Wednesday, March 30, 2011

HauteLook, Deal Find & IMATS 2011

Today I am going to kill 3 topics in one post, since they are all very short and they all relate to one thing DISCOUNT!!!! Who doesn't love discount, thinking about it now all 3 of these places offer discount on department store products. Which means DOUBLE The LOVE, because we all know department store products can be very pricey.

Let's start with HauteLook, in my previous post I mention all about HauteLook and how it works. So I will be brief with the explanation in this post, if you wish to find out more I will link their website down below. The Basic is that you need to subscribe to HauteLook in order to view their discount and purchase from them. Don't worry it doesn't cost you a cent to subscribe, they offer discount from pretty much anything fashion, beauty, getaway and home decor. These are not like your typical 10-20% discount, HauteLook offers up to 50-75% off on the regular priced products. Almost everyday of the week HauteLook will host various sale events up to 48 hours.
This time is for Urban Decay the sale event starts on Thursday March 31 at 8am Pacific Time which is tomorrow. I got a sneak peak earlier this morning on the products they will be selling, unfortunately the sneak peak has expired so I wont be able to link it down below. But if I am not mistaken all these products that they are selling, is part of Urban Decay 2011 Spring Collection which is fairly new. The price tag on these are extremely exciting, Single Pan Eyeshadow $17(0.05 oz) now for $5-8. If you are serious about buying a product, I suggest you wake up early and eye it, because Urban Decay is one of the brands where the products gets sold out very quickly.

Deal Find is different from HauteLook, but they both offer great deals. Deal Find specializes more in services such as salons and restaurants. What you buy is a voucher and this voucher offers you a discounted price on a restaurant or service, which usually save you up to 50% off. Which is a great way to explore your city again, with these great deals. This is specifically why I fell in love with Deal Find and why I wanted to share with you all. Oh and you get to choose which city in Canada or USA thats currently having a deal, which is great to get gifts for your friends that lives in other parts of the country. The voucher for Today is for Poised a nail and spa lounge located on W.Pender Street Vancouver, BC. This Voucher is $39 and the service includes a hair cut, wash, blow dry, style, a 30 mins manicure and 45 mins pedicure. Really can you go wrong with that, I don't think so!!! The great thing about this voucher is, it doesn't have an expiration date on it so you can use it anytime. The reason why I wanted to share this voucher with you all is that, promo is coming soon. When it comes to prom we all want to look pretty and dazzle up, so this is a great voucher to give as a gift to your daughter, siblings or friends. I will link the website of the lounge and the voucher all down below.

Last thing on the list which is IMATS, which I am extremely excited about. I have no idea if I ever mention IMATS on my blog before, but IMATS stands for International Make Up Artist Trade Show. I have been to IMATS before and I made the mistake of not purchasing a ticket in advance and I don't want any of you to make that mistake too. Last year IMATS was at the Marriott Pinnacle in Downtown Vancouver, it was actually very small and the classes were in 2 different buildings. That was probably the only inconvenience because it was raining cats and dogs that afternoon. But overall I did enjoy my experience at IMATS. So IMATS is an event that gathers cosmetic companies together, offering discounted cosmetics to makeup artists and to people like me thats super obsessed with makeup. This Year IMATS will be held at the Vancouver Convention Centre on JULY 23 & 24. Early Bird Tickets is from now till July 20, $30 for one day ticket, $50 for two days ticket. Tickets at the door is $40 for a one day ticket, I strongly encourage any of you who have the intention of going to purchase an early bird ticket.Please contact me if you would like to purchase a ticket for July 23 as you can save 10% off on the regular price ticket, however I will need at least 10 people to do so and please contact me before July 15. The Show opens at 8:30am to 5:00pm on Saturday and 10:00am to 5:00pm on Sunday. I will be attending IMATS Vancouver this Year on JULY 23 which is a Saturday. To be honest 1 day ticket is enough for IMATS Vancouver because of the limited exhibitors compare to LA & NY IMATS. I will provide the link of the full list of exhibitors below, but to name a few we have M.A.C, Makeup Forever, NARS, Eve Pearl and Crown Brushes this year. If any of you are interested in the price discount for the products offered at IMATS and what I got last year. I will post pictures and list the information on my Facebook Page. If you would like to know more about IMATS, you can leave me a comment here or on my Facebook Page.

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  1. Cherrryyyy~ its fifi ah~ are you going to IMATS? i want to go too!

  2. Fifi you can come to Vancouver this summer and we can go together :)