Friday, August 12, 2011

Review: Physigoel AI Lotion

I been raving about this lotion in my July Favorites & it absolutely deserves the rave. This lotion is a must have from those that's experiencing with dry, itchy & or sensitive skin. This lotion is much more superior than other lotions, is the formulation that's behind it that makes this the best.

In each of our bodies it contains an active substance call the ENA and this substance is what naturally keeps our skin protected. It neutralizes free radicals, reduce itching and skin irritation; our skin is mostly damaged by free radicals which causes common problems like itching, redness & dryness. So our body naturally relies on the ENA to do it's job, however a lot of the times base on our environment & stress we do not produce enough ENA. That's where the formulation of AI Lotion comes in :) it contains an ingredient call DMS which contains very similar natural lipids that found in ENA. Which means it will regenerate the barrier that helps to protect our skin and also helps to reduce water loss.

That's why this lotion helped my very dry sensitive skin to heal back to normal condition. About a couple of months earlier I been getting these little bumps around my jaw line and it was very dry as well. My skin never felt like that before & I was very frustrated because it just got worse. I use to have combination skin but since I am aging the condition of my skin is changing as well. The first few weeks that I got it I put on an aloe mask hoping it will help, it did and it also faded. However within a couple weeks later it came back and this time it didn't go so well, it got worse and I really didn't know what to do. I tried moisturizing mask & acne mask but none of them made it fade completely, until I went back to Hong Kong that I found out I had very sensitive skin. The sales at Watson recommended that I try a water base cream that will hydrate my skin intensively, I listened I found that it worked but not completely satisfied. Until I remember the AI Lotion advertisement on TV and I asked my dad to pick it up for me. Tried it and it improved my skin within a few days, the bumps never came back & the condition of my skin is just a lot better.

The texture of this lotion is very light just a bit thicker than water but is so light that you will never predict it will moisturize your skin like anything else. It comes in 2 size 50ml or 100ml and is available online on ebay or if you live in HK or got a friend there Watsons will have it. I know that this is also available in Singapore, Philippines & Ireland but I haven't found a retailer in America yet. I will give this lotion 5/5 cherries and is Cheri Approved. Hope you all will give this a try and maybe you can recommend a life saving product to one of your friends that maybe experiencing dryness.

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