Friday, June 17, 2011

Bold and Dramatic Game Day Makeup

This week I was occupied with work and hockey games, so I barely had time to film. Pretty much everyone in Vancouver was watching the games, and I sure did. We were all cheering for the Canucks, everyone was in their full Canucks gear. I don't own a Jeresy but I also wanted to get into the spirit of it all. So i ended up using a bunch of makeup to create this Game Day Look. I was sporting this look in the last game of the NHL Season. I know this is late and should have been up like ages ago however I never done any bold looks like this before. Thought maybe some of you may want to check it out. You can defiantly wear this to a night club, I used a couple of greens and blues and a white shimmering shadow to create this look. These colors are the Canucks colors, you can use any colors you want just follow my steps and you can achieve the same effect.

I did film this tutorial so I will link it all down below and I will also do a run through of the tutorial here.

I did film this tutorial so I will link it all down below and I will also do a run through of the tutorial here.

Canucks Inspired Game Day Tutorial:
Facebook Page For Swatches:

First always prime your lids before starting, this way it creates a better canvas for the shadows. It will also help the shadow to show up and prevent creasing.
Next I used NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, I am using this as a white base if you got a white cream shadow you can use that. I am using this to help the colors grab on a bit better and make the colors look a lot bolder.
Using my 88 Matte Palette if you have a shimmer palette you can also use that. Taking
the green on the bottom fourth row, apply that to the center of your lids and blend it to the inner corners and to the crease. After take a blending brush and blend out the harsh lines, you want to take your time and fade the color to your brow bone.
Using the blue in the palette this is a light blue with shimmers, is going to act as my transitioning color. I am applying that to my outer corner and blending into my crease and inner corner. I also used a piece of tape to secure a define shape, if you don't like that you can skip it.
Now taking Naked Cosmetics Pigment in EB-02, you can go ahead and use a darker blue in the palette but like to use pigments to build the color intensity. Using a pencil
brush I am taking the color on the tip and applying it to the outer V. Blend it to the crease and inner corner as well, make sure the color is fading into the inner corner. Depending on how dark you want it to be you can continue to build it up.

Using ELF Cosmetics Beauty Encyclopedia Sparkle Eye Edition, taking the moss green and applying that to your inner corners. Again you can use a light green in the palette, I also used the white shimmering shade to attract more light to the inner corner.

Before applying another white shimmering shade (Naked Cosmetics Pigment in CC-01) on the inner corner. Retouch the green if necessary, blend out the lines once again.
Line your eyes with the liner of your choice, I am using Gel Liner. Line as close to your lash line, we want to keep the line thin.
Optional: Apply your favorite Mascara and under eye concealer than you are done :)

Hope you enjoy the tutorial and I will talk to you all soon :)


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