Saturday, April 30, 2011

My April Favorite

April has gone by so fast, with a blink of an eye is the last day of April already. I am going to miss Hong Kong when I leave this Monday, however I am extremely excited to head back home. Although the air pollution in Hong Kong is really bad, there is a good part to Hong Kong and that is the shopping. This month I discovered a few new skin care products and so far I am loving it. One specific product that truly stands out from the other is, this purifying mud mask by Krystelle.

This mask was a more recent purchase however with 2 weeks worth of uses, I instantly fell in love with it. This mask was actually recommended to me by the sale lady at Watson. She saw me picked up 2 boxes of my favorite PXE Mask which helps to lighten up acne scars. She came up to me and recommended that I try this purifying mud mask, which contains medical ingredients to help heal and lighten acne scars. I admit I get persuaded very easily plus I am desperate in finding anything that will lightening up my scars.

So I got home that day and gave it a try, however nothing in particular the first time. It didn't lighten up anything however the second time I used it, I started to notice a difference. It wasn't extremely noticeable however it did lighten the scars just a bit, ever since than I would use it 3 days per week. I been using the mask for 2 weeks now and my scars have lighten up drastically. Just imagine what it could do with a month worth of uses, I am pretty sure it can reduce the pigmentation of the scars. This purifying mask is my April favorite product nothing else can beat how much I am loving it. Oh of course this product is a definitely must review product, stay tune for my full review on my beauty channel. Make sure to subscribe to my blog and my YouTube channel so you wont miss any new videos which will be up very quickly.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Nail Polishes, YouTube, Bug Bites & Heading Home

After a long week of running around and preparation for my business, I finally have a bit of time to spare for my blog. Honestly I haven't got time for myself until lately and haven't gotten any inspiration to write for my blog. However with the last few days left from my business trip, things starting to slow down. I finally had a chance to go look at my own things and picked up a few nail polishes, skin care items & clothing. In this post I won't mention too much, since I will be dedicating an entire video for the skin care items & clothing that I brought.

Lately my sister & I have been extremely obsess with nail polishes and trying to build our collection. When I saw these nail polishes on the rack at the store, my reaction was "I Must Have It". These nail polishes are from Nicole by OPI, I know is really nothing special since you can get these at any drug store. However the price is lower than where I live & NO TAX Here! So I got 3, these nail polishes retail for $75 HKD which is like $8 CAD and that is just not possible where I live.

The first color I got is call "You Can" and is a light nude peachy color. I have been on a hunt for a nice nude color that doesn't make my hands look dead. This nude isn't the best nude however is very pretty and I definitely love it.
The second color is call "My Lifesaver" from the JB collection. This color reminds me of the Tiffany & Co. Signature color, however this is a
lot darker and greener. This is more of a minty green which is perfect for spring and summer.
The last color I got is my favorite, when I saw this my eyes just couldn't leave it. This color is like a metallic purplish grey and is call "Light a Candle" This name really fits this nail polish, if romantic can be a color this would be it.
I saw another retail store that had OPI, China Glaze & Essie for $80 HKD which is like $10 CAD. I will definitely head back to pick up some China Glaze and Essie nail polishes. I live in Canada and is extremely hard to find China Glaze and Essie nail polishes there.

I promised to update my YouTube Channel once at least for this month, however I have no idea why YouTube is not cooperating with me. I tried on my laptop to upload my video and has deny it and I also tried on my dad's computer, it was also denied. Therefore I wont be able to upload anything until next Monday when I get back to my home in Canada. I miss my room, my family and friends back where I live and most of all I miss how clean the air and my home is. I already got 3 bug bites here in Hong Kong and my skin is starting to react to the air pollution, so is time to go home for me.

Anyhow once I get back home I will instantly upload my vlog video and film my skin care haul. Thanks for reading and subscribe to my blog so you wont miss any of my post.


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Product Comparison & Review: LEED VS Manning Cotton Puff

Oh my gosh 1 week per post isn't what I intended, but once again I have been extremely busy with work and travelling. Which is impossible for me to update my blog or my YouTube Channel, my blog is like my baby I want to give it as much attention as possible. I have a simple hair tutorial filmed and edited and I should upload that very soon just to have something running. Anyhow this post is all about COTTON PUFFS, we may all ignore the accessories we use. However they do make a difference to the process of removing or applying our makeup. The cotton sheets/puffs I will be comparing today is used for removing makeup. So lets compare my favorite LEED Beauty Puff to Mannings Makeup Remover Puff. These two cotton puffs are very similar from size to what it claims, but can the quality be exactly the same?

Size & Price: LEED comes with a 100 cotton sheets in a box, each cotton sheets is a 145mm x 98mm and the box is priced at $16.50 HKD which is $2.03 CAD. Mannings Makeup Remover Puff also comes with 100 sheets however the size of the cotton sheets is a tiny bit smaller 15cm x 10 cm. This box of cotton sheets is priced at $13.50 HKD equal to $1.66 CAD. Therefore I give 1 cheri to LEED for size & 1 cheri to Mannings for price.

Strength: Both brands claims to have an extreme hold and wont tear no matter how you wipe it on your face. So like I said both claims to be strong and wont tear but is that true, unfortunately I have to say no. Surprisingly is my favorite LEED Beauty Puff that tears, so I will have give one cheri to Mannings Makeup Remover Puff in this category. For testing I only used half of the sheets to compare the strength and usually thats what I would use to remove my makeup.

Texture & Thickness: LEED Beauty Puff is obviously smoother than Mannings Makeup Remover Puff. Mannings is a little bit more scratchy, if you have sensitive skin it may irritate your skin. As far as thickness goes they are very similar and is extremely difficult to make a comparison. However I did noticed that the thickness varies from different sheets in the box, so they are not super consistent. If this bothers you and feel like you got riped off than I wouldn't recommend you getting these. However keep in mind you are getting 100 pieces for $2 only so is definitely fine to me. So in this category which brand is more superior, I will have to say LEED Beauty Puff. Although Manning is stronger however when it comes to texture and wiping it on your skin, is better to use something thats smooth and won't irritate your skin generally. Therefore I give 1 cheri to LEED Beauty Puff in the texture category & as far as thickness goes I will give .5 to each brand.

The Last category is absorbency which is extremely important factor to determine the quality of the cotton sheets. Makeup Removing Solution can be very expensive therefore you want to savior the most of the makeup removing solution. Finding a cotton sheet that absorbs the least solution but can effectively remove your makeup is what I look for. So to test the absorbency for each brand I took half of the sheets and folded it. Than starting off by pouring a teaspoon of water until the cotton sheet is clearly wet. LEED Beauty Puffy used about 2 teaspoon of water and 1 teaspoon for Manning, but remember Manning is a bit smaller than LEED so to round it off I would say 1.5 teaspoon for LEED. For this category is very obvious that Mannings can absorb more with less water than LEED so another cheri goes to Mannings.

After a few comparisons in size, price, texture, thickness & absorbency for each brand of beauty puff/cotton sheets. It came to a conclusion that Manning Makeup Remover Puff beats LEED Beauty Puff which came to 3.5 cherries out 6 cherries. 1 for price, 1 for strength, .5 thickness & 1 for absorbency. Hope this product comparison can help you find the right cotton sheets, thats all for this post today until next time. Visit my Facebook Page for swatches of products and my YouTube Channel for How to Videos.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Review: Loreal Infallible Lip Color

Yay time for another product review, this time we have Loreal Infallible Lip Color. When I first got this lip color, I instantly knew that it was a "Must" review product because of the idea. Let me give you a quick overview on what it claims to do: A long wear lip color, that stays fresh throughout the day. This lip color will not flake or fade off your lip for 16 hours sealing it with a hydrating lip balm which contains Vitamin E. That's what Loreal claims but does it really do what it claims to do? Lets Find out then!!!

Packaging: Have you ever pulled out your lipstick and have to dig and look for your mirror in order to apply it? Well you no longer have to with this product, a reflective material is used to package the product. Which makes the whole process of applying the lip color is a lot easier. The way the product is shaped reminds me of a lighter, you get 2 little tubes on each side: the color and the balm. The lip color comes with a doe foot applicator instead of a brush, it contains up to 2.3ml of product. The other side is the conditioning balm which is used to seal the color on your lips. The lip balm doesn't contain a lot of product, only 2.4g worth of product.

Application: There's clear instructions printed on the back of the product, Loreal suggest you apply a coat of the lip color on first and wait 2 mins before applying the balm. However after testing it out for almost a month, I suggest putting 2 coats of the lip color on waiting around 1 min in between. This way you get a better concentration of color, than apply a generous amount of balm after waiting 2 mins for the lip color to dry. The balm will help seal the color on your lips, so don't be stingy on the balm.

Lasting Power: Did it really last up to 16 hours without flaking or fading off? The answer is No, I knew it was too good to be true. A lip color not fading for 16 hours, with all the drinking and eating is just not possible. It did last up to 8 hours without touching up the lip color and still looking presentable. However there's flaking on the center of my lips and the side. One reason why I think it work for me is because I have very dry and chapped lips. The lip color itself is already very drying and putting that on my lips makes it worse. There's nothing the lip color can grab on to, therefore it flakes off faster & easier than someone with a condition lip. The balm that came with the product was the only hope. I believe the only way you could ever keep the lip color on for over 8 hours, is to apply the balm very 10 mins. The balm does help to condition your lips, but it doesn't last very long.

Color Selection: The color selection for the lip color ranges from bright colors to nudes. So I would consider that they have a basic color range, however not a great one. Loreal also came out with a Star Collection line featuring celebrities like Beyonce known for her Reds.

My Verdict: Although I love the packaging and the idea of it, however it didn't live up to expectation. This is one of those products that will vary drastically from different users. Either you love it or hate it there's no in between for this product. If I could change one thing about this product, it would be the balm. As you all know by now that the lip color is extremely drying. It is important to apply a generous amount of balm on your lips to seal the color in. The balm only comes with 2.4g of product, there's no doubt about it that the balm would be empty before the lip color. Therefore I wished Loreal could include more product for the balm or have a full size of the balm for sell. Would I ever repurchase this product, probably not this lip color retails regularly for approximately $14 CAD. I got this lip color on promotion for $11 CAD, I would not spend $14 CAD on a product that doesn't work. I would rather spend a couple more dollars for a MAC Lipstick. So I give this product a 3.5 cherries out of 5.

I will probably do an experimental video on this lip color, so you will be able to see clearly what I mean. Happy Shopping Everyone Have a Great Week :)Don't forget to check out my YouTube Channel, you can find the link under "Where Else To Find Me" located on the left hand side of the blog.


Saturday, April 2, 2011

March Must Have

A few days late on my March Favorites hope you all don't mind. I am currently on a business trip so I will most likely be missing in action for a bit, at least until I settle down. I've only been here for a day and I cant help notice how women draw on their brows here with the wrong color. I think I will do a blog post on that very soon, any how lets get started with my March Favorites.

This month I am only giving credits to 2 beauty products, the reason is because these 2 products I can actually tell a difference after use. I have been obsessed with skin care lately, trying to find the right products to treat my skin. I have acne and I have a lot of scaring and some of you can understand, where I am coming from and the obsession with fading scars.

The first product on the list is a rediscovery, something I tried long ago when I was in high school. It was re packaged and re formula so technically, you can call this a new product. A sheet mask from Paris Sewame part of their PXE Spotless and trace free series. If you have acne and you have scars this is a great sheet mask to use and I highly recommend it. This mask is both whitening and moisturizing, when you use whitening products often it can dry your skin out so adding in the moisturizing ingredients really helps. I believe I mention earlier that the best way to remove scars or fade them is to use whitening products. There's tons of masks out in the market for both whitening and moisturizing but the main difference to this one is, it removes your acne as well. So you are really getting acne removal, whitening and moisturizing all in one and I can tell you I tried a lot of sheet masks. This is the only one that stands out from among the crowd, that claims to help acne and scars. I usually use the mask twice per week depending on the quality of my skin, if I am not getting much acne than I probably go with just a whitening mask.

The second and the last product on my list is a scrub from St.Ives. The apricot scrub for blackheads and blemishes, seriously I don't even know what I was thinking not picking this up earlier. This products was raved about 2 years ago but I just never really love the appearance of it. Every time I head to a drug store and is about to purchase it, I would open the cap and squeeze out a little bit to see how it looks. Thats where it threw me off, I just didn't like how the products looks to me is nasty. So every single time I would just put it back to where it belongs and move on to another product. But lately I needed a stronger scrub, so I finally got over how ugly it looks and purchased the scrub. I can tell you I regret not doing that earlier because this stuff really helps your acne, especially with scars. This helps to scrub off the dead skin, helping the pores to stay clear therefore it prevents acne from forming. When you scrub off dead skin it helps to sent signals to your brain to repair it and to speed up the recovery to form a new layer of skin. When the new layer of skin is formed it lightens the scars and when you constantly use this scrub it helps to lighten the scars faster. I actually use this every single day ever since I purchased it, I can see a major difference to the scars on face and the texture of my skin. Is really up to you how many times you want to use this product per week, but if you have clear skin (especially with sensitive skin)and just want it as an exfoliator I would recommend using it twice a week.

I revamp my site a little bit more, you can now look for me in other places with the links I provided on my blog. Look for the heading "Where Else To Find Me" which is located on the left hand side of my blog and you can find me on my Beauty channel on YouTube and Facebook Page. Hope you all have a great day and week and I will talk to you all soon.