Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Nail Polishes, YouTube, Bug Bites & Heading Home

After a long week of running around and preparation for my business, I finally have a bit of time to spare for my blog. Honestly I haven't got time for myself until lately and haven't gotten any inspiration to write for my blog. However with the last few days left from my business trip, things starting to slow down. I finally had a chance to go look at my own things and picked up a few nail polishes, skin care items & clothing. In this post I won't mention too much, since I will be dedicating an entire video for the skin care items & clothing that I brought.

Lately my sister & I have been extremely obsess with nail polishes and trying to build our collection. When I saw these nail polishes on the rack at the store, my reaction was "I Must Have It". These nail polishes are from Nicole by OPI, I know is really nothing special since you can get these at any drug store. However the price is lower than where I live & NO TAX Here! So I got 3, these nail polishes retail for $75 HKD which is like $8 CAD and that is just not possible where I live.

The first color I got is call "You Can" and is a light nude peachy color. I have been on a hunt for a nice nude color that doesn't make my hands look dead. This nude isn't the best nude however is very pretty and I definitely love it.
The second color is call "My Lifesaver" from the JB collection. This color reminds me of the Tiffany & Co. Signature color, however this is a
lot darker and greener. This is more of a minty green which is perfect for spring and summer.
The last color I got is my favorite, when I saw this my eyes just couldn't leave it. This color is like a metallic purplish grey and is call "Light a Candle" This name really fits this nail polish, if romantic can be a color this would be it.
I saw another retail store that had OPI, China Glaze & Essie for $80 HKD which is like $10 CAD. I will definitely head back to pick up some China Glaze and Essie nail polishes. I live in Canada and is extremely hard to find China Glaze and Essie nail polishes there.

I promised to update my YouTube Channel once at least for this month, however I have no idea why YouTube is not cooperating with me. I tried on my laptop to upload my video and has deny it and I also tried on my dad's computer, it was also denied. Therefore I wont be able to upload anything until next Monday when I get back to my home in Canada. I miss my room, my family and friends back where I live and most of all I miss how clean the air and my home is. I already got 3 bug bites here in Hong Kong and my skin is starting to react to the air pollution, so is time to go home for me.

Anyhow once I get back home I will instantly upload my vlog video and film my skin care haul. Thanks for reading and subscribe to my blog so you wont miss any of my post.


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