Saturday, April 16, 2011

Product Comparison & Review: LEED VS Manning Cotton Puff

Oh my gosh 1 week per post isn't what I intended, but once again I have been extremely busy with work and travelling. Which is impossible for me to update my blog or my YouTube Channel, my blog is like my baby I want to give it as much attention as possible. I have a simple hair tutorial filmed and edited and I should upload that very soon just to have something running. Anyhow this post is all about COTTON PUFFS, we may all ignore the accessories we use. However they do make a difference to the process of removing or applying our makeup. The cotton sheets/puffs I will be comparing today is used for removing makeup. So lets compare my favorite LEED Beauty Puff to Mannings Makeup Remover Puff. These two cotton puffs are very similar from size to what it claims, but can the quality be exactly the same?

Size & Price: LEED comes with a 100 cotton sheets in a box, each cotton sheets is a 145mm x 98mm and the box is priced at $16.50 HKD which is $2.03 CAD. Mannings Makeup Remover Puff also comes with 100 sheets however the size of the cotton sheets is a tiny bit smaller 15cm x 10 cm. This box of cotton sheets is priced at $13.50 HKD equal to $1.66 CAD. Therefore I give 1 cheri to LEED for size & 1 cheri to Mannings for price.

Strength: Both brands claims to have an extreme hold and wont tear no matter how you wipe it on your face. So like I said both claims to be strong and wont tear but is that true, unfortunately I have to say no. Surprisingly is my favorite LEED Beauty Puff that tears, so I will have give one cheri to Mannings Makeup Remover Puff in this category. For testing I only used half of the sheets to compare the strength and usually thats what I would use to remove my makeup.

Texture & Thickness: LEED Beauty Puff is obviously smoother than Mannings Makeup Remover Puff. Mannings is a little bit more scratchy, if you have sensitive skin it may irritate your skin. As far as thickness goes they are very similar and is extremely difficult to make a comparison. However I did noticed that the thickness varies from different sheets in the box, so they are not super consistent. If this bothers you and feel like you got riped off than I wouldn't recommend you getting these. However keep in mind you are getting 100 pieces for $2 only so is definitely fine to me. So in this category which brand is more superior, I will have to say LEED Beauty Puff. Although Manning is stronger however when it comes to texture and wiping it on your skin, is better to use something thats smooth and won't irritate your skin generally. Therefore I give 1 cheri to LEED Beauty Puff in the texture category & as far as thickness goes I will give .5 to each brand.

The Last category is absorbency which is extremely important factor to determine the quality of the cotton sheets. Makeup Removing Solution can be very expensive therefore you want to savior the most of the makeup removing solution. Finding a cotton sheet that absorbs the least solution but can effectively remove your makeup is what I look for. So to test the absorbency for each brand I took half of the sheets and folded it. Than starting off by pouring a teaspoon of water until the cotton sheet is clearly wet. LEED Beauty Puffy used about 2 teaspoon of water and 1 teaspoon for Manning, but remember Manning is a bit smaller than LEED so to round it off I would say 1.5 teaspoon for LEED. For this category is very obvious that Mannings can absorb more with less water than LEED so another cheri goes to Mannings.

After a few comparisons in size, price, texture, thickness & absorbency for each brand of beauty puff/cotton sheets. It came to a conclusion that Manning Makeup Remover Puff beats LEED Beauty Puff which came to 3.5 cherries out 6 cherries. 1 for price, 1 for strength, .5 thickness & 1 for absorbency. Hope this product comparison can help you find the right cotton sheets, thats all for this post today until next time. Visit my Facebook Page for swatches of products and my YouTube Channel for How to Videos.


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