Thursday, February 17, 2011

Open Box Review: NYX Ultimate Beauty Box

My HauteLook Order finally came in, if you recall two weeks ago I did a blog post of the HauteLook Sales event for NYX. Well I took advantage of the sales and got a little something for myself: The NYX Beauty To Go Ultimate Beauty Box. Shipping was faster than I expected, since it was estimated it would come on the 25th. I was sorta expecting a WOW from this palette since the pictures looks absolutely amazing. However when I opened the palette, I got a mix feeling for this product. Not that it wasn't nice or anything, I just expected a little bit more. There's some things I don't like about this box is more of a design issue rather than the product quality.
The box is pretty big and heavy itself it feels sturdy and quite compact for how much is offering inside. However I am just not a big fan of the finishing of the box, it has this glossy finish which is really easy to scratch. I am just one of those girls that like to keep my palettes looking new and clean. With that glossy finish it just isn't helping, the box already have a few scratches and I just got it for a day.
Shadow Placement:
I wish that NYX could have gone with a color placement system, either by color to shade or by colors that work with different colors. It was weird to see that most of the shadow placement were scatter everywhere. This makes it very difficult for beginners, who doesn't have the color matching experience.
I expected good color pay off and high pigmentation from NYX, since they are known for their affordable price with great quality. I am glad that they kept that quality in this palette, since the tin size is quite small you wont need to use as much product.
Variety of Color:
You get a decent amount of color variation, I have to say that you are looking mostly at neutral tones colors rather than bright in your face ones. Formula wise this palette is mostly shimmer, few satin finish and only 1 matte finish. I am glad most of these are shimmer formula, cause I love shimmer but by how the palette is marketed I would guess that it would have more different finishes.

Was this Palette a disappointment to me at fist impression? NO, although there's quite a few things I didn't like about it. But they still kept the quality of the product which is the most important to me.

I would give it 4 out of 5 Cherries at this point.I would need to use this palette more to give a full review and to know how practical this palette is at the end of the day.

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