Saturday, February 12, 2011

Soft & Sweet Valentine Day Nail Tutorial

Ladies are you ready for Valentine's Day yet? You got your make up, hair style and clothes set for your date but still feels there's something missing. Maybe is your nails why don't we turn our boring nails to make it look sweet and cute. Since is Valentine's Day I am sticking with soft pastel color & pinks, to add a little twist I also used a sparkle nail polish.

These are the product I used to achieve these nails; Kiss nail filer, Sally Hansen-Hard as Nail polish "Sheer French Color", Wet n Wild nail color in Sparked & SaSa-Pinkey Pure Nail polish in Clear (as my top coat).

Pull out all your equipments and lets get started:

Step 1: If you have long nails this is the time to file your nails to your desire shape & length. After take a soft pink preferably with a hint of nude nail color. I am using Sally Hansen-Sheer French Nail Color, is a creamy peach color with a hint of pink. Apply a sheer coat of this color starting from the middle, so the product will concentrate there, than apply it to the side. (Tip: when apply the color rotate your finger to where the color needs to be place, instead of moving the brush for a quick application) Depending on how sheer the nail color is and how opaque you want the color to be, go ahead and apply a second coat if needed. (I did do two coats with the Sally Hansen nail color since is pretty sheer)

Step 2: After letting your basic color dry, it took about 10-15 mins for mine to dry. Is time to add some sparkle on to your nails, here I am doing a gradient affect to my nails with the sparkles polish. Taking my Wet n Wild Nail Color in Sparked(a glitter pink and silver nail color) wipe off as much of the product off the brush on the tip of the bottle. Apply the color starting from midway of the nail we want a sheer wash of the sparkle.

Step 3: Than grabbing a bit more nail polish and concentrate the sparkle on the tip of your nails now. The sparkle should look very light from the mid point and gets brighter moving up towards the tip of your nail. Let that dry completely before moving on to the next step.
Step 4: After 10 mins later the sparkle should have dried, take your favorite Top coat and apply that over your nails. Since we are working with sparkles I suggest applying a minimum of 2 layers of top coat. We don't want our nails chipping off during dinner with your date.(Tip: if you wish to keep your nail color longer, apply a top coat every single day to seal the color in)

You now got pink pretty nails thats soft and sweet with a pink & silver sparkles for a little fun. Hope you enjoy this tutorial and I will be back with more tutorials for you all. Happy Valentine's Day to everyone again and have a good one.


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