Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sparkle Your Way Into Our Life: Sister Tag

We are kicking it all off with a sister tag which hopefully will allow all of you to know us loads more. We are planning to do this every single week like I mentioned in my video. So feel free to ask us question and we will try to answer yours with our own perspective and maybe even give you advice. Who knows where this will take us, hope you all enjoy it and find it special and something interesting & new. If it goes really well we may even do BlogTV :) but for the main time we will just stick to this. So we will be missing a week of Sparkle into Our life Episode since we will be going on vacation. We are actually going to universal studio & Disney World so we will be filming a vlog for you all so that wont be up until the week of 29th.

Questions From The Sister Tag:
1. Whats Your Favorite Memory Together?
2. Describe Each Other With One Word?
3. Whats Your Dream Job?
4. Whats Your Favorite Makeup Brand?
5. What is Something That Annoys You About The Other Person?
6. If You Could Go any Where in the World Together Where & Why?
7. Favorite Inside Joke?
8. Who Takes Longer to Get Ready?
9. What's each other pet-peeves?
10. Whats Our Greatest Fear?

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  1. thanks for your asks from the sister tag
    now i can make my new chsnnel on youtube for this asks :)

  2. this helped me on my sister tag video for youtube