Monday, January 31, 2011

BB Cream

Yes it finally arrived after 2 weeks of long and painful waiting. Let me introduce to you the new addition to my collection "Skin 79 Super Beblesh Balm in Hot Pink." This product claims to be a triple function B.B cream, it whitens, eliminate wrinkles and contains SPF to protect against UV rays. Now I don't know about the whole whitening or wrinkles eliminating thing, but for sure it will protect me from UV rays. I will have to use it more to say anything about that, I will sure do a full review on this B.B cream.

What I think of it so far?
Color- looks to be a pale peach sorta color, definitely have more of a pink undertone to it. Not sure how that color would work on my face since I have more yellow tones than pinks. It does oxidize to a more visible peach color (sorta like a flesh color that you get out of coloring pencils)

Picture: it doesn't really do the color justice (it almost look as if is a pale white,but in person is a lot more pink)

Feel- It has a very soft silky texture, feels very light on the skin. However I noticed that it dries to a powder type finish, and it feels a little dry. It almost seems like is not as moisturizing as when you first applied it.

Coverage- Don't expect B.B cream would give you foundation like coverage it wont. B.B Cream is meant to be a light to light-medium coverage. Is nice to wear alone on those that have flawless skin or minor discoloration and acne scars. For those that have more problem areas, this probably will just act as a base for your foundation.

Picture: (Left)The color is more concentrated, not totally blend out yet. The B.B cream covered up the tiny blood vessels on my hand and some of the redness.

Stay tune for a more in-depth review on the B.B cream soon.
Also stay tune for "Brushes 101" featuring Sigma Brushes up next. :)



  1. Hey! I use skin 79 toooo! This is Vivian btw. ;)

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