Saturday, February 5, 2011

Brushes 101-Part 1 "Face Brushes"

If you haven't yet read my "Explanation" post you should read that first to get an overview of what this post is about.
F30-Large Powder Brush:
The name of the brush pretty much just tells it all. This brush is shaped in a dome and is dense. Any thing you have thats close to this brush is great for using it with loose or press powder to set your foundation. Now I don't recommend to use
this brush to apply mineral makeup, is not
quite as dense as a kabuki brush to handle the buffing process. You can also use this brush for bronzer this is actually my
favorite way of using this brush. I don't mean contouring cause this is way too big for that purpose, but to give my face a healthy glow. I take this brush and dip it in the bronzer lightly and sweep the brush on your temple, down your cheeks and your jawline. This should make a 3 shape or E shade on the side of your face. (This is call the 3 or E method for bronzer application)

F50-Duo Fiber Brush:
This brush is also known as a stippling brush or a skunk brush. So if you ever came across these terms you now know what it is and how it looks. This brush is made with 2 different type of hairs, the top is synthetic and the bottom is natural hair. This brush is great with liquid foundation,
because of the flat top design. You have a large area to work with and it cuts down your foundation application time. (Take the tip of the brush and dip it into foundation, now stipple the product on one side of your face. This will evenly
distribute the product than buff the foundation in a circular motion to blend it
out.) You don't have to just use this brush for liquid
foundation is also great for applying cream blushes, highlight color on the cheek bones or to just sweep any fall of eyeshadow under your eyes.

F40-Large Angled Contour Brush:
This brush is made with natural hair some times is made with goat hair. This brush is create for contouring your cheeks because is angled. For those that don't know what contouring is for, is basically to define the shape of your face more. "Is pretty much know as making your face look thinner."(Take a little bit of a matte bronzer and suck in your cheeks, to make a fish face. Now take your brush and sweep it where the hollow of your cheeks are, and sweep it around the jaw line and also the bridge of your nose.) You can also use this brush for blush which is what I like to do (take your favorite blush and dip your brush in, tap off any excess. You want to start with less product and build up the brightness. Smile big and you will see part of your
cheeks pop up slightly, this is the "apple of your cheeks." Sweep your brush on that area and blend out to your hair line, repeat the process to build up the brightness.)

F60 Foundation Brush:
This is a classic foundation brush is made with synthetic hair, taper to a point and is pretty flat. This brush is great with liquid or cream foundation but don't let the name limit you to just foundation. This brush is also great for applying product that contains quite a bit of moisture, like moisturizer and face primer. This brush comes in handy when doing work on client, is not always sanitary to use your fingers to apply primer on your clients. Sometimes if you are out of brushes to use for blush,
you can take this brush and spray a bit of water on this brush. Make sure is not too wet and pick up some product to apply on your cheeks. Tip: when applying foundation with this brush you will experience streak marks, to avoid as much of it as possible. Take your brush and apply the foundation in a criss cross motion, to eliminate as much of the streak marks as possible.

F70 Concealer Brush
This is another brush made with synthetic hair, I like the shape of this brush is small but dense. Which is great for doing spot concealing, I don't specifically like using this brush for concealing under eye circle. I prefer to use my fingers for that, but overall this is a great brush to use for concealing any imperfections.

This is the end of my Brushes 101 Part 1 "Face Brushes" Stay tune for my Part 2 "Eye Brushes"
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