Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Road Trip To The States

For those in Canada hoped you had a wonderful long weekend, cause I sure did and did LOTS of SHOPPING!!!! My family decided to take a short road trip down to the states and do some shopping. So we headed down to the Outlet in Seattle and stop by Target, Walmart & Sally Beauty Supply along the way. Of course I had to buy cosmetic oh and you can't forget about the ICE CREAM! Aside from the Ice Cream that I wont be showing you in this video, everything else from foundation to organizational things I will be showing you.

For swatches of products that I mentioned in this or previous videos please visit my Facebook Page for pictures. My Facebook Page from now on will be the place for swatches.

Hope you enjoy this video and I will see you all very soon :)

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Open Box Review: Naked Palette

Yay I am super excited for this....I finally got my Naked Palette from Urban Decay. I brought this Palette off Sephora 2 weeks ago, and it arrived yesterday. However I wasn't at home to receive it therefore, I had to pick it up at the post office. If you don't know what the Nake Palette is than you are missing out a lot. Contains 12 shades of neutral eyeshadow, if you are the type of girl that loves to wear very neutral colors than GET THIS. However is extremely hard to get your hands on this palette because is so popular that the stock is very tight. Don't worry ladies this is a permanent palette so if you cant get this now you will be able to later on.

If you visit the Sephora Stores here in Vancouver, BC the chances are you probably wont be able to find them. Most stores I visited actually don't display the palette out anymore, if you really want this I suggest watching it online instead of in stores. Also check with the Urban Decay's own Webpage for more info on stocks. Thats the best way to know if they will have the Palette Back in stock anytime soon.

Winner of my GIVEAWAY
I already chose the winner for my giveaway and I already message the winner through blog spot. Congrats to chanchararan, please check your inbox!

Enjoy my short but sweet open box review on the Naked Palette. For Swatches of the Palette visit my Facebook Page.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


For ages I have been trying to film a tutorial and is finally up. So what a better way to kick off the start of my tutorial is to do a series, using Naked Cosmetic Pigments. This is the look that I will pull together when I reach for the Cabernet Blush roll, is natural enough for a color look which you can wear to work.

I am slowly trying to update my blog and YouTube regularly starting from now on. I will at least try to put up 2 videos per week and I will start to throw in some vlog and tag videos. I love watching those cause you get to know that person a little better and is also fun to film :)

You can expect a vlog coming up very soon since I will be heading to the states :) Road Trip Time with my family. Hope I get some interesting footage and maybe I will even do a haul.

Anyhow if you were all wondering about the giveaway, it ends today at 11:59 PM (Pacific Time) I will do a draw right at midnight and post the winner on my blog and YouTube on Thurs May 19th. Good Luck to everyone :)

If you would like to enter the very last min here is the blog post to enter

My Tutorial


Friday, May 13, 2011

My Skin Care & Nail Polish Haul

Its been awhile since I posted an actual video and I know I promised all of you my skin care and nail polish haul. So I gathered everything and took an hour to film this over and over again, until is good enough for me to show all of you. After I spend the whole night editing and this morning I did some final touches and is now ready to show the world :) They were right is like a full time job with doing YouTube Videos, you wouldn't get it until you actually experience it. Although the procedure of uploading a video is very time consuming but I love it.

Anyhow Here is the Link to the Video: (Don't Forget to Comment & Subscribe)

Giveaway Update:
There has been some changes to the rules and the closing date. So please read carefully before entering.

The closing date for this giveaway has been extended, due to blogger maintenance that occurred. My blog was not working for 2 days therefore none can comment or view my blog. So I am extending it to May 18 at 11:59 PDT (VANCOUVER,CANADA TIME)

Just to clear some confusion, I will say it again in this post. You do have to become one of my follower on my blog AND subscribe to my YouTube Channel. There is a button "FOLLOW" located on my blog,just below "My Supporters" you must click that and sign into whichever account best suit you. This will enable me to see your username and for me to cross reference it to your entry comment. If you do not do that I cannot enter you to the giveaway draw, because there's now way for me to check which follower you are.

Also please enter your blog username and your YouTube Username, because I noticed that some usernames does not correspond to what I see on the follower list on my blog. It will be much easier for me to check and contact you if you are selected as the winner.

If you are interested in entering the giveaway please only submit your comment entry on my GIVEAWAY ENTRIES blog post.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Giveaway Entries


Theres a few problems with usernames, so to fix that problem I now need all that would like to enter. Also include their blog username, some people enter with a name that didn't match to what actually show on the follower list. Therefore starting from now on I will also need your blog username along with your YouTube username.

I noticed some that already entered did not subscribe to my blog and only subscribe to my YouTube or vise versa please make sure you are subscribe to BOTH BLOG & YOUTUBE.


Thank You once again for all your support, Good Luck to everyone. Here are the rules again to this Giveaway:

Rule #1 Must be my follower & subscriber to my blog and YouTube Channel, I will be checking.
Rule #2 On this blog post write under the comment "Enter Me-Country you are From-Blog User Name-YouTube Username" Please try not to write enter me more than once, you will only be counted for it once.
Rule# 3 This Giveaway will end on May 15th 11:59PM Pacific Time (Vancouver, Canada) The winner will be selected from a random draw on EXCEL.

Prizes: Limited Edition My Beauty Diary Alice In Wonderland Yellow Dream Series & Naked Cosmetic Pigments "Cabernet Blush"

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Special Thank You Giveaway

This is a very special blog post/video to me, I am extremely excited and honor to announce that I have reached a 1000 blog views. I am truly blessed and thankful for the people who have been extremely supportive of my work. Without my family and friends and my supporters, I wouldn't have reached this far. You all given me the motivation that I needed to continue this journey. It makes me happy that I know there are people out there that read my blog, and I will continue updating more and posting videos up on my YouTube. To express my thanks to you all, I am hosting a cross platform Giveaway. I will be giving out 2 products to one lucky subscriber. Below I will list out the rules to this giveaway, please read carefully before entering yourself into this giveaway.

Announcement Video:

YouTube Viewers: Please follow these rules and make sure to enter on my blog not on my video.

Giveaway Rules

Rule #1: You must be a follower and subscriber on both my blog YouTube Channel. This is a Cross Platform Special Thank You Giveaway to my supporters, therefore you must
be my follower/ subscriber. I will be checking, therefore don't skip out on it or you will be automatically withdraw. Complication of different username: To avoid any complication of different usernames used for both blog and YouTube. Please include your YouTube username when entering yourself for this Giveaway.

Rule #2: Write "Enter Me" along with the country you are from, and your YouTube username as one of my blog post comments. Please don't write enter me in any one of
my blog post, there will be a specific post uploaded tomorrow May 8th 2011. This blog post will be titled as "Giveaway Entries." Please do not write "Enter me" more than once, you will only be counted for it once. All the other entries will not be counted, therefore is no use to enter yourself more than once.

Rule #3: The Giveaway will close on May 15th at 11:59PM Pacific Time (Vancouver, Canada) I will do a random number draw on excel and whoever matches the number will be the lucky winner. The winner will be announce that week on May 17th an inbox
message will be sent requiring your name and address. If you are under the age of 18th please notify your parents because I will be needing your address.

Giveaway Prizes: A limited Edition My Beauty Diary: Alice in Wonderland Yellow Dream Series All in One Mask Box. A box filled with 15 classic sheet masks from My Beauty Diary, including 2 bonus sheet masks (Collagen Firming Mask) Naked Cosmetic Cabernet Blush Row, 6 colors all made with 100% mica no fillers that can be harmful to your skin. This is an international giveaway anyone can enter :) Good Luck Everyone & thank you for all your support.