Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back To School Tutorial

Here's my back to school tutorial, hoped everyone had a great day at school today :) So lets see exactly what I used in this tutorial, oh and I forgot to mentioned no brushes needed. Great If you in a rush all you need to do is throw all the makeup in your bag & do it in the car. Of course you don't need to use all the products I did, skip the ones that doesn't seem important to you. So let me tell you why I picked these products out for my Back to School Tutorial, lets start with the face.

Foundation: I am using my all time favorite foundation. Is affordable comes in varies of shades & is available at most drugstores. It blends easily doesn't dry quick (which tends to do with most long lasting foundation) This is a full coverage foundation a little covers a lot. That's why I picked this foundation for school, it last a long time which means no or little touch up.

Concealer: Since our foundation is already full coverage, we don't really need to cover up much blemishes but if you do the Sonia Kashuk Concealer Palette is a great pick. Best drugstore creamy concealer I ever tried, gone through so many these. There's 2 shades of concealer and one corrector shade, so if you got a big red pimple this palette will do the job of covering it. I also use this palette to cover up my dark circles, both concealers comes with a bit of orange tone. So is great for canceling the blue and purple underneath our eyes, than set it with a bit of powder that comes with the palette.

Powder: This Step you can skin if you got really dry skin, this is just to set our foundation. Usually I go with loose powder to set my makeup; but loose powder isn't the right pick for this tutorial. Loose powder is way too messy to work with especially if you are in a rush, therefore I picked this powder foundation from Palladio. Another reason why I picked this powder over the Maybelline Dream Matte Powder, is the rice powder. The rice powder acts as an oil absorbing agent, it really helps with eliminating shine through out the day. This Powder foundation contains a lot of different ingredients that benefits the skin, so that's why I had to pick this over Maybelline.

Contour: I didn't mention this in my video because is optional. Not everyone likes to contour & is not necessary for first day of school. But if you do want to this is a great bronzer to work with. Is not your typical brown or orange bronzer. With the pinks and golden color it makes this bronzer a multipurpose product. It just gives off the most natural glow.

Blush: As for blush I used a cream and a powder. You don't need to use both but for the long lasting effect, that's why I did. Cream blushes always gives off the prettiest glow, like you are glowing from with in. With a little bit of product you can get a very strong color payoff. The only down side to cream blushes is that it melts and fades. That's where the powder blush comes in, is just to set the blush and it will last you all day. If you don't want to bring an extra product with you. You can set it with a bit of face powder but just be very light handed with it.

For our eyes I forgot to include my primer in this picture. We want to start out with our primer and I believe by this time I think everyone knows why we need to use a primer.

Base Color: I used a Paint Pot, cream shadows would work as well just make sure not to put too much on. We are using a base color to enhance the colors of the shadows. So we actually don't need to pack on too much shadows.

Eye Shadow: We are using a mineral based shadow, since they are usually shimmery. We want some shimmer to draw light to our eyes. The color that I picked is a light shimmering pink with gold shimmers. A copper color to add depth in the whole look around the crease & outer corner. Than to top it all off lets apply liner but we are going to use a shadow to draw the line instead. This will be a lot easier to manage in the car & it will look more natural.

To finish the look lets apply mascara, using MAC Zoom Lash. This mascara adds length to my lashes but still keeping it very natural. Of course this step is optional but I suggest keep this step and skip liner cause lashes can bring more drama to the look.

So this is the complete look for back to school quick and easy hope you all enjoy this and I will come back with more videos on back to school.


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