Monday, October 17, 2011

Halloween is Creeping Up

Halloween is almost here & this is my first year to do Halloween Tutorials :) I am so excited cause this is the time to go a bit crazy with makeup!!! This year I am aiming to do one Halloween Tutorial for each week starting from the week of Oct 14-Oct 28. Therefore in total i will have 3 Halloween Tutorial...that's what i am aiming for if i can do more i will love to :) My first Halloween Tutorial is a Masquerade look...I always wanted a Masquerade party but i never got one, so this sorta makes up for it in a way :) This tutorial is a little off...cause i was trying to play with the voice over function but it didn't turn out too well. So the voice is on and off and i swear i will never do voice over again until i figure out the problem with it.
The link for the video will be located down below, check it out and enjoy :)

Halloween Tutorial #1

My second Halloween Tutorial is on a Gypsy Princess...this is what i will be for this Halloween :) I am in the process of editing this video but here's a sneak peak

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  1. Hey secksi, you should talk a bit about your costume and fashion that goes with your makeup too! You look amazing :)