Monday, October 3, 2011

Sept Favorites & Fall Love Tag

September is filled with goodies..which barely happens, I usually only have max 5 products. In fact this month I have so much goodies, in each category from Face to Tools I got a favorite. Watch my video to find out what products I am in love with for the month of September.

So here's a more in depth reason on why I love them so much for some products that I didn't have a chance to elaborate on.

Rimmel London Long Lasting Foundation: Seriously this is by far the best drug store long lasting finish foundation. Sorry Revlon Color stay but this stuff feels better, easier to blend and much cheaper as well. Although it doesn't have as big of a shade range as Revlon but still beats Revlon. It doesn't hug your skin so tight that makes you feel like your skin will suffocate & break out. This foundation is easy to blend it doesn't dry fast like Revlon so you can take your time. Is oil free so don't worry about clogging you pores and making you look super shinny, just touch it up with a bit of powder and your shine is gone.

Maybelline Mineral Power Concealer: Best thing ever...this concealer is probably the second concealer that I brought ever since i started wearing makeup. This stuff never leaves
my routine, if I don't put it on as a blemish concealer I will use it for under eye. The color is pretty much good for blemish & under eye cause it got that yellow undertone & is extremely hard to find a concealer that has both orange & yellow tone.

Physicians Formula Mineral
Face Powder: If you got extremely nice skin & only need a little bit of coverage or skin tone correction. Just use this powder & you will be all good, it will literally make your skin look like you got air brush makeup done :) This powder is so pigmented yet so light I really don't have any words to describe is one of the best pressed powder I tried so far.

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strip Gel/Cream Liner: Yes, this gel or cream liner isn't the most pigmented. Is very creamy which is something that I like & hate at the same time, weird but yes. The black liner by far is the best one in the whole stack, it gives the most color pay off & I like how it doesn't look too harsh. The other colors are pretty but because is too creamy, the color pay off isn't that great.

Elf Palette: First of all great price range, 5 bucks for a palette
that's unbeatable. The quality of these shadows are no joke, they have good color pay off however most of the shadows are shimmery. This palette is a must have, you are covered from basic browns to fun but still workable colors like cranberry & plums. Pretty much screams fall to you when you see this palette, if you see it pick it up cause you will use it often.

Here's the full video of my Favorites :)

Is October & we can all say fall is starting to really creep up on us, the weather is getting cold. Great for staying home & filming for me :) I decided to hop on and do the Fall Loves Tag by Macbarbie07, thought it would be a little more interesting & fun to do a tag than a regular video.

So here's the video & check it out :) talk to you all soon

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