friends that maybe experiencing dryness.

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Monday, August 8, 2011


I am so excited about these 2 new series that I will be doing from now on. IT IS A VLOG SERIES and I just love watching vlogs. I don't know about you but when watch people's vlog I feel like I know them and I am like part of their life :) So i decided to do a vlog series, I have to be honest and say that this series wont be up frequently. Cause is really hard to vlog (still haven't got over the embarrassment of filming in front of people) & when you are almost doing the same thing every single day there isn't much to film. But I will be having tons of vlogs during the end of August since I will be heading to Orlando, Florida FOR DISNEY & UNIVERSAL STUDIO. I am so excited and thinking about it I have like a week left before I leave. I should film a whats in my luggage video or makeup bag, cause last time I never actually filmed one. Anyways back to the vlog, I decided to name it "Sparkle Your Way into My Life" I felt that this name was very fitting for my channel. My sister actually thought of that name so thumbs up to her. So my first Sparkle Your Way into My Life video is up and I will have the links down below, Oh keep in mind that these types of videos will be filmed on my iPhone or Camera (not on my camcorder) so the quality mite not be as great.

The second series is going to be featuring my sister, she was in a few of my videos before but she was very shy :) In this series we will speak freely about anything, so you will be able to really see my personality in this series. We haven't really decided how this series will be structure, so we probably will let this go in any direction that it may take us. This whole series was actually my sister idea, we both suggested that we should think of something to do together as sister bonding time. Some like to go yoga or running but we are not really the sporty type, so she came up the idea of doing videos. Therefore videos from this series will be uploaded once a week, we haven't decided which day of the week to film. BUT surely it will be up every single week unless we say is not going to be, with this series we decided to name it "Sparkle Your Way into Our Life" We thought it would be a lot easier to just change it to Our Life than figuring a whole new name, hope you like this name and be on a look out for a video coming up this week.

Sparkle Your Way Into My Life: Fireworks
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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

July Favorites & Storage/Collection Part 2

Yet again is time for Favorites of the month, we are hitting August and is the last month of summer. I am sad that summer is coming to an end cause we barely got any sun shine here in Vancouver. It got a lot better for the last couple of days, sunny all week :) but you really don't know how long it will last. Although we are hitting August and I am sad that summer is almost over but I am excited for my vacation to Orlando at the end of the month. I will be filming vlogs during my trip mostly, since I won't be bringing a lot of makeup with me. I will have tutorials and reviews filmed and uploaded before I leave and will publish them on my channel when I get there. I am planning to do blog tv or Ustream very soon and perhaps eve one when I get there. I am not sure how many would be interested to come join me on blog tv but i will announce a date for that. Hope some of you will come and join me anyways lets get back to topic. I just uploaded the second part of my Storage & Collection video. Which i will link below, if you haven't watched Part 1 you can also click the link below for that video.

This month most of my favorites are drug store products. I actually didn't realize that until now :) & one
product is a re discovery.

Sunscreen hunt, I don't even remember exactly when i have been on a hunt for a good sunscreen. I am picky about sunscreen, I don't like the smell of sunscreen at all. Last year I brought the Clinique City Block Sunscreen hoping it would be the one, but it wasn't. It was very oily and it smells funky too like fish oil and i hate the smell of fish oil. It claims to be a primer and base for your foundation, however i don't think it made much difference. So this year I decided to try my luck again to see if I could pick out the right sunscreen for
me. I think this is the one :) I tried Aveeno products before and I like how natural it is, so I took a chance on this Sunscreen Lotion. I was pleasantly surprise how smooth and moisturizing it was, best of all it didn't
leave a white cast which most sunscreen tends to do. It smells nice it got the texture of a moisturizer is not thick at all I just love it.

Physiogel AI Lotion is my must have product for skin care. I am not going to go into too much detail about this moisturizer, cause I will be doing a separate review on it. This stuff is a must have for people that got dry & sensitive skin MUST HAVE!!! I am not sure where you can pick this up in North America cause I couldn't find a place that has it. I
got mine in Asia at Watson it you were all wondering.

Maybelline Dream Matte Powder is an extremely close dupe to the MAC Studio Fix Powder. It is a lot more affordable, has a good selection of shades. Its pigmented enough and smooth I really like this for touch ups not for foundation or setting powder. I prefer to use loose powder to set my foundation that's just my personal preference.

ELF Studio Makeup & Set Spray this stuff is the bomb, I don't know what I will do with out it during the summer. It really sets your makeup and making it last a lot longer and less shiny during the day. Of course sooner or later it will fade away but it does make my makeup last longer with it than without it. It does have a funny scent to it but is not too bad so its not a big deal for me. Is 3 bucks it does the exact same thing as the Makeup Forever Mist & Set spray which retails for 40 bucks.
ELF Studio Blush in Candid Coral this gives me the prettiest glow ever. I wear it almost everyday, the settle gold shimmers and a peach pink blush is just the prettiest. I don't even know how to describe it all I can say is LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT.

Last of all is my new favorite blush brush from ELF, it has a nice shape to it and it fits perfectly on my cheeks (where blush is suppose to be) i find that a lot of blush brush is too big for my face. So is hard to control exactly how much blush should be blended out to a certain part of my face. This one is just perfect and again i have been using it for over a month now.

Hope you enjoy your week, cause I am with the fireworks going on and more. I will film a short snip of the fireworks and upload it very soon :)

Links For Videos Mentioned
My storage & collection Part 1
My storage & collection Part 2
July Favorites


Friday, July 29, 2011


IMATS Vancouver 2011 has officially ended and I had a great time. Although I was disappointed for the lack of brands that showed up but all together I did have a great time. This year I arrived at IMATS a little later than last year, I got there at 10am. Already there were line up everywhere especially the MAKEUP FOREVER booth. It makes sense why people lined up for MUFE since they don't restock and it was probably the most interesting/popular brad there. So everyone went to line to hopefully to pick out the products that they want before it runs out. My friend and I actually went to the MUFE booth last, which was very smart of us NOT. By the time we actually reached the booth, which was 1.5 hours later most product like (foundation wise) were all gone. I actually didn't pick up much from them since I went crazy over them last year. I still got stuff left over from last year :) so I only got myself a backup of the HD primer and I couldn't resist to pick up one of their Aqua Creams. While we were waiting in line, we came up with a great idea that we take turns lining up. So I went to look at all the booths on my own, so I hit Crown Brush since I am in need of more brushes. You seriously cant get enough of brushes if you are serious with makeup, so I got a whole bunch from them. After Crown I went to look at the Z palette from Namie and Fred. NYX you cant miss that booth is probably the largest booth in the show, they had their full collection there which was nice. So you got to swatch everything :) sometimes is hard to buy something when you cant swatch it, so it was nice to swatch some of these products. I left IMATS at around 3:30pm and we went to grab McDonald, were didn't even have time to sneak out for lunch. So we were starving at that point, that's why we chose to get McDonald. I really wanted to go to some of these classes this year at IMATS but because of all the lines at pretty much all the booths. I couldn't go at all but whats great is that all the classes were at the same location. So when you were lining up you could hear what they were teaching, I guess sorta listened on it.

To find out exactly what I got at IMATS here is the Haul Video:
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Friday, July 22, 2011

My Collection/Storage Part 1

As I mentioned earlier in my Elf haul video to be on a look out for my collection/storage video. Well here it is after a long time of debating to film it or not. The reason being is I feel like I do not have a huge collection and most storage items are very similar to other gurus. But I guess I have my own twist to things, so I decided to show you all :) This will be split in two parts as I realize when I was filming that the footage was extremely long. So it had to be done and I am sure not all of you would like to see a 20 minute long video. Aside from the vanity and the drawer system that I will be showing you. I will also do a quick run through on the shelf that I keep some of my beauty products.

Enjoy the fist part of my collection/storage Video:
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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Full Review: NYX Beauty To Go Palette

Time for another product review and this time is only featuring on my blog. No videos made what so ever and in fact I believe there's very few reviews on this particular product. This is the NYX Beauty To Go Palette or Box, this is a huge huge palette it has everything imaginable that you may need to get ready. Therefore this box is ultimately marketed as the 1 box does it all product. So the question really comes down to, is this product good enough to become your only makeup you ever need?

Lets start off with introducing to you what you are getting in this box. On the back of the packaging, it comes with a diagram that shows you exactly what you get and
what the product is. I say don't trust this diagram at all, and you will see why exactly. NYX marked this box to come with 47 shadows, 2 bronzer, 2 Face Powder, 6 blushes, 6 Lip color, 6 lip gloss pots, 5 Face Colors, 2 eye base, 4 concealers, Mascara, Liquid liner, Pencil liner, 2 lip pencils and applicators & Mirror. If you were to go through the box counting the shadows without looking at the diagram, you will wonder where on earth did they get only 47 counts. Than you will wonder where on earth will you find the 5 face colors that it comes with. Well look no further cause is in your shadow counts, a grey, purple, green, peach and dark grey purple. Yes these are your face colors, I still have no clue what they mean by face color and why would they put these as your face color. So therefore I decided myself to count these 5 colors as shadows which means you now have 52 count of shadows. Visit my Facebook Page for the Diagram.

The 2 bronzer and 2 face powders is located on the first layer. The pigmentation of these are okay, the bronzer I would say is not the best choice of colors for a bronzer. Both the bronzer contains more of a pink undertone which transfer to be more peachy. To me bronzer should appear a lot deeper and warmer than these bronzer (that's just my opinion). These looks as if is a high light rather than bronzer,
these wouldn't show up on darker skin tone at all. As for the face powders they are not particularly great, however I do have to give credit to them for the texture of
it. Is very creamy and is very blend able, it is a very light coverage. So if you are looking into using it as a powder foundation, I suggest you look into something else cause it can become very chalky and cakey for that purpose since layering is required.

As for the shadows you will find them on both the first and second layer in the box. When I first did the initial review on this palette, I said that this palette did provide a pretty good variety of colors. But now looking carefully at the palette, swatching and using it. I really don't think they did a good job in providing variety and the reason being is that a lot of these shades are very similar. They actually threw in a lot of neutral tones like copper, bronze and browns which takes up a good half of the palette. Is not bad to have neutral tones however the problem is these colors when swatched they turn out to be very similar. The only thing that's different about it is the finishing, I wished they could have removed some colors and put in more vibrant ones.

In the third layer you will find the lip gloss pots and the liners and mascara. The lip pots was what caught my eye for this palette, they seem very interesting. These lip gloss pots comes in a sample size jar. They don't have a particular smell, however they are pretty sticky. The texture of these are little bit harder than I expected, I was thinking of it to be more creamy. These lip gloss pots is not going to give you a lot of color, however there's a few shades that stands out and is pretty pigmented. A cherry red which gives a healthy red glow to your lips and a light pink that's flattering to most people's lips. The pencil liners, lip liners and mascara, I really don't care for at all. Is not the worst is not the best, however the liquid eyeliner is horrible. The brush is weak and the tip of it splits, therefore you will never be able to get a fine line.

On to the bottom layer which is under the palette, a slide out compartment. This compartment contains your blushes, lip colors and concealers as well as eye primer. The blushes is probably my favorite out of this palette, I really enjoyed it and I was defiantly convinced to purchase any full size of the NYX Powder blushes. The lip colors are great they are like lip stick that's melted into a pan. I really have nothing bad to say about the blushes and lip colors. However when it comes to the eye primer and concealers that's a different story. The eye base or primer is not the best it feels creamy, however it gives a very shiny oily finish to the lids. It makes your eye looks as if is very oily but I cant deny that it does make the shadows pop after use. The fact is it does have a very sticky feel to it, so the shadows grabs on but this may not be the best for people that have oily lids. The concealers is probably the worse out of the palette, they are very soft to the point that it seems mushy. Although is mushy but they have a glossy texture to it like lip gloss, it has a sheen to it and I never seen concealers that has a sheen to them.

So after testing it for over a month I was really disappointed with this palette and I felt like I wasted money. The only thing that's worth something in this palette is the blushes and the lip products, the rest was just okay to me. I really think that NYX is better off not making palettes, I would suggest buying their products individually. I would give this palette a 2.5 out of 5 cherries, I will not recommend this product and will never repurchase it. If you are starting out and planning to buy this product, I suggest saving your money for something else.

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Peak Through my Haul

As most of you know Elf is extremely affordable and if you haven't heard of Elf than you are missing out. Sometimes when we say affordable, we may mean 10 bucks or so which to some of you out there may consider it to be expensive. But this time when I mean affordable it means HELL CHEAP, starting from 1 buck. Yep you heard me 1 buck from eye makeup to face makeup and tools all for a buck. You really can't go wrong with a buck worth of stuff. Elf also came up with a studio line where most products retail for 3-5 bucks. In this haul all the products are from the studio line since there was a 50% off on the studio line. The quality of the products from the studio line is a tag better than the regular line. I defiantly prefer the studio line more so than the regular line, however I still highly encourage all to try the regular line as well. The down side for us the "Canadians" is that there isn't a place that carries ELF Products. So we are stuck to buying it off online from their webpage. If you really dislike buying online, you can always head to a target to pick up your favorite ElF products for those that lives in the States. So here's my haul hope you all enjoy oh and remember to follow me on my Twitter and blog.

Elf Haul:
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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Get To know Me :)

Hello all my beautiful, I think is about time that you all got to know me a bit more. So I did a Get To know Me Tag. I know is super hard to get to know someone just by watching their videos. You really don't know someone unless you talk or meet them in person. But hopefully this tag will allow some of you to know me a bit better, I tag everyone that wants to do this tag. I like watching tag videos, is there any tag some of you may want me to do? If there's a good tag going around, comment below and I love to check it out. Oh by the way I am using a new editing software program for my newer videos, so if the editing is off for now sorry about that still testing. But as for the audio, I think is a lot better since I did something to it in the editing program.

So just recently I finally got a Twitter account, "SUPER SLOW ON THAT". I am really bad at updating it, so that's why for the longest time I didn't get one. But I will try my best to update it :) It will mean a lot to me if you all could check me out on twitter and follow me :)

So not only that I got twitter, I also signed up for BlogTV and UStream. Well I did those a while back but I didn't feel it was the right time to announce it. They are both very similar, so leave your comment down below which one you all prefer. If you are not familiar with BlogTV or UStream, they are an online program that allows you to do live show. Therefore is more of an instant interaction, the one cool thing about Ustream is I can do on the go live show using my iPhone. I will link my account down below, if you are interested check me out there as well :)

Tag: Get To Know Me:


Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer Romance Tutorial

IS JULY 1 2011, HAPPY CANADA DAY to everyone. After all the celebration and the shopping that I did today, is time to get down to business TUTORIAL TIME!!! Is the month of July and we are entering into the middle of the summer :) Here in Vancouver the weather hasn't been so warm, we barely got any sun :( But is alright hopefully this tutorial will cheer some of you up. Something I love to do in the Summer is to watch the sunset, summer's sunset are the best. This tutorial, I am using some of the colors that's most commonly seen during a sun set; Pinks, Purples and Golden yellow. This romantic summer look is great to wear out for dinner or on a date. This tutorial I am only using one palette, "the Sleek Original Palette." I am going to do a lot more tutorials with this palette, so far I am really liking it. Stay tune for the review soon. Anyways enjoy the tutorial and Whats your favorite thing to do in the summer?

Summer Romance Tutorial:
Find out what products I love in June Here:
Find out More about IMATS Here:


Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Guess what goodies I have for you all today, yes 3 videos packed in one blog post. The videos were actually uploaded not too long ago but I never did a blog post on it. Cause it was just too short for me to write much on my blog, that's why I decided to present 3 videos together for you all :)

My first video is on IMATS, as most of you know the L.A show has officially ended. So I am no sure how much people will be interested in this video. However there's still a Vancouver Show coming up next on JULY 23 and 24, if you are attending the Vancouver Show you can definitely check it out. I answered a lot of the questions that some may have towards IMATS. I also
threw in some tips and most of all what everyone wishes to know, is how much discoun
t are you getting in there? Well that being said lets move on to my other video which is my Haul.

My short little haul from Walmart, yes I was wondering in Walmart again. I came out with a bunch of stuff that I didn't even intend to buy. From Hair Products to Lips, I will do a short little review on each product that I got separately or on this same post. So stay tune for the review if you are interested in some of the products that I got.

June Favorites remember my last Favorites blog post, I promise to give a short review on the products that I mentioned.
Watch my June Favorites Here:

Lets start with the hair product, Got2be Smooth Operator Smoothing Luster Lotion. To be honest when I first got it I really didn't think it would do much. Cause over the years I brought a lot of different de-frizz products but
they never lived up to expectations. That's why I gave up on buying hair products that claims to help my hair. But this
product never failed me, not only it works but oh my does it smell good :) Plus it adds a healthy shine back to my hair, how can I not fall in love with this product.

As for the BB Cream I am not going to do a review on here, since I will have a collective review on BB Cream soon.

Max Factor Weightless Foundation, is almost an exact dupe for the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation. Is the same concept and all that,
however this foundation is oil free and extremely suitable for sensitive skin. As far as color selection, Maybelline is better with that area. However keep in mind the color range would probably work better for Asian Skin Tone, since it has more of a yellow undertone. This Foundation does contain a little scent, is not too overwhelming but you can smell it. The texture is extremely light but is not as silky as the FIT ME
Foundation, coverage wise is sheer to light. Overall is a good foundation, great for everyday.

I did an open box review on the Naked Palette, my full review of the palette will be uploaded very soon. So I will link the video down below for those that want to know more about it.

Sally Girl Baked Eye shadow, one of the best baked eye shadows I tried so far. The pigmentation of these shadows are just unbelievable, you could wear it without a primer and it will still look good. You could of course use it wet or dry, I honestly prefer to use it dry. Since is already so pigmented, just imagine using it wet the color will be really intense.

Maybelline One By One Volume Express Mascara another good mascara from Maybelline. I really feel like Maybelline is the Queen of Mascara. I tell everyone don't waste your money on high end mascara, cause mascara dries out quick so unless
you use it every single day is just a waste of money. Drug Store Mascaras are just as good and some are even better, so save your money for other high end products. This mascara to me gives me both length and volume, now mascaras are different for everyone. I am specifically looking for a natural effect, so if you are look for dramatic lashes than I suggest the Colossal Mascara. I love the formula and the wand, especially the wand. I can feel and see how the wand separates each of my lashes and coats it with the mascara.

Soft lips Lip Balm and Tinted Lip Balm, they are both very good. I expected it to be good since I heard a lot about them and they are from the same company as my favorite lip balm. Now I think my favorite lip balm got some competition, cause quality wise the Soft Lips lip balm is very similar and may be better than the Mentholatum lip pure orange. The Soft Lips lip balm is just a bit more moisturizing than the Lip Pure Orange, lip pure orange is a bit more waxy and shiny. The tinted lip balm has good pigmentation and the color looks great. Another down fall is it doesn't have much color selection. I don't think is moisturizing enough to wear it on it's own, so I recommend applying a lip balm before hand.

Etude House Nail Polish, Etude House is a Korean Cosmetic Brand. A lot of products from Etude House are packaged very nicely. Recently I have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of Korean Nail Polishes. I really didn't expect much pigmentation to them at all, but they proved me wrong. I love how the texture of these nail polishes, they are creamy and pigmented enough for just 2 coats. The Etude House nail polish can be a bit streaky, I suggest picking up more product when applying. I find that this way, there's less streak marks.

Thats it for this post, this will be an extremely long post. Anyways hope you enjoy and remember to check out my Facebook page for swatches. Make sure to Like it and also subscribe, comment and rate on my beauty channel.