Saturday, April 30, 2011

My April Favorite

April has gone by so fast, with a blink of an eye is the last day of April already. I am going to miss Hong Kong when I leave this Monday, however I am extremely excited to head back home. Although the air pollution in Hong Kong is really bad, there is a good part to Hong Kong and that is the shopping. This month I discovered a few new skin care products and so far I am loving it. One specific product that truly stands out from the other is, this purifying mud mask by Krystelle.

This mask was a more recent purchase however with 2 weeks worth of uses, I instantly fell in love with it. This mask was actually recommended to me by the sale lady at Watson. She saw me picked up 2 boxes of my favorite PXE Mask which helps to lighten up acne scars. She came up to me and recommended that I try this purifying mud mask, which contains medical ingredients to help heal and lighten acne scars. I admit I get persuaded very easily plus I am desperate in finding anything that will lightening up my scars.

So I got home that day and gave it a try, however nothing in particular the first time. It didn't lighten up anything however the second time I used it, I started to notice a difference. It wasn't extremely noticeable however it did lighten the scars just a bit, ever since than I would use it 3 days per week. I been using the mask for 2 weeks now and my scars have lighten up drastically. Just imagine what it could do with a month worth of uses, I am pretty sure it can reduce the pigmentation of the scars. This purifying mask is my April favorite product nothing else can beat how much I am loving it. Oh of course this product is a definitely must review product, stay tune for my full review on my beauty channel. Make sure to subscribe to my blog and my YouTube channel so you wont miss any new videos which will be up very quickly.


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