Thursday, July 14, 2011

Peak Through my Haul

As most of you know Elf is extremely affordable and if you haven't heard of Elf than you are missing out. Sometimes when we say affordable, we may mean 10 bucks or so which to some of you out there may consider it to be expensive. But this time when I mean affordable it means HELL CHEAP, starting from 1 buck. Yep you heard me 1 buck from eye makeup to face makeup and tools all for a buck. You really can't go wrong with a buck worth of stuff. Elf also came up with a studio line where most products retail for 3-5 bucks. In this haul all the products are from the studio line since there was a 50% off on the studio line. The quality of the products from the studio line is a tag better than the regular line. I defiantly prefer the studio line more so than the regular line, however I still highly encourage all to try the regular line as well. The down side for us the "Canadians" is that there isn't a place that carries ELF Products. So we are stuck to buying it off online from their webpage. If you really dislike buying online, you can always head to a target to pick up your favorite ElF products for those that lives in the States. So here's my haul hope you all enjoy oh and remember to follow me on my Twitter and blog.

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