Friday, July 29, 2011


IMATS Vancouver 2011 has officially ended and I had a great time. Although I was disappointed for the lack of brands that showed up but all together I did have a great time. This year I arrived at IMATS a little later than last year, I got there at 10am. Already there were line up everywhere especially the MAKEUP FOREVER booth. It makes sense why people lined up for MUFE since they don't restock and it was probably the most interesting/popular brad there. So everyone went to line to hopefully to pick out the products that they want before it runs out. My friend and I actually went to the MUFE booth last, which was very smart of us NOT. By the time we actually reached the booth, which was 1.5 hours later most product like (foundation wise) were all gone. I actually didn't pick up much from them since I went crazy over them last year. I still got stuff left over from last year :) so I only got myself a backup of the HD primer and I couldn't resist to pick up one of their Aqua Creams. While we were waiting in line, we came up with a great idea that we take turns lining up. So I went to look at all the booths on my own, so I hit Crown Brush since I am in need of more brushes. You seriously cant get enough of brushes if you are serious with makeup, so I got a whole bunch from them. After Crown I went to look at the Z palette from Namie and Fred. NYX you cant miss that booth is probably the largest booth in the show, they had their full collection there which was nice. So you got to swatch everything :) sometimes is hard to buy something when you cant swatch it, so it was nice to swatch some of these products. I left IMATS at around 3:30pm and we went to grab McDonald, were didn't even have time to sneak out for lunch. So we were starving at that point, that's why we chose to get McDonald. I really wanted to go to some of these classes this year at IMATS but because of all the lines at pretty much all the booths. I couldn't go at all but whats great is that all the classes were at the same location. So when you were lining up you could hear what they were teaching, I guess sorta listened on it.

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