Monday, August 8, 2011


I am so excited about these 2 new series that I will be doing from now on. IT IS A VLOG SERIES and I just love watching vlogs. I don't know about you but when watch people's vlog I feel like I know them and I am like part of their life :) So i decided to do a vlog series, I have to be honest and say that this series wont be up frequently. Cause is really hard to vlog (still haven't got over the embarrassment of filming in front of people) & when you are almost doing the same thing every single day there isn't much to film. But I will be having tons of vlogs during the end of August since I will be heading to Orlando, Florida FOR DISNEY & UNIVERSAL STUDIO. I am so excited and thinking about it I have like a week left before I leave. I should film a whats in my luggage video or makeup bag, cause last time I never actually filmed one. Anyways back to the vlog, I decided to name it "Sparkle Your Way into My Life" I felt that this name was very fitting for my channel. My sister actually thought of that name so thumbs up to her. So my first Sparkle Your Way into My Life video is up and I will have the links down below, Oh keep in mind that these types of videos will be filmed on my iPhone or Camera (not on my camcorder) so the quality mite not be as great.

The second series is going to be featuring my sister, she was in a few of my videos before but she was very shy :) In this series we will speak freely about anything, so you will be able to really see my personality in this series. We haven't really decided how this series will be structure, so we probably will let this go in any direction that it may take us. This whole series was actually my sister idea, we both suggested that we should think of something to do together as sister bonding time. Some like to go yoga or running but we are not really the sporty type, so she came up the idea of doing videos. Therefore videos from this series will be uploaded once a week, we haven't decided which day of the week to film. BUT surely it will be up every single week unless we say is not going to be, with this series we decided to name it "Sparkle Your Way into Our Life" We thought it would be a lot easier to just change it to Our Life than figuring a whole new name, hope you like this name and be on a look out for a video coming up this week.

Sparkle Your Way Into My Life: Fireworks
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