Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Review: Sigma Brushes "The Complete Kit with Brush Roll"

Time for another product review, lets see who is on for judgement today: Sigma Brushes. Well to be more specific is the Complete Kit with Brush Roll, since they are they only brushes I have from Sigma. Is hard to rate brushes because is base on what each person likes & how the brushes work for them. I may not like a particular brush because of it size but someone may appreciate it. Therefore I can only rate it under Quality and Value but not Practicality.

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 cherries

-You are getting great quality from Sigma there is no doubt about it. Their brushes are soft and not scratchy. There may be one or two brushes that sheds when you wash it but is not terrible. The handle of the brush is thick and sturdy which you will have a nice grip to. Also no matter how many times you wash your brush it still feel soft and not scratchy or rough.

- Are you getting a bang for your buck? I have to say yes although this kit isn't dirt cheap, but the price range is reasonable for what you are getting. This kit cost $99 CAD w/out shipping, you may look at that price and say is hell expensive but think again. You are getting 12 different brushes with a good range from face to eyes, plus you get a brush roll and the quality is as comparable to MAC. If you look at MAC brushes 1 face brush can cause you from $38 CAD to $62 CAD. You get 5 different face brushes from Sigma, lets transfer that to MAC Brushes. With 5 face brushes you will be paying $190 CAD and thats only if all 5 of them are worth $38. Thats a lot of money there and you are only getting 5 brushes for $190 but with Sigma you are getting 12 brushes for $99. See the big difference and you are probably going at the whole "what about the shipping and tax?" Say it all comes to a max of $20 you are still only paying $119. Thats a difference of $300 you can use that for something else clothes, text book, fancy dinner whatever it may be.
-Plus your brushes will have a longer life span than your other brushes. Since Sigma brushes are hand made to perfection running under high standards. Which means you wont have to spend so much on brushes over the next couple of years, trying to replace brushes that are deform in less than a year.

The only down fall to this kit is that some brushes have this weird smell to it but after a few washes is good. So that was the only thing I didn't like so much cause it made the other brushes smell bad.

Would I buy this set of brushes again?
Yes, this set of brushes are your basic and I would repurchase you cant go wrong with more basic brushes.
Would I recommend this kit to the general public?

Depends because not everyone would want a full kit. Some may only like to do face makeup and don't need eye brushes so you may not need to purchase a whole kit. Now there are just face or eyes kit if you only do one specific area available.

Would I recommend this to starters?
Yes/No. Yes for those starters that have a bit of experience and are looking to expand than definitely yes. No to those that are just starting and experimenting with makeup and are on a tight budget. What I would suggest to those is the Sigma Travel kit (not the Premium), that way you are getting a bit of everything for a cheaper price and the quality is the exact same but keep in mind is not full size brushes.


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