Sunday, February 6, 2011

Brushes 101-Part 2 "Eye Brushes"

This is the 2nd part to Brushes 101 if you haven't yet checked out my part 1 here is the link

So lets get started with the eye brushes, there is a total of 7 eye brushes and you can purchase just the eye set from Sigma.

E40-Taper Blending Brush:
This brush is made with natural hair and is slightly tapered to a dome shape. This brush is fluffy which is great for highlight on the brow bone. You can also use this brush to blend out any harsh line on the crease. I personally don't like to use it for the purpose of blending because the brush is too big. I don't suggest using this brush to blend for those that do not have a large lid space to work with. Which can blend away too much of the color, I like to use this brush for setting powder underneath my eyes.

E55-Eye Shading Brush:
This brush is a must have in your collection because this brush can pack on any type of shadow and give you a full concentration of color. This brush is especially good with loose pigment or any shadows that may cause a lot of fall out. This brush can also use to blend out any harsh line too but be light handed and make sure the brush is clean.

E70-Medium Angled Shading Brush:
The brush is shaped in an angle which is great to get into the crease to apply color. I find this brush is too sparse for application of shadow on lids but this brush is great for brow bone highlight.

E60-Large Shading Brush:
This brush is great for apply a wash of color on the lid, this wont give you a crazy concentration of color like the E55. Is great for building up color because it doesn't pick up too much at once. Other than giving a wash of color to your lids this brush can also do a lot more. I like to use the tip of the brush to smudge
shadow on my lower lash line as well as smudge eyeliner out. Sometimes if I don't have a q-tip on hand, I use it to through my lashes to get any clumps out after applying mascara.

E30-Pencil Brush:
This is another must have brush and I would get a second one for back up cause you will fall in love with it. This is taper to such a small point that you can control where the shadow goes on the crease easily.
Contouring your eyes and adding color to your outer corner will be a breeze, you can also use this brush for smudging shadow on your lower lash line. Add Image

E05-Eyeliner Brush:
This is a must have if you are the person that likes using cream or gel liner. This brush can make your love hate relationship with gel liner disappear. Is taper to such a fine point that you can get a precise thin line, or you can build it up to a thicker line. This brush is made with synthetic which means you can also use it for lip color, just make sure you wash it out carefully before using it for liner again.

E65-Small Angled Brush:
This can be use for eyeliner but I prefer using the E05 for eyeliner instead. This brush is a tiny bit too thick for eyeliner but is great for setting your eyeliner with shadow.(Setting your eyeliner with a shadow will pro long the wear of your eyeliner as well as filling in any gaps. This trick will also make your eye lashes look a lot fuller.)

This sum up all of my brushes I will also be doing a Brushes 101 "Care For Brushes" which will conclude my Brushes 101 series. I will also be posting a full review on the Sigma Brush Kit. Remember to visit my Facebook page & "Like", also to comment about any of the post and ask me any questions you may have.
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