Monday, June 20, 2011

Simple & Clean Nail Tutorial

It seems like every Sunday I will upload a new video but this week I am making a change. I got 2 videos up last week on my channel :) Yay for trying to make a difference.
I think 2 videos up per week is a good balance, anyhow I am kicking off Monday with a simple nail tutorial.
Is something different and I honestly have been really into painting my nails and just trying out different colors. So this week I decided to paint my nails with this beautiful Champagne color. I felt like the color was too plain and sheer, so I decided to add something to it. French White Tip is the way to go for this color. The difficulty of this is DIY is not bad. It was my first time creating this look if I can do it You Can!!!

Check out my Nail Tutorial Here: (UPDATED)

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