Sunday, June 12, 2011

Naked Palette Tutorial

Yay another tutorial is up on my beauty channel, this time is all about Urban Decay Naked Palette. This is what I would usually pull together on days where I am in a rush, or when I am heading to work. Is simple and it can be done within 5 minutes, often times when we get ready for work we always use browns cause is on the save zone. But we get bored of browns sometimes and is hard to use colors and still keeping it appropriate. Here I am using a lot of bronze and champagne color, these colors complement each other. Using these colors right can replace your old boring brown shadow look into something with more sparkle and life. You don't need to use the products that I used, whatever you have that has a bronze tone to it will work. Make sure is not copper tone, copper tone is too intense unless that's what you are looking for. Anyhow enjoy the tutorial and like I mentioned in my videos, I got a huge product review coming up so stay in tune for that.
I feel like every time I mention that a lot of tutorials and videos are coming up, but they never get up for a long time. I do actually have a lot of things plan out, new series that I am doing and filming. But I only have one body and 24 hours a day, sometimes is just really hard to catch up with work, family and friends while trying to edit videos, film and upload. For those that don't know me, I got standards if the footage didn't turn out nice, I am not using it. So I go back to square one and try to re film, than the last thing you know I used up the whole day to re film.
Anyhow enough of me talking lets just enjoy the video and i will see you all very soon.

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