Thursday, March 24, 2011

How To: Pack Your Travel Makeup Bag

Whenever it comes to packing for a trip my head always hurts especially when it comes to makeup. Since is Spring Break some of us may be travelling, so I thought I will give it a world on how to pack for your travel makeup bag. I go travelling a lot and I made tons of mistakes by bringing too much, so I can say I know a few do and don'ts when it comes to packing for makeup. Follow my tips and you will be finish with your makeup bag within minutes.

Tip 1: Pack Light
Well thats sorta a given everyone wants to pack light is just how you do it. When it comes to makeup we are extremely tempted to bring everything we have, because we want variety. But like I said earlier with my travelling experiences and the mistakes I made, at the end of the day we only come to using a few products. Usually these products are your daily routine items, so bring whatever you use for your daily routine. When I say your Daily Routine items these are the products that you reach for every single day. Say if you use mascara only 2-3 times a week that does not consider as your daily routine. Therefore you will most likely not be using it, if you threw it in your bag. Beside when you pack light you are leaving some room for your new goodies, that you may buy when you are on vacation. So you wont have the problem when it comes to finding a space for the goodies when you are flying back home.

Tip 2: Research the Weather
Before you start packing for anything whether is makeup or your clothes, you always should research the weather where you will be at during your trip. This will affect everything you choose to pack, for example if you are going somewhere humid you want to pack short sleeve instead of long. With makeup there is no difference, you may want to consider bringing a waterproof foundation for the humid weather. Or you may consider bringing an extra moisturizer if you are travelling somewhere cold, to protect your skin from getting dry. So make sure to know what the weather would be like, before packing for your makeup.

Tip 3: Bring Products that Multi Task
This is the real deal to packing light, is by bringing products thats 2 in 1. Whether is a Duo Compact where it contains a blush & a bronzer or a mosaic powder that can be used for blush, bronzer, highlight & eyeshadow or a foundation with a good amount of SPF. These types of 2 in 1 products will really save you space, therefore you are accomplishing on packing light.

Tip 4: Bring Palettes vs single shadows
When it comes to eyeshadow thats when we waste most of the space by packing too much. No matter how tempting it gets to throw in every color you own, refrain from it because you will most likely use a maximum of 4 colors and mostly be the same ones every single day. Therefore I suggest Palettes over Single shadows if we want variety, with Palettes you get more colors in one sleek compact. Single Shadows take too much room in a bag bringing 5 shadows may equal up to bringing 2 palettes. When I refer to palettes, I do not mean the big ones there are tiny palettes like NYX Runway Collection Palettes offering 10 colors. These palettes are great quality, easy to work with and inexpensive so if they shattered you wont be too heart broken. There are other palettes like quads offering 4 colors from different brands: from drugstore you have Maybelline, Cover Girl & NYC. To High end brands like: Bobbi Brown, Stila, Dior & even MAC. The reason why I didn't suggest duos or trios is that, we usually take 4 different colors to complete a look. A color for highlight, all over lid, 2 for crease/contour, therefore I prefer a palette with 4 or more colors.

Tip 5: Choose a more Neutral Palette
Although we love our colors we usually want to stay safe when on vacation. We want to use more neutral colors, the ideal situation is to have a variety of bright colors and soft colors. However we may not find a palette that contains both bright and soft neutral tones. So pick a palette that will have more of a neutral tone colors, the reason is these colors are most likely to work with every single color outfit you may have. You cant go wrong with neutral tone colors, and they are extremely easy to create and blend. Which is something we look for when we travel to speed up the routine and get out of the door to enjoy the location. Neutral tone colors usually involve light browns, dark browns, grey, taupe, plum and a black. Having a few browns in your palette you will be good to go.

Tip 6: Familiarize Yourself with the Products
Pick Products that you are familiar working with, because this will speed up your process with applying makeup. We do not want to spend hours and hours to apply makeup and we usually do not have that luxury when travelling. Therefore be sure you are familiar with the product, if you are not make sure to practice and be familiar with the product that you may be bringing.

Tip 7: Substitution
The technique of substitution can be used for both tools and makeup. Try to substitute your foundation brush for sponge, this may seem to take a bit more room than just taking a brush. But remember you have to wash the brush every single day because bacterial will grow on it. So is one extra thing you need to bring and take care of, if you are using makeup wedges/sponge they are disposable so you are getting rid of them everyday. With makeup instead of using a brow pencil or liquid eyeliner, you can substitute your eyeshadow as your liner or brow filler.

Follow these 7 tips and I will ensure you packing for makeup will be less frustrating and can easily be done within a few minutes. Until next time I will talk to you very soon, look forward to a Whats in My Travel Bag soon to see what I will bring for travelling. These will be legit products that I bring, since I will be travelling for 1 month in 2 weeks.


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