Saturday, January 29, 2011

Request: "All Things Brows" Part 1

This is for you my lovely couz :)
I am not an expert on Brows, I tend to stay away from defining my brows just because it looks too harsh for me. But since it was a request I thought i will give it a shot, so lets kick it off with "How to Groom Your Brows."

Grooming: This is tricky because when is done right it can really work to your advantage and frame your beautiful eyes and make them pop. If not it can look hideous and you would do anything to get your brows back. If you are just starting out,here is my advice: spend that extra money to get your brows groom professionally at least once, especially if is your first time. Trust me you wont regret it, professional
knows what brows shape complement your face. Also is cuts down the amount of work to maintain the brows later on. I fix up my brows at least twice per week, mainly to maintain it's shape and get rid of any little hairs in the middle.
I use 2 tools to maintain my brows aside from my tweezers i also use brows razor.

Here's a quick guide on how to maintain/shaping your brows:

Step 1- Take a pencil or chopstick and line it vertically beside your noise. This should create a straight line and point to the start of your brows. Any hair beyond that point should be removed.

Step 2- Take the pencil or chopstick and keep it beside your noise (touching) at all time. Move the pencil until it hits the center of your pupil this is where your arch should be. At this point you can remove any hair to form your arch or remove any hair to maintain the perfect point for the arch. (Avoid removing hair from the top of the brow this can ruin the shape very easily)

Step 3- Take the pencil or chopstick and now move it to the tip of your eye. This is where your eye brows should end. Any hair beyond that point can be removed, also you can remove any hair around the lid area to have a cleaner appearance.

Well here is part 1 of the "All Things Brows" hope it was helpful, comment below on how the picture looks and if you like this format. What would you like to see on the blog next, put your request down below in the comment box. Thanks for supporting means a lot to me, stay tune for part 2 coming up tomorrow.

Love Cheri

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