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Full Review: NYX Beauty To Go Palette

Time for another product review and this time is only featuring on my blog. No videos made what so ever and in fact I believe there's very few reviews on this particular product. This is the NYX Beauty To Go Palette or Box, this is a huge huge palette it has everything imaginable that you may need to get ready. Therefore this box is ultimately marketed as the 1 box does it all product. So the question really comes down to, is this product good enough to become your only makeup you ever need?

Lets start off with introducing to you what you are getting in this box. On the back of the packaging, it comes with a diagram that shows you exactly what you get and
what the product is. I say don't trust this diagram at all, and you will see why exactly. NYX marked this box to come with 47 shadows, 2 bronzer, 2 Face Powder, 6 blushes, 6 Lip color, 6 lip gloss pots, 5 Face Colors, 2 eye base, 4 concealers, Mascara, Liquid liner, Pencil liner, 2 lip pencils and applicators & Mirror. If you were to go through the box counting the shadows without looking at the diagram, you will wonder where on earth did they get only 47 counts. Than you will wonder where on earth will you find the 5 face colors that it comes with. Well look no further cause is in your shadow counts, a grey, purple, green, peach and dark grey purple. Yes these are your face colors, I still have no clue what they mean by face color and why would they put these as your face color. So therefore I decided myself to count these 5 colors as shadows which means you now have 52 count of shadows. Visit my Facebook Page for the Diagram.

The 2 bronzer and 2 face powders is located on the first layer. The pigmentation of these are okay, the bronzer I would say is not the best choice of colors for a bronzer. Both the bronzer contains more of a pink undertone which transfer to be more peachy. To me bronzer should appear a lot deeper and warmer than these bronzer (that's just my opinion). These looks as if is a high light rather than bronzer,
these wouldn't show up on darker skin tone at all. As for the face powders they are not particularly great, however I do have to give credit to them for the texture of
it. Is very creamy and is very blend able, it is a very light coverage. So if you are looking into using it as a powder foundation, I suggest you look into something else cause it can become very chalky and cakey for that purpose since layering is required.

As for the shadows you will find them on both the first and second layer in the box. When I first did the initial review on this palette, I said that this palette did provide a pretty good variety of colors. But now looking carefully at the palette, swatching and using it. I really don't think they did a good job in providing variety and the reason being is that a lot of these shades are very similar. They actually threw in a lot of neutral tones like copper, bronze and browns which takes up a good half of the palette. Is not bad to have neutral tones however the problem is these colors when swatched they turn out to be very similar. The only thing that's different about it is the finishing, I wished they could have removed some colors and put in more vibrant ones.

In the third layer you will find the lip gloss pots and the liners and mascara. The lip pots was what caught my eye for this palette, they seem very interesting. These lip gloss pots comes in a sample size jar. They don't have a particular smell, however they are pretty sticky. The texture of these are little bit harder than I expected, I was thinking of it to be more creamy. These lip gloss pots is not going to give you a lot of color, however there's a few shades that stands out and is pretty pigmented. A cherry red which gives a healthy red glow to your lips and a light pink that's flattering to most people's lips. The pencil liners, lip liners and mascara, I really don't care for at all. Is not the worst is not the best, however the liquid eyeliner is horrible. The brush is weak and the tip of it splits, therefore you will never be able to get a fine line.

On to the bottom layer which is under the palette, a slide out compartment. This compartment contains your blushes, lip colors and concealers as well as eye primer. The blushes is probably my favorite out of this palette, I really enjoyed it and I was defiantly convinced to purchase any full size of the NYX Powder blushes. The lip colors are great they are like lip stick that's melted into a pan. I really have nothing bad to say about the blushes and lip colors. However when it comes to the eye primer and concealers that's a different story. The eye base or primer is not the best it feels creamy, however it gives a very shiny oily finish to the lids. It makes your eye looks as if is very oily but I cant deny that it does make the shadows pop after use. The fact is it does have a very sticky feel to it, so the shadows grabs on but this may not be the best for people that have oily lids. The concealers is probably the worse out of the palette, they are very soft to the point that it seems mushy. Although is mushy but they have a glossy texture to it like lip gloss, it has a sheen to it and I never seen concealers that has a sheen to them.

So after testing it for over a month I was really disappointed with this palette and I felt like I wasted money. The only thing that's worth something in this palette is the blushes and the lip products, the rest was just okay to me. I really think that NYX is better off not making palettes, I would suggest buying their products individually. I would give this palette a 2.5 out of 5 cherries, I will not recommend this product and will never repurchase it. If you are starting out and planning to buy this product, I suggest saving your money for something else.

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  1. thanks so much for the review! it helped a lot coz i was getting some stuff online. :)

  2. Glad I could help :) Thanks for reading!

  3. thank you so much for your honest review! i've been wanting to have this but now i'm having my second thoughts~

  4. I just got this for my birthday..

  5. Defiantly =/= Definitely

  6. I bought it 2days ago. Nothing wrong with the pallet. You have many eyeshadows wich are very pretty so I Would reccomend this one although it is expensive yeah it is worth the money.