Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May Favorites & Review/Tutorial

Super late on updating this blog, I apologize. Lately YouTube has been taking over most of my time, filming & editing and getting it to upload (which takes for ages). Usually I update my blog right after my video is uploaded, and lately my videos are up like at mid night or 2 in the morning. So I just head to bed and the next day I just forget and thats horrible. But anyways to make up for my absence, here is 2 videos all in one post. They were actually uploaded very close to each other, i think it was a day apart only.

Anyways one is a review/ tutorial on the NYC Individual Eye Palette For Brown Eyes, I got requested to do a tutorial on this palette in April by one of my viewers. However when that happened, I was in Hong Kong which I didn't have the Palette with me so nothing could be done at that point. Therefore after a long wait of coming back home and settling down and figuring how my new camera works. I finally have this tutorial up, and I decided to throw in a review (is short but is to the point)

My latest video is of course my monthly favorites, this month is actually my first video monthly favorites. All along I have done my monthly favorites on my blog right here. Sometimes I actually like doing my monthly favorites on my blog cause I can give a little review on the product. More in depth than what I can do on YouTube since there is a time frame. So I decided from next month on I will also do a specific post for my favorites describing why I love the product. That way I don't have to try rushing all the information into one video and usually that doesn't turn out too good.

Here's the links to my videos

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