Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Facebook Page

Hello all my blog readers thanks for reading my blog, hope you are enjoying it and find it helpful. Thank you once again for leaving comments down below as well as sending messages and face book chatting with me. I like the interaction I have with you all and commenting really helps get that interaction going. I know that Blogger only permit you to comment only if you sign into your Google account. That can be annoying at time, so I have decided to open a face book page where you can comment there instead of here. Is a lot more convenient, since most of you go through my face book status to check on my blog.
This face book page is pretty much my connection to you, you can ask me questions there. Feel free to ask me about anything, I can do my best do give you suggestions. You can also throw a question out there and any of you can respond because you may know something about it that I don't. So please visit my new face book page on Lets Glam Up and "Like" the page. Thank you so much for all your support again.

You can find my page by typing in Lets Glam Up under community or you can click the face book Badge on my blog.


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