Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Review: Maybelline Fit Me foundation

Sorry I have been totally MIA for a week...I was so caught up in a lot of different things that popped up during the week, that I had no time to write. Quick shout out to Michelle my good friend that just came back: WELCOME BACK hope you are having fun in our cold cold weather. But anyhow I wanted to do a review for a product thats currently being talked about all the time. That is the Fit Me foundation from Maybelline, I am a big fan of drugstore foundation. Don't get me wrong I love my department store foundation, but as an everyday foundation user the price just adds up over time. Drugstore foundation or I should say drugstore make up has improve their quality over the years. Some drugstore products are even extremely similar to department store ones, is unbelievable how things change over the years.

Fresh & Flawless is the whole concept of the FIT ME line from Maybelline. The foundation should give you a natural finish still letting your natural skin glow. The color of the foundation should blend seamlessly into your natural skin tone. By picking out the same shade numbering to other products, you will find the right color to go along with your shade. Products offered in the Fit ME Line includes: Foundation, Concealer, Press Powder, Bronzer & Blush. I picked up 2 things from this line the foundation and the press powder in 120.

When I rate a foundation I like to base it on a few factors: Experience with shade selection, Texture, Coverage, Lasting Power, Packaging & Price range.

Usually my experience with shade selection for drugstore foundation is a mess, I hate it because there's always no testers. That just sucks cause in order to know your exact shade. You always need to test it out on the side of your face and blend it in. Therefore you really have to know your undertone and shades that will work for you. Although there wasn't a tester with this line, there was a plastic sheet that had the coloring of the foundation on it. Which was helpful in some shape or form since you could sorta match it with your hand. I have to say that my experience with the shade selection in this line went pretty smooth. I was able to pick out the right shade for my skin at the first time and I never ever done that before. Especially with Maybelline Foundation, since I find that they have way too much orange tone to their foundation. I always had to repurchase or figure out another way to make it work for me. Another thing that also helped was having the different foundation separated into different shade category: Light, Medium & Dark. There was a decent amount of shades to pick from in each category: around 5-6 different shades. So I do think that it will be a bit easier for everyone to find a shade that matches them.

Every foundation always claims to do something or to feel a certain way. We always want to know if it stays true to what it claims. This foundation claims to be silky and blends seamlessly to your skin, feeling light letting your skin breath. The question is did it do all that; and the answer is YES. OMG YES IT DID....for the first time again it stay true to what it claims. It felt so smooth and light on my face no matter how many layers I applied. (I applied 3 layers for extra coverage) It definitely blended seamlessly, I could barely see any streak marks. (I did blend it with my fingers which was the way it was suggested) So I Give it a THUMBS UP for the texture.

Since the foundation was marketed to feel very light on the skin, so it could breath. There wasn't much coverage, I have to say this is a light to a build able medium coverage foundation. This is definitely not for someone that needs a lot of coverage to even out major discoloration or scaring. I have very little discoloration but I do have acne scaring which is fading slowly. However I did used 3 layers of foundation to get a decent amount of coverage on my scaring, is definitely lighter to what I am use to wearing.

I have heard a lot of reviews saying that the foundation got really oily within 1-2 hours. I actually filmed myself to test out how long the foundation would last, I was actually expecting the worst but it surprised me. It lasted for 7 hours until I saw visible creasing. I will insert the video link down below for more information and to see the transformation from start to end.

Packaging is to heart to great sales, good packaging will suck you in. This is one of those drugstore packaging that looks very classy and high end. With the glass tube and simple design on the bottle it looks to be expensive. The only down fall to the foundation packaging is that theres no pump. I always don't get why companies design a foundation bottle without a pump. You waste product by pouring out too much with a pump you have more control to your product.

Price point for this foundation was around $8CAD, is in the typical drugstore foundation price range. Originally I thought the Foundation would retail at a higher price point like $12CAD. So I was pretty surprise that both the foundation and the powder was $8CAD.

Would I buy it again? Yes, but I would probably buy it again when my skin gets more clear.
Would I recommend this to a friend? Yes only if they have clear skin or with minor imperfection and want something light.
How many cherries would you give for this foundation? 4/5 Cherries (the pump issue for 1 point, .5 for coverage & .5 for lasting power)

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