Monday, March 14, 2011

Donate To Help Japan

As all of you have heard and seen devastating clips and news update of the recent 8.9 Magnitude Earthquake that hit Japan;listed as one of the worst in Japan's History. As if an 8.9 Magnitude Earthquake wasn't bad enough it trigged a 4 meter tsunami in Japan and sending out tsunami warnings through out 20 countries across the Pacific Rim. The earthquake & tsunami has caused more than a million homes destroyed, leaving hundreds of thousand of people homeless without water, food & electricity. As we are enjoying our day or deep asleep in various parts of the world, citizens of Japan watches their once perfect home destroyed by the earthquake and watching the last remaining pieces sweep away by the tsunami. Currently Japan is expecting a 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake as an aftershock in the coming days, Japan rescue team is struggling to reach thousand more still trap. Japan is racing to prevent Humanitarian disaster and is requiring help from various countries & organizations as much as possible. Although some of us may be across the world, where we are not able to physically help in Japan. There are multiple ways which you can still help and make a difference.
I ask of all of my blog followers & readers to spread the word to join forces with me, to help Japan and countries that's affected from this Earthquake & Tsunami. By donating to Canadian Red Cross and/Or Salvation Army.
The Canadian Red Cross is currently monitoring the situation closely and has emergency supplies & trained emergency response personnel ready to be deployed any minute. With your donation towards Canadian Red Cross it will help to support relief efforts. You will help their rescue team search for survivors and provide first aid when necessary. You will also be helping volunteers from Japan to help citizens restore their family links as they long to reunite.
Although rescuing is extremely important, lets remember food and water is equally as important as they are the necessity to surviving. Salvation Army focuses on providing the basic needs during a Disaster Relief. Japan not only suffers from damages of homes and roads but they also lack supply of clean water and food. When donating to Salvation Army you are helping to supply hot drinks and packed meals to thousand of survivors, which will be a comfort to their hearts during the crisis.
Here are the links to Canadian Red Cross & Salvation Army where you can help and make a difference.
Please Specify where your donation goes to for Salvation Army: tohoku earthquake
Remember doesnt matter how much you give out, every dollar will make a difference. "Your Help Cant Wait"


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