Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Get To know Me :)

Hello all my beautiful, I think is about time that you all got to know me a bit more. So I did a Get To know Me Tag. I know is super hard to get to know someone just by watching their videos. You really don't know someone unless you talk or meet them in person. But hopefully this tag will allow some of you to know me a bit better, I tag everyone that wants to do this tag. I like watching tag videos, is there any tag some of you may want me to do? If there's a good tag going around, comment below and I love to check it out. Oh by the way I am using a new editing software program for my newer videos, so if the editing is off for now sorry about that still testing. But as for the audio, I think is a lot better since I did something to it in the editing program.

So just recently I finally got a Twitter account, "SUPER SLOW ON THAT". I am really bad at updating it, so that's why for the longest time I didn't get one. But I will try my best to update it :) It will mean a lot to me if you all could check me out on twitter and follow me :)

So not only that I got twitter, I also signed up for BlogTV and UStream. Well I did those a while back but I didn't feel it was the right time to announce it. They are both very similar, so leave your comment down below which one you all prefer. If you are not familiar with BlogTV or UStream, they are an online program that allows you to do live show. Therefore is more of an instant interaction, the one cool thing about Ustream is I can do on the go live show using my iPhone. I will link my account down below, if you are interested check me out there as well :)

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