Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Haul Monday :)

Spring Break Shopping Fever has arrived, so we decided to head out of our tiny town house and do a little shopping here and there. First stop Costco, yes I know it doesn't sound too interesting but I did pick up a few thing.

My sister & I got a cardigan from Nicole Miller Original line, it was only $10 cant go wrong with that. It was surprisingly pretty warm and the material of it was not bad, it wasn't cotton it was made from a mixture of Rayon & Spandex. So it was stretchy and silky smooth, it was one of those plain long cardigans. It looks very similar to the cardigan I own but it just looks a bit more polish and can easily dress it up. It came in 2 different shades a charcoal & black, offering 3 different sizes S,M,L.

Than we wanted to go a bit more intellectual, so we headed over to the books section and picked up a book. Now I can tell you straight off that I don't really like to read, I never spend my spare time relaxing on the bed and reading a book. Whenever I read a book it either has to do with academic or for beauty tips and tricks. Other than that I barely read, is not like I never read but for me to be able to stick to a book and complete it. It must be EXTREMELY interesting, it needs to capture me from the start to end. Since I will be travelling, I like to read when I am on the plane and at the airport so I picked up "The Lincoln Lawyer."

So those were the only 2 things I actually got that was interesting enough for me to blog about. I actually wanted to pick up another item, but it was huge and we didn't have a lot of room in the car. So I will head back with my car on WED to pick up that drawer which I wanted a long time to organize my makeup with.

After Costco we stopped by Metrotown to do some real shopping & went for tea break. So we went to Forever 21, TNA, American Apparel & Lush. I didn't pick up anything at Forever 21 today, however I have a few things in mind that I wanted to get. My sis & I will definitely head back on Wed for our "Sister Bonding Time."

The only thing we actually brought was from Lush: we both wanted to go there for a reason, I wanted to pick up the color supplement and she wanted the massage bars. I waited so long to get my hands on these color supplements, its pretty much a multi purpose color base. You can use it for concealer or foundation or what you can do is mix it in with your moisturizer. It comes with 4 colors: Light Yellow, Dark Yellow, Light Pink, Dark Pink. I ended up picking the Light Pink over Light Yellow, it just seems to match a bit more, the yellow has too much of an orange tint to it. This was about $14 CAD for a 20g worth of product, too expensive? Off the bat it does seems to be pretty expensive but I really need to try it and test it out to see if is worth
$14. My sister ended up sucking me into buying a massage bar as well, so I got the Soft Coeur (the honeymooner).This smells exactly like the Ma Bar is has this sweet chocolate smell and is also shaped in a heart how cute is that. Use the massage bar after you shower as a moisturizer, it melts on body temperature so make sure to store it in a cool and dry place.

So the last place we hit before heading home was Wal Mart, we went there to pick up a few skin care products for my auntie's birthday. Than I got 2 things for myself a mini must have kit from Hard Candy and St. Ives Apricot Scrub for Blemish and Blackheads. Hard Candy is only available at Wal Mart and they are fairly new to the Market. This mini must have is a great way for those of you who want to try out their line but don't want to purchase a full size product. These mini must have kits come in 4 different ones, 2 of the kits offers face products and the other 2 offers eyes products. I chose the face product kit because it had a few products that I really wanted to try out but wasn't sure about the quality. Like the Sheer Envy Face Primer and the Baked Blush from their line. The other product I got was from St. Ives, I don't know why I was so late into buying this scrub. I should had got it 2 years ago but I never did until now.

All the products I brought I will be doing a review, so you can expect a lot of reviews coming your way. There will be a mixture of blog post review and video reviews so I will have something up for both my blog and YouTube Channel. Hope all of you are enjoying your spring break, have fun and stay save.

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