Friday, May 13, 2011

My Skin Care & Nail Polish Haul

Its been awhile since I posted an actual video and I know I promised all of you my skin care and nail polish haul. So I gathered everything and took an hour to film this over and over again, until is good enough for me to show all of you. After I spend the whole night editing and this morning I did some final touches and is now ready to show the world :) They were right is like a full time job with doing YouTube Videos, you wouldn't get it until you actually experience it. Although the procedure of uploading a video is very time consuming but I love it.

Anyhow Here is the Link to the Video: (Don't Forget to Comment & Subscribe)

Giveaway Update:
There has been some changes to the rules and the closing date. So please read carefully before entering.

The closing date for this giveaway has been extended, due to blogger maintenance that occurred. My blog was not working for 2 days therefore none can comment or view my blog. So I am extending it to May 18 at 11:59 PDT (VANCOUVER,CANADA TIME)

Just to clear some confusion, I will say it again in this post. You do have to become one of my follower on my blog AND subscribe to my YouTube Channel. There is a button "FOLLOW" located on my blog,just below "My Supporters" you must click that and sign into whichever account best suit you. This will enable me to see your username and for me to cross reference it to your entry comment. If you do not do that I cannot enter you to the giveaway draw, because there's now way for me to check which follower you are.

Also please enter your blog username and your YouTube Username, because I noticed that some usernames does not correspond to what I see on the follower list on my blog. It will be much easier for me to check and contact you if you are selected as the winner.

If you are interested in entering the giveaway please only submit your comment entry on my GIVEAWAY ENTRIES blog post.

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