Friday, July 22, 2011

My Collection/Storage Part 1

As I mentioned earlier in my Elf haul video to be on a look out for my collection/storage video. Well here it is after a long time of debating to film it or not. The reason being is I feel like I do not have a huge collection and most storage items are very similar to other gurus. But I guess I have my own twist to things, so I decided to show you all :) This will be split in two parts as I realize when I was filming that the footage was extremely long. So it had to be done and I am sure not all of you would like to see a 20 minute long video. Aside from the vanity and the drawer system that I will be showing you. I will also do a quick run through on the shelf that I keep some of my beauty products.

Enjoy the fist part of my collection/storage Video:
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