Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Review: Ciracle Pore Control Tightening Toner & Skin Care Routine Video

Let's get straight to the point here, I LOVE this toner & is one of the best I ever tried. This brand Ciracle is from Korea & it specialist on Asian skin. There's a couple lines from this brand & I picked their pore care line to try, specifically cause I got huge pores. This toner also helps with breakouts, it got green tea extract & witch hazel extremely safe to use on sensitive skin. It does what toners should do, take away dead skin cells, debris & better it helps to lightens dark spots (like your acne scars-got tons of those)

Packaging: It comes with a pump & I like it!!! For toners is rare to see that it comes with a pump, great design it makes it a lot easier to use. The bottle itself is glass and again different from other toners packaging, which makes it look more luxury. For those that like to display their skin care products in their bathroom beside the sink or on your vanity, it will look better than plastic bottle toners.

Functionality: As most of you that follow me by now knows that whenever I do a review on a product, I at least give it a month. I find that is fair to the product & to my viewers, to see that I paid close attention to & gave it a chance. I've been using this product ever since I came back from Hong Kong, is been over 4 months. I have to admit that this review is past due but I got my reasons. For something that claims to tighten your pores, it won't happen within a day or a month. Something like this is a long term fix, so it would be impossible to tell if it really did the job or not so I waited. After months of using this I am happy to say that this toner did tighten up my pores around my nose area. I got huge HUGE pores around my nose area & I can noticeably tell the difference from now and before. It didn't completely take my pores away but it is a lot smaller than before. Over time it actually made my skin condition a bit better & it did help with lightening my scars (but I have to give credits to other products too for doing that, so is a helping contributor)

Availability: To be honest I actually have very limited information on the availability, I looked at multiple places & very minimal information popped up. I got my Ciracle Products from Bonjour HK in Hong Kong is like SASA (a very popular retailer on cosmetics in Hong Kong) That's the only place that I actually know where to pick up their products in person or online. I am sure you can find it in Korea too but it doesn't seem to be a very popular brand (correct me if I am wrong) Another place which you can try is online selling sites, like eBay or other site that's popular in your country; there may be a chance that you will come across their products.

Price & Quantity: I am going to give you the price of the currency that I actually paid for, that way you can use it to convert it to your own currency; which will be a lot more accurate. Usually Ciracle products are on sale at Bonjour HK to around 30%, I got mine when it was discounted so I will give you 2 price. The Original Price for the product is $210 HKD and the Sale Price is $147 HKD remember HK there's no sale tax (don't know if that's relevant at all) As far as the quantity of the product is 105.5ml around 4 fl oz, so I say is not bad at all. Of course compare to a lot of drug store brands is significantly lower. However to me this brand market placement does not belong to drug store. I would compare this brand to the Body Shop, I believe this brand is around that level base on the packaging, the concept which reminds me of their Tea Tree Oil line.

My end conclusion is that this toner does the job that it claims to do, give it some time for it to work it didn't take one day to build Rome so GIVE IT TIME. Yes is a bit pricey but in my opinion is worth it for the long term base, sometimes you have to look at it that way. It is trickier to get your hands on this brand but if you do live in Asia, I am sure is much more convenient. So overall I will give this product a 4 out of 5 points, docking one whole point cause of the availability.

Well that's all for this review here but since we are talking about skin care, I made a video a while back on my Skin Care Routine. I thought some of you may want to know what I do to keep my skin clear, so I will post that video down below :)



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